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    Why I am here

    I am not new to the forum, but am glad it is here and think it worth saying why I visit and make the occasional contribution. Despite a complication requiring a pacemaker to be inserted, I generally feel my aortic valve surgery 5 years ago (in September 2014 when I was age 48 and a lot) went...
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    Mick Jagger might be a member of this forum soon ...

    This report in the UK's Daily Mail newspaper says that the "75 year old rock icon is set to have [a replacement valve] operation in a New York City hospital this week." Autograph hunters at the ready ....
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    Heart surgery safer in the afternoons?

    Mine was fine in the morning, but this article claims that for some people with higher risks it might be better to have the op in the afternoon, owing to our body clocks:
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    Effect of a missed Warfarin (Coumadin) dose

    In case useful for those who don't have the option to self-test their INR when they want (and also because I wanted to know!) I thought I would share my experience today after forgetting to take my Warfarin dose for 13 hours. I a not quite sure how I managed to miss it - this is the first time...
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    Did you end up with a pacemaker when you had your valve replaced?

    I had a replacement mechanical aortic valve, following stenosis, almost three years ago, and whilst everything generally seemed to go well I was told that they damaged the electrics of my heart, and that "like 1 in 10 patients" I ended up needing a pacemaker, as my heart was not able to repair...
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    Possible new anticoagulant: Tecarfarin

    My Google alert threw up this news article today, and I thought I would share given that they seem to be specifically targeting mechanical valve users and promising "more stable and predictable INR levels", though I found a post on here from 2009 that didn't look any better than...