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  1. ShezaGirlie

    **WARNING LETTER** from Alere

    Received this letter from ALERE today: Dear "Shezagirlie", We are writing to inform you of an incident that may have involved your personal information that occurred on September 23, 2012. A car belonging to an Alere Home Monitoring employee was burglarized. One of the items stolen from the...
  2. ShezaGirlie

    Lucky 13 years...!!

    What's the old saying, "My how time flies when you're having fun.." Hank found me on another website when I had a question right after surgery. He invited me to join his listserve along with a few other folks and we commiserated about our predicaments and compared experiences. I remain friends...
  3. ShezaGirlie

    Hello all my good friends out there..!!

    Hello all my good friends out there! I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying a healthy and full life these days..! I'm giving it my best shot!! What do you think about this?? I got off the Alere Medicare scheme back in June and told my cardio about it and she was/is in total agreement for me...
  4. ShezaGirlie

    Dearest Newbies..

    Yes, there is loads and loads of life after surgery! After some time passes and you are back to your normal routines, the day will come when you won't think of your surgery or heart and then those days become more and more. I seldom think of it anymore and have gone on to live a very full...
  5. ShezaGirlie

    Prayers for our longtime member, Mindy..!!

    Mindy is a longtime member who really has a full plate these days and so I know she would appreciate all the love and prayers this forum can possibly generate. Long story short is that her health has been deteriorating this year and lots and lots of doctors and labs have been trying to figure...
  6. ShezaGirlie

    Coaguchek xs recall.......!

    Roche is recalling some of the CoaguChek XS machines. If you are affiliated with Alere and monitored through their system, you will receive a phone call and be asked to send your unit back in a pre-paid package. You will be sent a new CoaguChek XS machine..! For Alere customers who have...
  7. ShezaGirlie

    "Animal House"

    So many of us have our beloved pets......horses, ponies, dogs, cats, snakes..:eek2: - so let's see yours! Here's my Mr. Panda..
  8. ShezaGirlie

    Yep, we'll go anywhere to see John Fogerty ~ but ORILLIA.......??

    Howdy all my Canuck friends up there..:biggrin2: We've booked the flights and got the where the heck is Orillia..:confused2: Any of y'all have any hotel recommendations? Fogerty is at the Casino Rama in Orillia, but we'll be roaming around for a week, so any hints as what to...
  9. ShezaGirlie

    Haiti earthquake victims..

    Haitians need our help. You road-warriors out there can donate to the American Red Cross through the website and receive miles for your donation. I did and hope you will too. Another place to donate is through
  10. ShezaGirlie

    Medicare and Anticoagulation program

    If you're on Medicare or a Medicare Advantage insurance program for INR testing, the following will apply to you. As of Jan 1, 2010 our strips will come from Tapestry Medical, but we still call in our readings to QAS at the same phone number - 866-507-3395. QAS and Tapestry Medical are under...
  11. ShezaGirlie

    Our member Jan in Liverpool

    Everyone please remember Jan as she is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday on her left leg as the Osteomyelitis (infection in the bone) has returned. She said she will have her laptop with her so she will be able to keep in touch with us. She is already in the hospital. Jan and Bill are good...
  12. ShezaGirlie

    Ten years of having fun..!!

    What's the old saying, "My how time flies when you're having fun.." Hank found me on another website when I had a question right after surgery. He invited me to join his listserve along with a few other folks and we commiserated about our predicaments and compared experiences. I remain...
  13. ShezaGirlie

    Folic Acid & Warfarin = 5.8 INR...??

    I've done a search and cannot come up with an answer. I just took my INR this evening and it's 5.8..:eek: The only thing I've added is folic acid which I took on Sunday and today.. Has anyone had a similar reaction??
  14. ShezaGirlie

    ACER computer question for ya..!

    I don't know what I did, but my internet browser only shows about a postage stamp size of a website..:eek: It's a little rinky dink Acer, but easy to travel with so I tolerate it..:D Would anyone have a simple explanation for a simple mind when it comes to fixing what I've mucked...
  15. ShezaGirlie

    Little League World Series..!

    Anybody watching.. San Antonio just won over Kentucky.. 12 - Zip It's the first ever showing for the Texas boys and they're startin' off like a house afire..:D What say you Kentucky bud..;)
  16. ShezaGirlie

    'Hot time in the ole town'...105 tomorrow.

    We're having a HOT summer and it's early..:eek: What's your weather like..?
  17. ShezaGirlie

    Medicare and the PT/INR Monitor

    As promised, I am updating y'all on the status of getting a new monitor. My Medicare Advantage plan is Humana Gold Plus - HMO - and Humana has approved QAS as an 'out of network' provider for me..:D I can't speak highly enough of Brandi at QAS who went waaaaaaay beyond the call of duty in...
  18. ShezaGirlie

    why does she remind me of Sarah Brightman.. Quite the story behind her performance too.
  19. ShezaGirlie

    If you had your druthers..

    Which machine would you choose and why: CoaguChek XS system or the INRatio2 system..?
  20. ShezaGirlie

    Any purple martin aficionados out there..

    We haven't attracted any purple martins this year....yet. They fly up from Mexico to raise a family and it's already late for them this year, so don't know if we'll get lucky or not. I did get a pic this morning of what I thought was a purple martin. That's a decoy on the bottom floor and the...
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