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    Left Ventricle Remodeling after AVR

    Hi Heart_Fit. When I found there was an issue with my heart I already had "severe left ventricular enlargement". 3 months post valve replacement I still had some lvh. By 6 months all measurements had returned to normal. If my severely regurgitative valve was discovered earlier I would have had...
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    Still struggling cardio wise running, etc. 2.8 years after Aortic Valve replacement

    I'm 45 and 3 years out from a Bentall's procedure. By the time I took myself (after several misdiagnosis) to a get my heart checked I had severe LVH and severe regurgitation. My cardio-thoracic surgeon he thought we "caught it just in time", referring to my heart still being able to recover from...
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    Strenuous exercise after Bentall

    Thank you for the effort and response. I appreciate knowing someone else's experience in a similar situation.
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    Strenuous exercise after Bentall

    Hi, I'm a 43 year old (Aussie), 2 years post Bentall procedure. I'm feeling pretty good now, except for the weight I've gained and the conditioning that I've lost. I remember at the time of surgery the advice in the hospital pamphlets was generic to heart surgery patients and it recommended "no...
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    4 weeks post-op and have some questions about what I'm experiencing

    Hi, I've only had the one surgery (so far). My heart rate was elevated to the level you describe for quite a while... Can't remember exactly but it was months. And I was on amiodorone from the day after surgery. I continued with 200mg also for 3 months. I wasn't comfortable with the drug, my...
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    Help me understand

    I'm not saying that a new valve and graft will help your situation. I'm suggesting that the heart has excellent powers of recovery if the source of its issues are treated. I thought too that EF was fairly consistent over a lifetime. Likely I am wrong. But I'm banking on 55 being my "normal"...
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    Help me understand

    I'm not much older than you. I had surgery at 40. I found out by accident about my heart issues and getting to surgery was a bit of a whirlwind at the time. I had severe left ventricular hypertrophy, severe regurgitation and an aortic aneurysm of 4.7 cm. I feel like my heavy weight lifting on...
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    Should my doctors be more concerned about BP?

    My health care professionals have been ambiguous about blood pressure. I had a Bentall's a bit over 2 years ago. At the time of my surgery although I was on medication my blood pressure was still unmanaged (~ 140 -145 / 90). My surgeon said "You must get that under control". At my last...
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    4 Days Out

    Hi, This option has probably already been explored, but for me when I was in ICU and soon thereafter, IV Fentanyl was the only thing that really helped with pain.... because it reliably put me to sleep. As soon as I woke up I would hit my delivery button three times in 30 minutes (or whatever...
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    Heart not beating as usual, almost fainted

    Hi, I have been experiencing very similar symptoms for the past month. When lying on my back or left side , or sitting at work I would feel a missed beat and the next beat come back very strong. It would be sometimes be as frequent as every third beat. I'm 5 months out from surgery, and I had...
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    Travel Insurance

    Thanks Pellicle, that that answers my question perfectly. I think my googling has misinformed me ... would not be the first time.
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    Travel Insurance

    Hi Everyone, Long time lurker first time thread starter. ? This site has been a great source of information for me, hopefully I can help out others with information at some stage too. I'm wondering if anyone on AC therapy has managed to get international travel insurance that covers bleeding...
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    mini stern/groin incision/AVR

    Hi Juilemoon. I had a mini-sternotomy only because it was something my surgeon specialises in / always does. It is still a sternotomy which means the sternum is cut to access what it normally protects, so not sure what a groin incision is about. My incision is about 4 inches long from a bit...
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    LVEF pre and post AVR

    I had severe lv hypertrophy prior to my valve replacement so was interested in remodelling after aortic valve replacement surgery. This probably does not pertain to you but I also have hypertension. The hypertension was not managed properly at the time of surgery but some reading I did suggested...