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    A complaint about the 'new' anticoagulants

    I have a friend who has had A-Fib for, he claims, nearly 70 years. He's had no negative events related to the A-Fib. Recently, his doctors decided that he IS at risk, and prescribed Eliquis. He's had a lot of trouble with it. He's had a lot of bleeding just under the skin. When he cuts...
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    CoagSense Meter Firmware Update

    The new Coag-Sense meter has had two firmware updates since it was released in March 2019. If you have a CoagSense meter, and have enabled WiFi on it, the next time you start it, you should get a message that an update is available. I just updated the meter for my weekly test: it doesn't seem...
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    What's in a name?

    I've become extremely sensitive - perhaps 'testy'(an American word for what someone like me gets when I'm really irritated and grouchy) about seeing or hearing the words 'blood thinner.' I've even seen the words on sites where the professionals who use them SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Rat Poison is...
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    New (?) CoaguChek meter

    Last night, I did some of my semi-regular searching on eBay. I keep an eye on meters, strips and stuff like that. I saw two listings for the CoaguChek InRange.This meter has been out for a few years, and isn't available in the United States (as far as I know). I did some research to see if this...
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    Only 28 years for me...

    Today (August 21 2019) is number 28 for my valve. I'm hoping that it'll hang on as long as I do.
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    Do any of you want 21 gauge lancets?

    I've been using automatic, one-time lancing devices for a few years. A long time ago, I bought a LOT (probably 1000 or so) of 21 gauge lancets. These expired many years ago, but I doubt that it matters for lancets. If any of you want them, they're yours.
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    81 mg aspirin no longer recommended?

    In the current (July? August?) issue of Life Extension magazine, there's an article that states that one 81 mg aspirin a day may be unnecessary. For those of us on warfarin, the argument against it may be even stronger. The argument is that 81 mg aspirin was found to be useful to prevent heart...
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    You can't always trust the labs

    I'll summarize this at the beginning, and maybe at the end, of this post. You can't always trust the lab results. If your INR from the lab is unexpectedly high, or doesn't match your meters, it may be your lab that's wrong. A case in point: on Monday, I went to the Rheumatologist for an issue...
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    Self-testing anniversary - 10 years

    I've been testing and recording results of self tests for so long that I didn't realize that I've hit a landmark -- in April, I hit the 10 year mark as a self-tester. I learned about meters for testing INR in 2005 or 2006. A sales rep from Protime demonstrated a meter at a doctor's office where...
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    CoaguChek XS vs Coag-Sense - quick review

    I have a CoaguChek XS and Coag-Sense meter, and a few years since I began using the Coag-Sense exclusively, I thought I may do another test of the CoaguChek XS to see how I feel about it now. I bought two CoaguChek XS test strips, without checking the lot number, for $5 on eBay. I figured that...
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    I've referred to some published drug interactions in other forums. Here's a link to a published paper that has good material on plant based items that do, may, and probably don't interact with warfarin. The text is interesting, and there's also a chart that summarizes the information. (I avoid...
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    I'm not sure how many visit this site, or how often, but I'd like to say that Coag-Sense (my most trusted meter) has just received FDA approval for a new meter - the PT2. It's more compact than the meter that I've been using for years, and has many new features that seem to put it ahead of other...
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    Coaguchek Strip Recall - alternative meters

    I've been away from this forum for quite a few months - much longer than I should have. Every few months, I check out information about the various meters used for INR self-testing. Today I found that Roche has recalled MANY lots of the strips for the CoaguChek XS meter. This was an FDA mandated...
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    Posture after surgery - longterm changes?

    I know that this may sound a bit strange to some of you out there, but it may make a bit of sense. I had my valve replacement 26 years ago. My chest has only been cracked open twice - once for the surgery, once a few hours later to find a bleeder. Since then, although I didn't make a...
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    26 years

    It's 26 years for me today (8/21).
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    Bypass Brain

    There are a few things that the surgeons and others involved in your care before a valve replacement (or, perhaps they're ignorant, or outright lie). 1.Even though your damaged/defective heart valve has been replaced and, in theory, your heart and body are in better shape than they were before...
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    Don't trust the doctors. Don't trust the pharmacies. Trust yourself

    This is a bit of a cautionary tale. My ENT specialist went on medical leave, and another doctor in his practice saw me. Her exam of my nose was more aggressive than the doctor for whom she was filling in. She gave me medications for a yeast infection in my throat. I went to the pharmacy - which...
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    New TAVI just approved by FDA - CoreValve Evolut R System

    I haven't studied this, and I don't know about the expectations for how long this may work, but it sounds like it may be an interesting alternative for some people who are staring at the possibility of aortic valve replacement...
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    Reinforcing the need for weekly testing

    As sort of a self-proclaimed 'expert' at managing my INR, I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I don't always take my weekly testing advice. I've recorded my INR regularly for more than 7 years. I've gone through a few meters until I found the one that I preferred (and that I put my trust...
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    25 Years today

    Today (August 21) is the 25th anniversary of my AVR surgery. The St. Jude is still clicking away...