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  1. Rich

    15 years ago today

    My St. Jude turned 15 today. My congratulations to all whose milestones I have missed. To all my old friends here I want to explain why I havn't been around. The reason and only reason is that early this year I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Needless to say it has kept me VERY busy. I...
  2. Rich

    My St. Jude turns 14 today

    After 14 years I'm still ticking, and because of this my dear wife and I will celebrate 50yrs together tommorow. So this week is a really big deal for me with two very important anniversaries. I hope all the great friends I have been lucky enough to meet here over all these years will see this. Rich
  3. Rich

    Long term effects of Coumadin/warfarin

    I am asking this due to some ongoing discussion on another thread regarding valve choice. There has been talk about long term potential problems especially with the elderly. I would like to hear some of these. I have been on Coumadin for almost 14 yrs and am now approaching age 72. That's not a...
  4. Rich

    Blood thinners

    An article appeared in today's edition of Parade magazine. Go to and read the same old stupid things written by some doctor. Will they ever wake up and get it? Rich
  5. Rich

    Not heart related...............BUT

    with the vast experience of our membership, I hope some can comment on this one. I have been diagnosed with a rare skin condition called dermatographism. It is a condition that is triggered by pressure on the body from simply sitting or laying. It causes very severe itching, something like...
  6. Rich

    Very scary stuff for some members

    Received this article today, and don't like where this may go. Rich
  7. Rich

    My St. Jude turns 13 today

    I havn't been around much for quite a long time. Just a whole lot going on especially with our current economy. I am a GM salaried retiree which pretty much explains most of it. But today is my 13th anniversary of my AVR and I wanted to share my good fortune with all. I turned 71 earlier this...
  8. Rich


    Hi all, I wanted to share this with all of our animal lovers. In Dearborn Michigan which is a city right next to Detroit, an animal contol officer was called to a house to rescue a few kittens, which she did. But then she heard a lot of strange noises coming from a house at her location. So an...
  9. Rich

    To our members in Dallas

    I heard today that not only are you folks getting George W. for a neighbor, but also may well get the recently ousted Mayor of Detroit. Our local news tonight said he is being let out of jail this evening, and is headed for Dallas tommorow. You people are so lucky.:eek: Rich
  10. Rich

    A little more music fun Got this yesterday, kind of fun.
  11. Rich

    I'm back..........sort of

    We have been so overwhelmed with trying to get our health care for next year sorted out, that I just havn't had much time for anything else. I hope this finds our members doing well. As some of you know we are some of the GM salaried retirees dumped out in the cold. It has been a nightmare to...
  12. Rich

    Truth or fiction?

    I received this e-mail a few days ago and it sounded serious enough to share. I checked with Truth or Fiction and its the truth. The companies are taking that ingredient out. The Fiction part is they are not re-funding like the e-mail says. Rose Davis Hi Everyone I am passing this email...
  13. Rich

    A question for our senior citizens

    Come January 1st,2009 there are big changes in store for General Motors salaried retirees. Those of us 65 and older who are on Medicare, will lose all of our company paid benefits. This includes health care, dental care, vision, prescriptions and extended care as well. Many of us our researching...
  14. Rich

    OTC Cold Medicine

    I know this has been discussed many times over the years, but I havn't had a cold for a very long time. It's some kind of bug going around here. Family has it, nieghbor's have it, seems like it is everywhere. It's a simple head cold so far, no bronchitus or anything like that. I'm using the...
  15. Rich

    Missed Cort today.

    Cort called this morning to let me know he was in town, but it was already too late for me to get there with everything going on around here. Same for JimL who I spoke with this morning as well. I'm about forty-five minutes from where Cort was going to be, and Jim is a whole lot farther away...
  16. Rich

    My St. Jude turns 12 today

    Today July 29th marks the 12th anniversary of my AVR, and my St. Jude is still ticking. I still remember everything like it was yesterday. Sites like this didn't exist back then, I hope those facing surgery understand how lucky they are having this info available to them. Thank you Hank ...
  17. Rich

    A new critter

    This guy followed us into our garage last night. Never heard of such an insect before. This is a picture of one, the little guy we had was much larger, a wingspan of about seven inches. It's called a hummingbird moth. Rich
  18. Rich

    I'm finally back!

    Some may remember my posts several months ago regarding a bad digestive problem I had. I'm happy to report things are going a lot better. The only answer I came up with was that Nexium was the root cause of my problem. This was kind of confirmed by a forum I came across, which is a place to...
  19. Rich

    A cute one

    I was having trouble with my computer. So I called Darryn, the 11 year old next door, whose bedroom looks like Mission Control and asked him to come over. Darryn clicked a couple of buttons and solved the problem. As he was walking away, I called after him, 'So, what was wrong? He...
  20. Rich

    Another roller coaster

    I havn't posted for a while, because I'm still trying to get to the bottom(no pun intended) of the little internal problem I have been suffering with that I talked about some weeks back. Trying to get to the source of this I stopped taking Nexium on April 9th. Because Nexium had a very strong...