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  1. Seaton

    Just diagnosed with Aortic Aneurysm and leaking Aortic Valve

    Greetings and a hearty welcome to the forum, John. No doubt a bit of a shock for you but it’s good to hear they’ve noted the increased aneurysm size. Means it can be dealt with appropriately and in good time. Lot’s of support here for any questions or concerns you have in the coming months...
  2. Seaton

    Back on forum

    Hurray! Welcome home ... I mean ... back, Anne. Glad things have improved. May the mend continue. 😎
  3. Seaton

    85 Silent Migraines Since Surgery 10/2018

    I’ve had migraines with aura (and always a post aura throbbing headache) on and off since pre-pubescence. At times they are very regular with several a week - sometimes twice a day. Then other times quite a few months can pass without issue. Last week I had two in one day. The first for weeks...
  4. Seaton

    MAYBE #3 OHS in my future...ick

    The very best to you for your upcoming surgery, Aliceann. And onwards to a smooth recovery. ☀️
  5. Seaton

    Allow me to reintroduce myself...

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, Nicole. Such an incredibly tough experience you’ve had to endure over the years. Really sorry to hear of all those extraordinary challenges. But it’s heartwarming to feel your presence here. I’m hoping things stabilise and start improving for you soon...
  6. Seaton

    Aortic valve repair or replacement, early 2020

    Great to hear, John! 👌🏼 Congratulations and welcome to the other side. Sending good recovery thoughts to you and a big best for the days ahead.
  7. Seaton

    Happy New Year!

    Peace and goodwill to you, too @LondonAndy And good health and cheer to all. 2020 here we come.
  8. Seaton

    Possible strep throat and ensuing problems was Question about Omeprazole

    Oh no ... sorry to hear this, Anne. Really hope the Lansoprazole helps settle things down quickly and you can start regaining that lost weight. It’s good the gastro is seeing you sooner rather than later and you’re not left in limbo for too long. Fingers crossed things improve over the next...
  9. Seaton

    Possible strep throat and ensuing problems was Question about Omeprazole

    Hi Anne Apologies for the slow reply. Just catching up. Sorry to hear about your recent troubles. Sounds like a real struggle. When I was put on daily aspirin post surgery I was told to take Omeprazole to aid aspirin ingestion and prevent stomach upset. I was on a 20mg once-a-day dose. In...
  10. Seaton

    AVR tomorrow

    Welcome Home @Astro! I’d got myself a comfy electric recliner for my first post surgery weeks at home. Was a tremendous help for getting myself into the correct posture for relatively painless sleeping and resting. I never had it reclined flat at all. Always at an angle I felt comfortable with...
  11. Seaton

    AVR tomorrow

    Wishing you the very best for tomorrow and onwards. Will be looking out for your updates post surgery.
  12. Seaton

    Aortic valve repair or replacement, early 2020

    Greetings John ... and welcome to the forum! I had a murmur since childhood ... some doctors heard it, many didn’t. No one thought to investigate down the years what caused it. In 2015, aged 56, my bicuspid was ‘discovered’ during a routine echo for the increasing heart palpitations I’d been...
  13. Seaton

    Celebrating #12

    Happy 12th, @starrman. Great to hear. Wishing you many more such anniversaries!
  14. Seaton

    Plain old AVR

    Greetings @PAN Thanks for the introduction to your story. Really good to hear you are on top of things, monitoring wise. I had my surgery last August 7th. And recovery is progressing well. I wish you all the best for the days ahead and look forward to your updates. 😉
  15. Seaton

    30 years - 10/25/89

    Congratulations, Keith! Inspiring news. That’s a mighty anniversary. I wish you the best outcome with your aneurysm issue.
  16. Seaton

    my time has come

    As you’ve probably discovered, there’s unlimited stories and advice on valve choices here. It’s a global oracle of wisdom and support. I often wonder how I’d have been pre (and post) surgery had this forum not existed. It‘s great you’re being monitored closely and in good time and given a...
  17. Seaton

    Daily Aspirin Post Aortic Valve Replacement

    325 mg a day for 17 years! That is impressive ... and very reassuring. Especially the “... no ill effects”. Thank you @dornole 🙂
  18. Seaton

    Daily Aspirin Post Aortic Valve Replacement

    Hi @Protimenow Good to hear the enteric isn’t causing any issues long term. I may eventually switch to that. I’m imagining the ‘dispersible’ (it’s how it’s spelt on the box here 🙂) aspirin is absorbed quicker, but I can’t be sure of that. Having said that, I’ve just read this...
  19. Seaton

    Daily Aspirin Post Aortic Valve Replacement

    Hi @Suckyvalvegurl I imagined I’d only be on it short term ... say, three months or so, like you. But the surgeon said it was needed long term as a clot preventative. I‘ve not had to take any other meds post surgery (other than the omeprazole) so was feeling quite lucky it was just aspirin...
  20. Seaton

    Daily Aspirin Post Aortic Valve Replacement

    Greetings @Agian Any side effects from the esomeprazole?
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