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    Censored words from old site....?????

    And I thought vegimite was a cuss word. Oops! Must have forgot to add it to the censor.
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    Censored words from old site....?????

    Only 2 words on the censor list. Just try to keep it decent. And I would think in some cases the thoughts of what you've been through may be enough to make a sailor see blue and talk the same way.
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    Censored words from old site....?????

    Hey everyone, I hear that some words are being used now that were not acceptable before. There may have been censored words in the filter that did not come over in the change. If some of you that know some would send me what you know in a private message/conversation, I'd sure appreciate...
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    addition to the formatting options

    @Seaton , Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Location seems to have dropped off

    Anything else that you don’t see that you had before and need?
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    Location seems to have dropped off

    I added that feature back for you now.
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    Stop sending me Emails

    Do NOT change anything in preferences it will not effect the emails. At the bottom of each email is Click HERE to unsubscribe. It you do that they should stop. If they do not stop (rare occurrence) then send me a message here, or use the CONTACT US and let me know. If I stop it...
  8. A updating the look.

    Just wanting to let you know a new look will show up sometime today. The controls will be the same. There will be advertising and you can go to your member name to open your User Control Panel to disable seeing the ads WHEN YOU ARE LOGGED IN. These ads will help us keep going so all...
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    Where is The Order Of The Tawdry Shirt forum ?

    Thank you. If you see anything else, please do mention it. I am very happy that the forum is being more active.
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    Where is The Order Of The Tawdry Shirt forum ?

    I had taken it off the forum index as it has not been posted in for about 3 years. Maybe you could make it active again? I have returned it, and did check that when logged out it is not seen. Check things out and let me know how it is for you.
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    Started getting digests out of the blue

    Once you unsubscribe, you cannot resubscribe. This software is created where there are no member controls, and since our developers did not make it we are not in a position to change it. But as often as software updates, this too may change in the future.
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    change of email

    You can just go to your member name on the upper right hand corner and click on it. That will bring you to the User Control Panel. You will see Account Details. Click on that and you can change your email. If that does not work, just send me a private conversation.
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    Started getting digests out of the blue

    Go to the bottom of the email and click on the word HERE. It is not set up to be controlled from the user control panel.
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    My Mom Is Dead.

    So sorry for your loss. May you have good memories and let the bad memories fade away.
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    Started getting digests out of the blue

    We did install that when the software changed. It helps busy people keep up with the site, and those that have just forgotten remember the friends and help they have here. It can be unsubscribed to if anyone does not like it.
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    Love the new look

    So glad that it can help you keep informed and able to pop in when you see a topic that you need to reply to.
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    adding a quote from an earlier post to my post

    Either cut and directly paste that portion, or use the reply button on that post and when you go to reply it will be in your reply.
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    The Future of

    Do you use Gravatar? It says that it follows you from site to site, and Gravatar is what shows when I check for changing on your account.
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    How do I quote ?

    If you hit reply, as I did here, the complete message is quoted in your reply.
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    Love the new look

    Thanks you for the nice comments.