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    17 YRS!

    Today is my 17 yr Valversary!!. Mitral-mechanical, Aortic-mechanical, Tricuspid-bovine all 3 valves (hat trick) were installed at MGH in Boston during a 9 hour surgery. I have never felt better. I work out 6 days a week and eat pretty healthy. For all of you out there with concerns and...
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    Sweet 16 Valversary !!

    Hi Everyone. I haven’t posted in a very long time. I just want people to know that you can have an absolutely normal life after valve replacement surgery. 16 yrs ago today (I was 39 yrs) I had triple valve replacement. Two mechanical and a bovine and I am happy to say that I feel good. I was...
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    I have St. Jude’s mechanical aortic and mitral valves and a bovine tricuspid. My OHS was 15 yrs ago. I was told my tricuspid may need to be replaced after 15 yrs. I’m wondering if that is why my heart has been fluttering a lot lately. My INR is in range. Any suggestions?
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    Life after Mechanical Valve --- 31 years old

    Hi. St. Jude mechanical
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    Life after Mechanical Valve --- 31 years old

    Hi. I had triple valve replacement 15 yrs ago and I have never been better. I also work out and lift weight (as I have for years). It should not be a problem. The warfarin is also easy to manage. It takes a little adjusting the med at first but you will get used to it. 🙂
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    Anyone here remember me? Prayers please...

    Hi Praline, I hope you are doing well 👩🏻. I have not been here in awhile, but I just had my. 11 yr Valversary and wanted to stop by.
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    Hypothyroid and INR

    Hi, It has been a long time since I have been on this forum. I had triple valve replacement 9 yrs ago and have also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. The last three blood draws that I have had, have been low for me 1.8 and 1.9. My range is 2.3-3.5. I'm just wondering if my thyroid my be off?
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    7 Year Anniversary

    Seven years ago today I had triple valve replacement surgery at Mass General Hospital in Boston. I have two St Jude mechanicals and a bovine valve. I feel great, and work out 6 days a week. If it wasn't for the coumadin and the scar, one would never know I had the surgery!:smile2:
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    Valve Cards

    I have an MRI tomorrow and my cards were in my wallet that got stolen. I have two St. Jude mechanicals and one bovine. Will my surgeon or cardiologist have the serial and model numbers? My surgery was in 2004.
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    Missed Valve friends

    Hi everyone it has been a long time since I have been to VR. Happy to report that seven years after my triple valve replacement, I am doing very well. I hope to spend more time here and help others just as I was supported when I found myself facing OHS.
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    Me Venting......grrrrrr

    Hi Freddie, Long time since I've been on the forum. Hope your INR get back on track. Mine is also crazy. Going to the lab every three days!!!
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    Wisdom Teeth

    Getting 4 teeth out this Fri 1/22. Dr said to stop coumadin on Mon, test Tue and start lovenex for Wed and Thur. Then take coumadin after surgery on Fri. Does this sound right? I take 4mgs two days a week and 6mgs the rest. My range is 2.5-3.7. I have two mechanicals and a bovine. I'm a...
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    Triple Valve Replacement 5 yrs Today!

    At this time five yrs ago I was on my way down to the ER for the beginning of my 9 hr OHS. Thankfully it has been uneventful (no problems). I go to the gym everyday, walk 6 miles, lift weights, etc. Totally NORMAL life. I just want to thank everyone on this forum for all the support and...
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    Another ? regarding wisdom teeth

    My dentist thinks it's time to have 4 wisdom teeth removed. The oral surgeon and cardio said I will need to be admitted to the hospital. I take 6mgs of warfarin everday for my two mechanical valves and one bovine valve. My questions are: how long do you think I will be in the hospital?, does...
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    INR Out of control

    Tested last Wed 1.9 adjusted dose, tested today 1.9. What the???????? Adjusted dose again and retest Wed. Six INR tests in two weeks. Starting to make me crazy since I have never had a problem before.
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    I need multiple valve replacement plus ablation

    Three replaced at same. No problems, feel great!!!!!!!!:)
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    INR Out of control

    Thank you Thank you You guys are the best. I only skipped one dose and halfed the next. My INR today was 1.9. I can't imagine what would've happened if I skipped the recommended two doses. So I took 6mgs today and my Dr. is going to call me tomorrow. Thanks again. I hate drama
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    INR Out of control

    Do You think I shold take 3mgs Tues?
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    INR Out of control

    Thank you Ross. I take 6mg everyday. Dr. had me take 4 mgs on the two Thursdays. You think I should skip today and take 3mg tomorrow? Then I have to retest on Wed.
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    INR Out of control

    I have hit my first anti-coag bump. Surgery was 5 yrs ago. Always in range very consistent. Range is 2.3-3.5. Tested Aug 27th 3.9 Sept 3rd 4.3 (left for 9 day vaca in Bahamas small dose change) Today Sept 14th 5.2!!!!!!!!!! Doctor said to hold coumadin...