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    The End of an Era and a New Beginning

    Add me to the list of those in gratitude, this site came in handy when fear was's to many more years of this site helping people.
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    great tip, thanks!
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    Hi Y'all...used to be more active around these parts, then the surgery and I haven't been around for a while. Hard to find communities for us heart patients though! Anyways, today I am wondering if anyone else here does OrangeTheory? It's basically a HIIT program branded with colour zones and...
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    We might be twins...I'm in Winnipeg and got my diagnosis by surprise and luck too...had my repair to AV on Jan 30, 2017...glad to hear you're doing well!
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    I love that pillow
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    Lag and mobile

    Gotcha epstns, thanks! I know all too well the endless pit that can be tech issues...
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    I survived! So happy! :)

    I've often been struck by the gifts of OHS...the small changes to outlook will, on balance, make these twirls around the Sun far more rewarding and vivid. Many lose sight of relationship purpose, and get locked in on one person who just ain't right. I've been guilty of it as well. Good luck with...
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    When to call the doc

    Hey, I am 80 days out. I never had much sharp pain...lots of aching and discomfort...I got the ribs/lungs thing...just try to realize you were opened up and it takes a while to settle. I think the rehab is a must, I get lots from it, beyond the actual exercise, it's nice to be with a group...
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    Lag and mobile

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    A whine about wine...try not to judge!

    The Booze has been around for quite a few years, not to mention other forms of relaxation/escapism or whatever you call it in your sphere...might be a reason for that? My .02? If your behaviour is ok, who cares what you decide to ingest, barring self harm of course...if it ain't deal with the...
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    Staying the Course -- 04-17-2017

    Hey hey...feeling great here 77 days post Full Frontal....mental faculties restoring to optimum...
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    T Minus 4 days and counting....SUPER ANXIOUS

    My dude, if they re-started this cold black heart in my chest, you will be a cinch! Good mojo your way!
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    Today 12 APR 2017 - Deeeeeeppppppp Thoughts :-)

    Hey hey, I did not see a today thread for the ole chit chat, my apologies if it exists, feel free to flambe the new guy. I am 72 days post Full Frontal as I've taken to calling it lately and feeling pretty good in peeps have mentioned, up days and down days. I have another rehab...
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    Lag and mobile

    Hiya folks, So, I have come to this site a time or three and I have some feedback. The page load lag is an issue. I am not sure as to all the technicalities thereof or the why for's and whatnot, but it is a distraction/impediment to some folks I would imagine. I am 42 so hardly an inexperienced...
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    Recovery Trajectory Question

    Methinks the Lady doth protest o'ermuch...or something like that...haha
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    Recovery Trajectory Question that is commitment to a craft
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    Recovery Trajectory Question

    There's culture in Australia? I thought it was all criminal ancestors and angry Roos. I hear you can drink though, not like our American friends. Most of what I know about those parts comes from one of my fave shows, Flight of the Concords (sp?) New Zealand and Australia is basically the same...
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    Recovery Trajectory Question

    Hey hey, slow down there big shoots, I hail from the people's independent republic of CANADA, not to be confused with that ***show down south right now. I think old pellicle and I have more in common with humour than might be evident to some. Most of my post was in humour...guess it's not as...
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    Recovery Trajectory Question

    Hey hey...simmer down over there are gonna sprain your wrist with your furious typing and crazy assumptions. Did I say I wanted to 'train' at 2 weeks? Do I seem especially 'special' to you all? Lol. To clarify: 1. I am looking forward and wondering as I have no experience and y'all...