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  1. J

    Ejection Fraction post surgery

    Hello, my name is Joe. I had AVR #2 one week ago today. My ejection fraction had dropped from 40% to now 30% since surgery. The doctors and surgeon said it will likely come up in the coming months and hopefully get to 50%+ in the next 6-12 months. I'm not sure if I believe this fully. I...
  2. J

    Problems at Night

    Is it just me, or does it seem as if Afib , arrhythmias, and other post surgical heart issues occur at night ? Tonight is my 5th sleeping overnight after surgery, and I know that the Afib is coming sooner or later.
  3. J

    How to Choose

    Word to the wise. Please go by the proven studies that we have now. Do not go by possibilities or future studies. The same stats are the same as they were for my first surgery 11 years ago. Nothing has changed. Don't say to yourself, I'm going to go this route because in 10 years modern...
  4. J

    Surgery #2 in the Bookstore

    Hi, my name is Joe. I have been posting on here the past week or two. Last Wed went to the the cardiologist for a check up , had upper back pain radiating into right shoulder. After the office echo, my doctor sent me directly to the ER to throw me in the CT scan. A leaflet on my tissue valve...
  5. J

    Activity Time Lines

    Hello, my name is Joe. I am going in for my second surgery tomorrow AVR, first surgery was in 2013. "I fully understand" that I need to talk to my cardiologist about all this, but right now I am bored in my hospital room waiting for tomorrow.......... So, I am just curious as to how long...
  6. J

    3 potential choices

    I'm 48, had OHS AVR and aneurysm repair in 2013. 11 years later and my Edwards Bovine is severely regurgitating. Time for surgery. Had a quick 1st talk of many with the surgeon who gave me 3 possible options: A) St Jude mechanical valve, which he uses most and pitched the hardest. B) On-X...
  7. J

    Surgery #2

    Hi, my name is Joe. I had a AVR with aorta aneurysm repair in 2013, with an Edwards Bovine Valve. I was on top of things in the beginning. Recently, I waited too long to see my cardiologist and my valve is severely regurgitating. Not only did it severely enlarge and thicken my Left ventricle...
  8. J

    MRI Tech with mechanical valve?

    Can someone with a mechanical valve can work as an MRI Tech? I am looking for a career change.
  9. J

    Who wants to interpret my ECHO?

    Thanks for your advice. I know the only thing that I can do is help myself by diet and exercise, which is something that I have not been doing. I do not know much about this echo report, but I do know that abnormal diastolic function is not a good thing. At 3 different times n dates since...
  10. J

    Who wants to interpret my ECHO?

    I went and obtained my echo report from almost 4 months ago. I would like input and opinions from everyone, because I can not read this. I havent been the same since surgery almost 2 years ago. The doctors just keep telling me that everything looks "fine". Maybe I can get more honest info from...
  11. J

    Does Anyone Else Feel Worse After Surgery?

    I feel kind of stupid posting my problems on here, because I know that people have major life threatening complications. This is not my case. Before surgery, I never had chest pain, shortness of breath, problems taking deep breaths, problems laying flat, problems laying on my left side, pvc's...
  12. J

    Does Anyone Else Feel Worse After Surgery?

    I am coming up on 22 months post surgery with a bovine aortic valve, and my everyday lifestyle is much worse than before surgery. I am very lucky that I did not have any major complications. As a matter of fact, I had no complications, even up until now. What I am talking about is that my...
  13. J

    MRI question

    I'm 18 months out of AVR surgery. I had a bovine valve implanted and Dacron graft for aneurysm repair. I scheduled an MRI for my neck and back for today. 2 weeks ago I had received a call back from my surgeons office(not the surgeon himself) saying that it was fine to have MRIs done. I also...
  14. J

    Aortic Dissection question

    Did u ever hear of aortic dissection AFTER it was repaired or replaced during surgery? I'm wondering if that happens? I'm not as educated on these topics as I should be. I guess new aneurysms can form over time, right?
  15. J

    Chest and Shoulder Pain, 10 months post-op

    Thanks for your responses. Its day 9 of this weird chest pain and shortness of breath. My doctor said the 3 main emergencies we needed to rule out were heart attack, pulmonary embolism, and aortic dissection. He said there were no signs of heart attack or PE, and the blood tests almost ruled...
  16. J

    Chest and Shoulder Pain, 10 months post-op

    I had AVR 10 months ago with a bovine valve with a Dacron graft. I went to sleep on Sunday night fine, and woke up Monday morning with chest and shoulder pain, and shortness of breath. Hand is also a little numb and painful. It continued straight thru into Tuesday, so I went to the ER. There I...
  17. J

    Left Sided Tingling and Weakness

    Thanks for your help, everyone! I'm going to set up an appointment with a specialist and see if I can get on a program to get this under control.
  18. J

    Left Sided Tingling and Weakness

    Just to follow up on this thread.....I went to the ER and got chest n neck X-rays, head ct scan, and lab work. Everything was clean, except they found degenerative disc disease at C6-C7. Suggested for me to goto neuro for MRI. i feel relieved that it wasn't serious. But, now I have a new problem...
  19. J

    Left Sided Tingling and Weakness

    Ok, I called the on-call dr, and it took him over an hour to call back. And, it was an ER dr, and not a cardio. He said that TIA symptoms usually last 24 hours, and I was way past that. He also said that a stroke usually isn't localized to a specific area, and that it would effect other parts of...
  20. J

    Left Sided Tingling and Weakness

    Four days ago I woke up with tingling and weakness on the upper left side of my body. It's from the middle of my upper back, thru my entire shoulder, and down my arm into my fingertips. Its also in the left side of my chest. I am also very cold lately with a lot of chills. It's very mild, but...