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  1. skeptic49

    Three Years Post Op - Great Echo Report

    My cardio is amazed at the low gradient three years out. Bodes well for longevity of the St. Jude Trifecta valve in patients who get it or similar tissue valves in their 60s. Photo taken in March in St. barthelemy after i completed a series of seven scuba dives. Jim Aortic valve: Valve mean...
  2. skeptic49

    Returning To Scuba Diving After Open Heart Surgery

    Returning to scuba diving after open heart surgery is controversial. Certain post-surgical conditions militate against diving, as does taking anti-coagulants (blood thinners.) Prior to surgery I specifically asked my surgeon about diving after my recovery. He assured me that there were “no...
  3. skeptic49

    My One Year Surgical Anniversary

    "A heart will never be practical until it can be made unbreakable." - L. Frank Baum One year ago today, February 16, 2015, I embarked upon the most profound adventure of my life, as I put myself in the hands of a young heart surgeon at Temple University. He had told me that my heart condition...
  4. skeptic49

    New TEE (shirt, that is!) Image handling on this site is impossible...can't show photos. Got this shirt from a one shot purchase on another forum.
  5. skeptic49

    New "Hybrid" Aortic Surgery

    Here is some fascinating information about new surgical and non-surgery techniques from my surgeon, Dr. Wheatley, at Temple University hospital.
  6. skeptic49

    Another Great Essay On Aortic Disease

    Written by my surgeon, Dr. Grayson Wheatley of Temple University:
  7. skeptic49

    Illustration: Surgeon Draws Diagram Showing Work Done

    I asked my surgeon, Dr, Garyson Wheatley at Temple University hospital in Philadelphia, to indicate where my dacron ascending aorta hemiarch graft was placed, and where he put the two CABG grafts. While I have no coronary artery blockage, the CABG grafts were necessary because my native coronary...
  8. skeptic49

    Awake On The Vent For 17 Hours (Photo)

    I had surgery on Feb. 16. It was a seven hour procedure lasting from 9 AM to 4 PM.. i woke up for the first time at 2 AM on Feb. 17. In addition to the vent, my arms were restricted. I would spend the next 17 hours lying on my back connected to the vent while awake. The reason for this was that...
  9. skeptic49

    Update on Jim Kelly-Evans

    Jim had extensive heart surgery today. The surgeon replaced the valve, the aorta, and part of the aortic arch. He also had two arterial bypass procedures. He is in recovery in ICU now and thanks go out to all for your concern. best, Dan Evans
  10. skeptic49

    PHOTO: AHA "I Love My Heart" badge for Valentines Day.

    Wearing my American Heart Association "I Love My Heart" badge for Valentines Day. Getting it fixed in Monday.
  11. skeptic49

    Intense Pre-Op Testing Day

    PHOTO: "Sternal Lok Blu" Rigid Sternal Fixation Today was pretty intense. First I met with my surgeon's right hand man, a nurse-practitioner named Bill. Bill has been very helpful since I first met with him. Today he answered the follow-up questions that I had such as about the total number of...
  12. skeptic49

    Temple U's Dr. Wheatley: Medical Arc de Triomphe (or Why your Aortic arch is unique)

    My surgeon Dr. Wheatley at Temple University has just posted another in a series of great articles on his web site:
  13. skeptic49

    Aortic Coarctation Explained: Dr. Wheatley-Temple University Philadelphia

    My surgeon (2/16), Dr. Wheatley of Temple University in Phialdelphia, has just posted another in a series of really informative explanations of valve and aorta disease...this time he is focusing on coarctation.
  14. skeptic49

    Surgical Question: Why Replace Ascending Aorta And Root?

    I posed a question to my cardiac care team at Temple University Hospital asking why it will be necessary to replace my entire aortic root and ascending aorta. My cardiologist, Dr. Martin Keane responded with this comprehensive explanation: What he is saying is that my cat scan shows a dilated...
  15. skeptic49

    My Surgeon Has A Great Aorta Web Site

    My surgeon (Feb. 16), Dr. Grayson Wheatley at Temple University in Philadelphia is publishing a series of commentaries on aorta pathologies. His web site is here:
  16. skeptic49

    Surgical Second Opinion And And A Game Plan At Last!

    This afternoon Dan and I met with a surgeon at the Temple University Heart and Cardiovascular Center in Philadelphia. This surgeon was recommended by my cardiologist. This was my second surgical opinion. I did some research on the surgeon I met with today and I was impressed with his...
  17. skeptic49

    Surgical Consultation No. 1

    On Monday, January 5, I met with a cardio-thoracic surgeon at Penn Presbyterian Hospital, a branch of the Penn Medicine health care system in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, my husband and I were forced to wait over two hours past our appointment time before we finally got a chance to talk to the...
  18. skeptic49

    I've Transitioned From The Waiiting Room To Pre-Surgery - Some Thoughts

    There is the tendency to spend too much time looking up medical terms, watching medical videos, etc. When I was in the hospital I watched videos of each procedure I was to have prior to getting it. My husband Dan thought I was crazy and that I was making myself into a basket case. But I feel...
  19. skeptic49

    Greetings From The CICU At HUP Philly

    Well, the crap seems to have hit the fan finally. Ten years after being diagnosed with BAV and AS, on Tuesday I had a fairly severe episode of chest pressure and malaise. Went to the ER and I was admitted after bloodwork showed troponin levels. Today I'm waiting for my cath. My echo still shows...
  20. skeptic49

    Stroke risk tied to cold, humidity, weather swings

    Stroke risk tied to cold, humidity, weather swings . Associated Press By MARILYNN MARCHIONE There may be a link between weather and the risk of suffering a stroke, say researchers who analyzed climate trends and hospital records on millions of Americans. Cold weather, high humidity...
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