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  1. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 11/05/2019

    Sounds like you're making good progress, Superbob! Good luck with your rehab. I found it reassuring but I dropped out about half way through. Sure, take a break for a nice family Thanksgiving. We'll have a quiet Thanksgiving dinner at home with friends. Before that we're doing a weekend trip to...
  2. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 10/21/2019

    UGH, had an ugly week with stomach flu, then I closed the summer cottage on Long Island for the winter ahead of today's heavy rains. So today we'll stay inside and watch the Eagles try to salvage their season in Buffalo. Superbob, glad to read that you are progressing down the recovery road...
  3. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 10/14/19

    Glad you're back home! Stating the course here in spite of a clumsy fall getting out of bed on Saturday that resulted in a foot sprain. Heading off to a hobby convention on Wednesday. Enjoying the Autumn weather, my favorite season. Cheerio!
  4. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 10/01/2019

    Superbob: so glad to see you back on here. Wishing you a speedy and uneventful full recovery. Which bovine valve do you have now?
  5. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 09/08/2019

    Get well soon, Superbob!
  6. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 09/08/2019

    The power lift recliner is the way to go, Superbob! I lived in mine for a couple of weeks post surgery. I'm enjoying late summer at the beach house, catching my breath after a fun but tiring two weeks in Eastern Europe. Days at the beach include morning walks with Katie dog, and afternoon...
  7. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 08/19/2019

    Love the undies discussion. Hello from Belgrade, Serbia, where it is 90 degrees! We enjoyed Warsaw, Krakow, and Budapest. But the diet went out the window and the lbs started accumulating thanks to those delicious Polish pierogies. I'm going to have a lot of work to do to shed the extra baggage...
  8. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 08/12/2019

    SB: I had an extraction pre-surgery that left a gap. As far as I know nothing got stuck in the gap during surgery. Not to worry, I think.
  9. skeptic49

    Cardiac tamponade

    Tamponade is a potentially life-threatening complication experienced by some after AVR. I had my surgery on a Monday. In spite of four drainage tubes, by Friday I was so weak that I collapsed unconscious when they tried to get me into a chair. I was returned to the OR soon thereafter and my full...
  10. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 08/05/2019

    I remember the split over politics. I feel the same way now as I did then: no politics here please. That way everyone can be comfortable seeking support and answers regarding heart valve disease.
  11. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 07/29/2019

    SB: I rented a power recliner for a month. Loved it. FredW: I'm upset and angry too but best to keep those sorts of issues off of this forum. Today is almost like an early autumn day with a cool easterly breeze blowing across the beach. I'll take this weather from now on!
  12. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 07/22/2019

    We're now in a warm and dry pattern here in the NY area. The garden requires daily watering, but we're rewarded with blossoming specimens such as this St. John's Wort. The struggle to maintain or lose a little weight continues. So far I've managed to stay in range but summertime food delights...
  13. skeptic49

    How Do You Stay Heart Healthy?

  14. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 07/15/2019We

    Sorry to read about the lightning strike and fire, SB. My cataract surgery re-do on the left eye went well and the IOL has remained in place at least so far almost four weeks out. Not much else happening here but enjoying the summer.
  15. skeptic49

    81 mg aspirin no longer recommended?

    I take a daily 325 mg coated aspirin due to a history of small strokes prior to AVR. I have had no side effects. I have a tissue valve and I am not on anti-coagulants. I also understood that low dose aspirin was recommended for clot prevention for those with tissue valves not on warfarin. I plan...
  16. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 07/01/2019

    Love the British outline models!
  17. skeptic49

    Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery - any tips?

    For me the big surprise was how weak I was after surgery. I couldn't believe how weak I was, barely able to move. Of course I had a serious complication requiring a second surgery five days after my first seven hour surgery (tamponade.) Hopefully you won't have such a time of it. As Mary...
  18. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 07/01/2019

    Mary, thanks, glad you like the video. Gordo, good luck with your upcoming eye surgeries. You might want to alert your surgeon as I did. The good news is that my vision is really excellent now and I don't need to wear glasses except for reading for the first time in my life.
  19. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 07/01/2019

    Superbob, seems like you're progressing well toward your surgery in September. I just had my third cataract surgery in the last six months. Both eyes had complications and the lens in my left eye became dislocated so I had to have it re-positioned. Each time I had general anesthesia because of...
  20. skeptic49

    Staying the Course -- 04/29/19

    Superbob, sending you hugs and best wishes. The aneurysm has to be addressed for sure. The tissue might be flimsy; mine was. If you want to share, I'd like to know who your surgeon is, and what did he or she say about your valve and the plan for your surgery. We're all pulling for you!
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