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    Vision Disturbances and Migraines

    I was in my early 30’s when I had my David procedure.
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    Strenuous exercise after Bentall

    Anyone know of any medical studies on the durability of Dacron ascending aortas or the sutures?
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    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    Ever since my OHS I have them.
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    Vision Disturbances and Migraines

    I never had migraines or visual disturbances before my surgery. For years now, ever since the OHS, I have optical migraines, shimmering lights that make me stop working. Neurological ophthalmologist thinks the 183 minutes on bypass caused it.
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    Questions re: progression of ascending aortic aneurysm

    My surgeon said that my imaged 4.8cm root would continue to expand, and surgery was inevitable to repair it. Instead of delaying it with no benefit, I went ahead. In surgery it measured 5.0.
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    Surgery on Ascending Aortic Aneurysm at 4.8cm?

    I had my root replaced when MRI estimated 4.9. I was 6'0" 190 at the time. No bav, no connective tissue disorder. Surgeon said it was measured as 5.0 during surgery and was ready to come out. I didn't want to delay the inevitable operation.
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    Help fighting Health Insurace

    Definitely Google your state's insurance regulatory agency and see if they can help you. Here in California patients have many appeal rights that don't rely on insurer-funded "appeals." Unfortunately my federal health insurance is not affected by state law so I don't have that advantage. And...
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    What Diameter Aorta Requires Replacement?

    This is one of the journals I discussed with my medical team during my pre-surgery deliberations.
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    What Diameter Aorta Requires Replacement?

    Hi Ultrarunner, I had a David valve sparing operation when my root measured 4.8 per MRI. Prior CT's and echo's in the preceding year had ranged from 3.8 to 4.5. Measured with a ruler in surgery it was 5.0. Healthy tricuspid aortic valve. When my surgeon told me that a 4.8 root aneurysm was...
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    Scared Stiff About Dilated Aortic Root

    I also saw a genetic doctor (M.D.) at a major hospital, and she could not detect any genetic explanation for my dilated aortic root. In my experience the cardiologists tend to defer detailed aortic aneurysm consultations to aortic surgeons. I received a much more comprehensive discussion...
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    Scared Stiff About Dilated Aortic Root

    I had my David valve sparing procedure a year ago when MRIs were consistently reading between 4.5 and 4.7. All of the surgeons told me that growth was inevitable and the periodic MRIs would reveal the rate of growth. The consensus was that when I reached 5.0 (no connective tissue disorder) the...
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    Aortic root

    Because the measurements were so varied we didn't have definitive rates of growth, but it had been there a while. Between diagnosis and surgery was nine months.
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    Aortic root

    I would recommend asking your doctor to calculate your Z score and then using that discussion to elicit the doctor's candid recommendations. For example, I asked multiple surgeons why the medical community balanced the risk of death in surgery against the annual risk of dissection (rapid...
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    Aortic root Read the section entitled "Approach considerations"
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    Aortic root

    My pre op root measurements were all over the board, from 3.8 to 4.7. It measured 5.0 in surgery shortly thereafter. How tall are you? Did you calculate your aortic surface index?
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    Visual problems following cardiac surgery

    I wish I could report that my aura are gone, but they're not. They are less frequent, but worse when they do happen. The neurological ophthalmologist confirmed that I don't have particles floating in my blood vessels, which is the most important finding. I might be stuck with these for life.
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    Military service after OHS

    Good news. The Reserve returned me to traditional reservist duty, which for the time being allows me to perform my weekend drills at my home base. After a year they might release me to perform additional assignments, but this way I can at least finish building up retirement points.
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    Visual problems following cardiac surgery

    Mine are mostly gone.
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    Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm --- Lots of Questions Without Answers

    Surgery lasted from 7:30 to 2:30. I woke up at 4 as the nurse was removing my breathing tube, then I fell back asleep until 9.
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    Aortic-root aneurysm

    I have a healthy tricuspid aortic valve and am healing well from a David procedure. My travel time from hospital to home was about an hour but I felt pretty good. I was mainly bored in the hospital but couldn't concentrate on a movie or book. I resumed working day 7 and was back to work full...