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  1. Johnny Stephens

    HAPPY 52ND BIRTHDAY Johnny Stephens

    Thanks Thanks Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Still ticking here and had a great birthday. Went snowmobiling for the first time, so I guess I'm able do lots of stuff that normal 52-year olds do hahaha :biggrin2: Thanks again!
  2. Johnny Stephens

    Yes, I'm still around

    Thanks for the nice words, everyone! Al: I have been tested and retested for the anemia and it always comes back the same: Iron Deficiency Anemia. I make plenty of red blood cells, but they're low in hemoglobin. One doc even showed a picture of my cells and how "pale" they were. I did ask...
  3. Johnny Stephens

    Yes, I'm still around

    I'm long-overdue for checkin here. Life has kept me busy for the last couple of years; lost my job and finally got rehired. Not something I want to repeat! Healthwise, the 2 mechanicals are still clicking along, and pacemaker is pacing away. Looks like I'll need another one in about 3 years...
  4. Johnny Stephens

    A Fib symptoms?

    When I've had afib/flutter, I get very tired and sleepy - the almost falling asleep at work kind. The heart sensations feel kind of 'squirmy' to me. I described it to my cardio as a "bag of snakes wrestling in my chest." I wasn't painful, but it was a very odd feeling. I've had it 3 times and...
  5. Johnny Stephens

    Anyone Else Have a Non-Clicking Mech Valve?

    My valves vary in how loud they are - usually they're pretty noisy. My wife has even told me she has heard them over the phone! :eek: Sometimes, they do seem to go altogether silent, even though I can feel a pulse.
  6. Johnny Stephens


    I was on Metoprolol at a pretty high dose for about eight years - started before my surgery. I frequently complained about it limiting how high I could get my rate during cardio training, and some "other" problems of the male-only variety. :eek: Once I went on Sotalol for my flutter, I was...
  7. Johnny Stephens


    Last year, we saved up and went to Hawaii. Within 5 minutes of checking in, I kicked the bedpost and split my big toenail right down the middle. I also was amazed at the creative and colorful language that came out as I hopped around the room. A little creative bandage work and careful...
  8. Johnny Stephens

    Nine Year Anniversary.

    Congratulations, Christina - I hope that it's just the beginning for you! :D
  9. Johnny Stephens

    with two valves you get eggroll?

    I have received many eggrolls since my double-valve replacement. Unfortunately, I have had to go Out-of-pocket as they are not covered by my plan. :mad: I am, however, free to see the eggroll provider of my own choosing and as often as I like. :D
  10. Johnny Stephens

    Trans-oesophageal echo (TOE) Question

    I've had the TEE done twice since my surgery - right before my first 2 cardioversions. Versed was given, and next thing you know, you hear them putting the equipment away and the doctor is already gone. I was distantly aware of the probe in my throat, but there was no choking or panic reaction...
  11. Johnny Stephens

    Lets try a poll again!

    My surgery got me three things that I did not have before: - Atrial Flutter (resulting in 3 cardioversions and 240 mg Sotalol daily) - Complete Heart Block (got me a shiny new pacemaker!) - A "messed-up" throat - I frequently inhale liquids. 8 days on the ventilator.
  12. Johnny Stephens

    10-Year AVR Anniversary

    Congratulations, Susan! Your post is suitable for framing :D
  13. Johnny Stephens

    What have you done differently after heart surgery?

    How things have changed - Stopped sweatin' the small stuff Learned to appreciate the tick tock sound of a well made clock Got really good at explaining to people that "no, I didn't have a bypass.." No longer fear needles Am on a first-name basis with a large number of medical staff at a metro...
  14. Johnny Stephens

    How big is yours..?

    My scar is 8" but I wear size 13 shoes.
  15. Johnny Stephens

    Robin Williams

    The byline is dated today and states he's still in the hospital, but also says the surgery was on the 13th. Did I read it wrong or has he been in there for 10 days?
  16. Johnny Stephens

    What the heck to do in hospital??

    I took a couple of books, but was so out of it that I never even cracked them. I was not allowed to have any electronic devices turned on within my reach until my pacer wires were removed. My wife smuggled in my electric shaver, but the nurse heard it from out in the hallway and took it away...
  17. Johnny Stephens

    Can you hear the valve???

    2 mechanicals, and though the docs tell me they're loud, I've only had a couple of people ask me "what's that ticking sound?" I tell them to let me know ASAP if it stops.
  18. Johnny Stephens

    How Did You React When (S)He Told You?

    Anger. I thought I was done with severe health problems, having beaten Hodgkin's 25 yrs prior. My GP had done some investigation when he heard the heart murmur, but nothing was ever mentioned about surgery. He called me and said he was referring me to a cardiologist - me? I'm 42! After a...
  19. Johnny Stephens

    How old is too old?

    At 43, it almost killed me (I had complicating factors). But my Dad had OHS at 63 and went home 4 days later - he's 85 now. So, as others have mentioned, survival is more about overall health. I think it's easy to argue this point either way on paper, but I have to ask - how does your mother...
  20. Johnny Stephens

    Erectile Dysfunction pre and post surgery?

    No kidding on the pyramid of pills. 2 Beta Blockers here- The blue pill gives me a bad headache, and what essentially feels like a bad hangover the next day. I find that altering the time of day of the event makes as much difference as the pill. But that's just me.