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    Mini Stroke - OnX valve - on warfarin INR range 2-3

    I went for Aortic Valve Replacement surgery in June 2016 to get On-X aortic valve. I've been on warfarin maintaining INR range of 2-3. My Last MRI-Brain showed that I've had a mini stroke. MRI-Brain result "Small, 4 mm focus of subacute infarction involving the cortical/subcortical inferior left...
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    huge bruise on my left arm

    Hi, I went for an Aortic valve replacement (On-X) in June 2016 and taking warfarin (INR: 2 - 3) Went to play cricket for the first time last weekend and end of the day saw a huge bruise. I'm a left arm fast bowler. Even though I was not hit, but i ended up hearting my left arm with the fast...
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    Anybody using Coag Sense for INR testing?

    I switched my health insurance this year and ended up moving to a new home monitoring company (LinCare). They moved me to Coag Sense. IMHO, Coag Sense is pretty difficult to use (compared to Coagu Check XS). They expect us to use capillary to transfer the blood and then use this capillary to...
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    Warfarin Home Monitoring Companies accepting Ambetter or Kaiser in USA

    Hi, I'm trying to get list of all warfarin home monitoring companies. I have been enrolled with 'Alere Home Monitoring' via Blue Cross Blue Shield. However, in 2018 we only have 2 HMO options on marketplace exchange (Kaiser and Ambetter) Alere does not take either of those insurance...
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    Tongue Bite while on Blood thinner

    Hi, Last evening, i bite my tongue during happy hour around 6:30 pm. I started bleeding pretty bad, tried couple of items, but it kept on bleeding till 8:45 pm and therefore i checked into ER. They're able to stop the bleeding by trying following things: a) Applied Ice b) Pressed bit wound...
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    Anybody taking RTD (Ready to Drink) after surgery

    I'm looking into Ensure Plus or Boost to ramp up my calorie consumption and gain some weight. I've lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks post surgery. I've tried Ensure plus before and it helps me maintain my calorie requirements and help me gain weight as well...
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    Surgery - June 21st @ Wellstar Kennestone

    My Aortic Valve replacement surgery has been scheduled for June 21st 2016 @ Wellstar Kennestone hospital. I had Cardiac Cath procedure on 6/13 and doctors did not find any artery blockage. Today, we'd pre surgery meeting where they did Chest Scan and EKG with blood drawing. I'm going for OnX...
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    Mobile Apps for INR monitoring and Warfarin Reminders

    I'm looking for some good iPhone apps for INR logging and monitoring. Please share your experience with mobile apps for warfarin or pill reminders as well. Thanks, --- Vivek
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    When should i plan for surgery?

    I'm 48 yr old male living in Atlanta with Congenital Bicuspid Aortic Valve. I've been going for yearly ECHO, ECG and Stress Tests at WellStar Atlanta. Last November my cardiologist told me to talk to Cardiac Surgeon for pre-operation surgery. My Cardiac Surgeon asked for Cardiac CT Scan with...