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    I will have my aortic valve replaced with a mechanical valve next week

    Good luck GreenGiant91! I am about 11 months ahead of you. Had my aortic valve replaced in Jan 2023, at age 51. I also had previous OHS as child. Everything said above by others is true and good advice. It took me 6 months or so to get back to 100%. I've been "normal" for awhile now...
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    Rim to River to Rim in the Grand Canyon

    That's awesome! Definitely, something I'd like to do.
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    Facing a 2nd operation

    Hi KyleR. I just had my 3rd OHS about 11 weeks ago (1/25/23) at age 50. I had 2 repairs/homographs as child...the second one lasted me 37 years. My third (most recent) was an ON-X mechanical. I am hopeful this will be the last. I never want to go through OHS again. So far, Warfarin is...
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    Any recent On-X valvers in here?

    I just received my ON-X ring. They are still doing this, but it is not advertised. Susan is still the contact. She need the registration from my hospital/surgeon and then my ring size. They also sent a registration card.
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    Metprolol tartrate side effects

    I was put on this after my AVR surgery just one month ago...25mg twice a day. Because I am recovering and have a new (hopefully high functioning) aortic valve, I don't have a frame of reference for how this drug is affecting me vs normal recovery. I do notice that I am dizzy/lightheaded...
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    31 / M: 14 Days post Aortic valve replacement + Stroke

    Great write up ibatt. I had AVR OHS on the same day as you. I concur....the worst part of the hospital was the total lack of sleep. I was kept in the ICU due to some initial complications and then lack of beds in the Step-down unit. Even with masks and ear plugs, sleep is near impossible...
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    34 Year old man awaiting Aortic valve replacement / repair

    Welcome! I am not yet 3 weeks out from aortic valve replacement surgery. I am 50 years and in otherwise good health. Had 2 previous valve repairs when I was a kid. Choose mechanical because I never want to have open-heart surgery again (for me and my family). So far the warafin and...
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    Nice to meet you MIB. I am just 1 day ahead of you.....11 days post-op with an ON-X valve. There is a lot of great information on this forum. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    Update: I am feeling so much better after 3 nights at home! Sleep gets easier each night. I am using Tylenol PM to help get it started. The "washing machine spin cycle/paint can mixer" sensation went away about a day a go. The beta blockers may have helped?...or my heart is getting...
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    3 months post surgery, Doc wants to medicate me more than I'm comfortable with.

    I am 50 yr old male and got my ON-X aortic valve and aortic root installed last Wednesday. I was easily the youngest patient in the Cardiology ICU ward, by 20 years. I am currently on a few short-term surgery recovery meds (KCl, Lasix, extra strength Tylenol) as well as Metaprolol, Warfarin...
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    Anything you wish you did, just before leaving the hospital?

    Going home in a few hours. Advice for the last moments at the hospital?
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    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    My chest is rumbling. It feels like one of those paint mixers has been put in my chest. My guess is my heart is now much better at pumping but also has more shakes and quakes. Is this normal with a new mechanical AV?
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    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    Now if I can just find a way to sleep!!!! I cannot sleep in the hospital. Almost a week since My last non-anesthesia induced nights rest. Hope it’s better when I am home later today
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    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    Surgery at Chippenham JW hospital in central Virginia was successful! Had some struggles with seizures, likely from anesthesia. But will (should) go home on Wednesday (one week post-op) with a new ON-X and aortic root. Long term prognosis is very positive. Will need to learn about INR and...
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    Hi Karen - are you sure you didn't have an echo? Echocardiograms look similar to an ultrasound. It would be hard to diagnose your level of aortic stenosis without an echo. Catherization will definitely give your doctors some good pictures and information on your heart as well as the...
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    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    Thanks for all of the well wishes! Much appreciated! My procedure has been delayed. Surgeon just called and he is sick. Wednesday may be the next opportunity ....if he is feeling better. It is frustrating to be in a holding pattern, however, I definitely want the surgeon to be at the top...
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    Surgery on Monday 1/23

    Get my new ON-X aortic valve installed on Monday. Had the surgery scheduled for about a month now. It was good to have time to prepare but tough having it slowly creep toward me. Feeling as good about it, as can be expected. Its time. I am incredibly fortunate to have a close family and...
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    I was given that as well. They took my nose swabs late, so they won't get the cultures back in time to treat a positive they gave me the mupirocin ointment as a precaution. Not sure why they even took the nose culture....won't really matter.
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    Aortic valve replacement and Covid

    I am in the severe range for aortic stenosis and regurgitation (will get a new valve in 4 days....but that's a different post). Had COVID back in April and my heart really ached. Was very painful to cough or laugh or move in certain ways. It hurt bad enough that I went to the ER. They...
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    Greetings from Virginia - aortic valve replacement in my future

    That sounds great. I definitely need to get up to speed on INR management. Thanks for your willingness to share your experience.