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  1. Bonzo Dog

    Bonzo Dog's third valve replacement is Friday, Aug. 21

    Many thanks for your best wishes. :) In the run up to Obama's election I tried to start an intelligent discussion about USA health care policies as outlined by Presidential candidates. How naive to think a medical survivors forum would be a good place to do that. :rolleyes: The level of...
  2. Bonzo Dog

    Sudden heart related death in young people

    Very sad reading below. In the UK, 12 young people die from an undiagnosed heart condition every week. What must the global figure be?? :eek:
  3. Bonzo Dog

    Hello All

    Welcome back Rossmeister. :D Will this :D be disappearing now?
  4. Bonzo Dog

    I have pneumonia.

    :eek: :o Must be the bedtime single malt, but I just read, Surely there's a thong in there somewhere.. :o :D Goodnight from West Yorks
  5. Bonzo Dog

    Midnight Photo

    Like it. Very gothic.
  6. Bonzo Dog

    Anyone have endocarditis during surgery

    Yes I did, aortic not mitral though. Also not replacing a native valve. My mechanical was a breeding ground for bacteria, it was taken out to be replaced by a homograft and aortic root.
  7. Bonzo Dog

    Ross is Home!

    Thanks for keeping us informed Mary. :) Glad you're OK Ross. :) TBH what is with all the concern? Ross is a fighter and a survivor we knew his alive and well toothless form would be back soon ;) In the meantime, as the Sheriff is out of town how about some bad behaviour. Saloon brawl anyone?
  8. Bonzo Dog

    I have pneumonia.

    Ann, double dose of cough syrup and acting strangely!! :D Here's some info for you. :) ;) Drug and Alcohol Information - Cough Preparations - Cough Preparations Many cough preparations, especially cough suppressants, contain codeine or DXM (Dextromethorphan). Codeine and other opiates are...
  9. Bonzo Dog

    Bina hits 4,000 posts! Quck, Ross, get the gloves!

    Lets do sums. Feb 2007 to Oct 2008 is 20 months. 4000 posts divided by 20 is 200. 200 posts a month divided by 30 days is 6.66666 posts a day 666 :eek: now who does that number evoke? :D Keep nattering Bina. :)
  10. Bonzo Dog

    Joke time

    What is the difference between a pigeon and a merchant banker? A pigeon can still put a deposit on a Ferrari
  11. Bonzo Dog

    Joke time

  12. Bonzo Dog

    another endocarditis question

    Lynn, On their own, finger splints shouldn't be a worry. To echo Dina, are you symptomatic in any other areas? Fever, rigours, sudden fatigue, weight loss, night sweats?????? If you want to really freak yourself out, shine a torch pressed under your finger through to the nail and you'll probably...
  13. Bonzo Dog

    Current state of the economy

    Hmmmmm ...... First point; a thread on economic woes slips into politician bashing. For sure the lying little toads are far from blameless, but they are not the only players. What about the business leaders, captains of industry and executive board members who took decisions and sculpted...
  14. Bonzo Dog

    Current state of the economy

    Central banks cut interest rates Central banks cut interest rates Hurray, some global joined up thinking at last. :) Six central banks - including the Bank of England - have cut their interest rates by 50 basis points. The UK rate move - which had not been expected until Thursday - puts...
  15. Bonzo Dog

    Current state of the economy

    Well no surprise here, the UK has joined the bailout club Meanwhile Iceland is getting some worrying bedfellows Iceland said it will borrow €4bn (£3.1bn) from the Russian Treasury, after announcing this morning that it would nationalise its...
  16. Bonzo Dog

    Cool road sign

    Sticky Fingers.
  17. Bonzo Dog

    Cool road sign

    Bina, (and anyone else) make your own sign. :D Here's one just for you. ;)
  18. Bonzo Dog

    Current state of the economy

    God no Tom we all look to ourselves first, it's natural. :) I just think it's a global problem, we are all in the smelly stuff together and thinking globally is the only way out of it. This week's Economist is worth a read. The cover says it all. It also...
  19. Bonzo Dog

    Cool road sign

  20. Bonzo Dog

    Current state of the economy

    With respect, this is an international problem. Those with a vision beyond their own backyard are best able to sort it out. :)