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    Tissue Valvers. How Old is Yours?

    My Magna 3000 TFX bovine valve (21mm) is nearing 10 years old. I’m six times older than my valve so it should respect me as its elder, but I imagine it will do as it pleases. After my cardiologist visit this spring my doc said I’m doing well and that I’m still on doing Echos every 2 years. I...
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    Prosthetic Mitral Valves

    Nice to know Martin, my friend is also a hiker and active. Thanks
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    Prosthetic Mitral Valves

    All I can say is “Wow” again! Very good valve story Mom2Angel, glad you’ve kept a strong & positive attitude, and that your Mitral valve has served you well over the years. If you ever need a new one, you are very experienced; very inspiring!
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    Prosthetic Mitral Valves

    Wow QunincyRunner, glad you made it and that your valve is working well. You have a good perspective.
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    Prosthetic Mitral Valves

    Hello fellow heart folks, I’m still doing very well with my aortic valve but have a question. I have a friend in his early sixties who has suddenly been told he has severe Mitral valve regurgitation, his other valves are fine. It’s still early in assessment, and he naturally hopes for a...
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    Emotionally, I could use some support. Thanks.

    Steve E., Glad you made it through that hurdle with your pacemaker. It seems that heart issues sometimes keep throwing curve balls at us, and I like the observation that some folks dive into the diagnosis, learn what is needed, do what what they can, then accept and get back to living. I am...
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    Emotionally, I could use some support. Thanks.

    Tigerlily, Sorry to hear about the extra stress of late. This was a very good thread, full of insightful comments and experiences--thanks for sharing your original post. Along the lines of worry, fear and the extra hurdles that come with heart problems, I can say that I vacillate from periods...
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    I never saw THIS coming my way. . .

    Steve, sorry to hear of your situation. I rarely check in much but am glad that I did so to read your post. You have been a steady rock over the years, a role model if there is such thing in these heart stories, and someone I’ve always been impressed with, your reasoning and compassion...but...
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    MRI on Shoulder - safety

    Thanks all for your comments. Hey Ottagal, would your “"left over wiring"” (funny) be abandoned pacing wires? I’m not too concerned about the sternum wires because they’re over tough tissue (bone/cartilage). Those pesky temporary pacing wires attach to my heart, albeit...
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    MRI on Shoulder - safety

    Hello, I am interested in hearing about the experiences of anyone who had a MRI and has a prosthetic heart valve. Especially those who had their temporary pacing wires left in. I may need to have a MRI to evaluate a shoulder sports injury (possible rotator cuff or labral tear) and want more...
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    Aortic Dissection question

    Rob, That’s an incredible story of survival. Reminds me how much to keep appreciating my second chance at living a full life. I’ll even bank some of this for a third chance down the road:).
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    Question for those who have had both Tissue and Mechanical

    Well stated SuperBob :)
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    Bacterial Endocarditis post op

    Anthony, I’m sorry to hear you got endocarditis after surgery and had to have a redo. However, I’m very glad to hear that you discovered the problem, got in promptly and they were able to repair things and get you started on the right course of antibiotics. What an ordeal you must of went...
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    Being carefree again

    I had a few bouts of being less than carefree pre-surgery and afterwards. But most of the time I tried to take the approach that so many others are going through so much more than me, or have lost loved ones tragically or at such a young age. So maybe I can navigate my heart issues and new...
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    How Did You Feel, Before and After Valve Replacement?

    I was approaching 50 so I made an appointment for a physical to mark that milestone and my commitment to future health. I was/am an athlete and avid outdoorsman, but was starting to feel a bit tired after playing competitive sports or at the end of a stressful day at work. So my doctor would...
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    How much weight did you lose post-op? if any

    I had lost 23 pounds post-op, but I had stayed in the hospital over a week due to internal bleeding that took longer to stop and because 3 organs were trying to shut down. Apparently I was one of the few whose body was extra pissed off about being on the heart-lung machine so things...
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    Awaiting mitral valve replacement surgery

    Shann675, Welcome, and sorry to hear that you are going through this at a younger than average age. On the positive side I can offer the following. Being younger will most likely help you in your recovery period. You having a history of being into fitness and physical training should help...
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    Tissue valve deterioration - signs, symptoms, etc.

    Thanks Rachel and Steve. And Steve, I like your car maintenance analogy! Too bad we as humans can’t just “buy a new car” when our car (body) has structural issues, but it’s nice to be able to keep the same auto running by paying attention to it.
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    Endocarditis - Enterococcus faecalis - On-x Valve (tiny vegetation) - NEED INPUT!

    Hello Onx_06, Sorry to hear that you contracted Endocarditis. I too had Endocarditis after a tooth extraction, just a few months after I learned that I even had a congenital heart valve problem. I was lucky in that I had detected that something was very wrong myself and got in to the urgent...
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    Tissue valve deterioration - signs, symptoms, etc.

    VegasBAV, I too have asked how long will my tissue valve last? I appreciate the diverse responses on this thread, everyone has different circumstances, sensitivities and perspectives, so it’s nice to learn from each other. I’ve read a fair amount of articles in learning about my condition...