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  1. ShezaGirlie

    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    Hank and Michelle, Y’all are simply the best! I will forever remember that day back in late 1999 when you found me just after my surgery when you had the list serve and the few of us communicated by email! Like so many others, I was scared and confused as my surgery was an emergency. Well...
  2. ShezaGirlie

    Considering the end of - Looking for your thoughts

    Somehow, divine providence brought me here today after 5 years or more of absence. I've been with Hank since day one when he found me in Dec 1999 on a list serve he started online. We were about 5 members in the beginning and this website has helped scads of folks since then. Well, this October...
  3. ShezaGirlie

    8 Year Valversary for this Crazy Chicken !

    All the best to my dear friend, Bina. I'll bake you a cake if you come to Texas..:biggrin2:
  4. ShezaGirlie

    Lucky 13 years...!!

    And now it's FOURTEEN years..!!! Really hard to believe, but time really does fly. I wish the very best for each and everyone of you -- many, many more happy and fun-filled years! Carry on..
  5. ShezaGirlie

    long term members

    Howdy y'all..... Well now, it's been a while.. I joined when Hank 'found' me online and asked me to join his listserve. That was back in the dinosaur days when our communication was by e-mail and the website didn't exist yet! It was December of 1999...just a couple of months post surgery, so...
  6. ShezaGirlie

    **WARNING LETTER** from Alere

    Received this letter from ALERE today: Dear "Shezagirlie", We are writing to inform you of an incident that may have involved your personal information that occurred on September 23, 2012. A car belonging to an Alere Home Monitoring employee was burglarized. One of the items stolen from the...
  7. ShezaGirlie

    malaria pills

    I took Lariam which is Mefloquine as used as a (hopefully) preventative medication for malaria. I didn't get malaria, but it made me sicker than a dog when I returned from Africa. I was loopy and dizzy - didn't last too long though. Next time I went to Africa, I just smoothed Avon's...
  8. ShezaGirlie

    45 years

    WOW.... That's really something Dick! A big congratulations to you. My mathematical mind just told me that I'd be 95 years old to catch you at your 40 years. Hey, I'll raise my glass to that....and to you!
  9. ShezaGirlie

    Lucky 13 years...!!

    What's the old saying, "My how time flies when you're having fun.." Hank found me on another website when I had a question right after surgery. He invited me to join his listserve along with a few other folks and we commiserated about our predicaments and compared experiences. I remain friends...
  10. ShezaGirlie

    Hello all my good friends out there..!!

    Oh yeah! We now have AC on our radar ~ Never been. My bro & wife just got back!
  11. ShezaGirlie

    Hello all my good friends out there..!!

    Hey there! Hey there! How could I have forgotten to mention your beautiful Garden State!! Yep, we touched ground and spent the night at EWR - much too short a visit last month. Next time maybe we could hook up for lunch/dinner!
  12. ShezaGirlie

    Hello all my good friends out there..!!

    Every day above ground is a good day..! Every day above ground is a good day..! We've been out there enjoying life. Whoever thinks there's no life post OHS -- well, in just the last year we've hit the shores, mountains, cities, rivers and countrysides of a few places: Honduras, Belize...
  13. ShezaGirlie

    Hello all my good friends out there..!!

    Hello all my good friends out there! I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying a healthy and full life these days..! I'm giving it my best shot!! What do you think about this?? I got off the Alere Medicare scheme back in June and told my cardio about it and she was/is in total agreement for me...
  14. ShezaGirlie

    Sort of O/T Dick Cheney has heart transplant surgery

    Happy Healing to Mr. Dick.. Happy Healing to Mr. Dick.. I wonder if his 'forever free medical care for working 8 short years' for our government paid for his heart transplant or did our Medicare government program pay for it? Either way, ain't 'socialized medical care' grand..!! :biggrin2:
  15. ShezaGirlie

    Dearest Newbies..

    Yes, there is loads and loads of life after surgery! After some time passes and you are back to your normal routines, the day will come when you won't think of your surgery or heart and then those days become more and more. I seldom think of it anymore and have gone on to live a very full...
  16. ShezaGirlie

    A-Fib, need adivce for our Lorraine.

    Lo-Rain...;-) Lo-Rain...;-) Hey there Lorraine - has your EP mentioned magnesium which will help regulate a heartbeat. I don't know the difference between afib and aflutter, but I'm a huge proponent of 400mg magnesium daily! It was actually prescribed to me by an EP about 12 years ago when...
  17. ShezaGirlie

    Happy 38th anniversary Mary

    "Thirty-eight years"....! Happy Anniversary and loads more to you and Bob. Y'all are such a cute couple..
  18. ShezaGirlie

    Update: Cort needs prayers

    Cort you cute dude...hang in there and I know you said that nurse was "HOT" -- but does she like road trips..!
  19. ShezaGirlie

    Happy birthday, Ann (Hensylee) and Janie (shezagirlie)

    'Every day above ground is a good day'.... 'Every day above ground is a good day'.... Awwww, thanks y'all..! And a big happy birthday to my birthday girl Ann too.. It was a great weekend, well month, well year..:biggrin2: I think of all y'all often and wish everyone good health, great...
  20. ShezaGirlie

    Denmark, here I Come!

    Good for you! Good for you! Goodluck to you Jeff..! My son is also an expat working off the coast of Nigeria in offshore oil fields. He loves it - on 60/30. I can tell you're probably with Halliburton or Schlumberger by the 28/28..:wink2:
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