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  1. AgilityDog

    Recomendation for Dallas Surgeon

    Dr. William Ryan. He's at Baylor Plano (The Heart Hospital). He did mine. He's one of the best.
  2. AgilityDog

    Ross Young

    Truly the world has lost a fine man. We will never know how many people Ross touched, but we know they are all grateful for his having been here. Rest in peace, Ross.
  3. AgilityDog

    Symptoms, but Dr says not yet????/ Thoughts??

    I'd worry about the risks of waiting too long before surgery. I have LOTS of damage from being undiagnosed for 4-5 months before my MVR. That's why I needed the Maze procedure, and now have a pacemaker and arrhythmias, That's why I had to have the aortic valve done, that's why I had my...
  4. AgilityDog

    Working on Embroidery Design

    Hank let me use the VR logo for a shirt to wear to my 2nd valve replacement! He's pretty cool about private use. Of course, I got permission first, but he had no problem with granting it.
  5. AgilityDog

    Aortic regurgitation causing mitral regurgitation??

    I've had both valves replaced. My mitral valve prolapse caused beaucoup additional damage all around: a-fib, atrial enlargement, congestive heart failure, subaortic stenosis, aortic valve insufficiency, etc. etc. Why wouldn't the same work in reverse? Bad pressure backing upstream certainly...
  6. AgilityDog

    Sternum Pressure from Thoracic Aneurysm?

    I'm afraid my mother may stalk me across the internet, too. I just don't know about it.... Seriously, anxiety is common, even normal. This can all be a bit scary. If you are concerned, maybe ask for another echo to read the size of your aneurism. And if it's not critical, you might want to...
  7. AgilityDog

    Cooker's Throwdown Friday ... 10-11-13

    The weight is static. Down 2, up 2. lather, rinse, repeat. I've been too busy to enjoy the outdoors much. Work has been busy with deadlines, so no noon walks at work, although I'm getting plenty of walking with the foster dog in the evenings. Between his exercise and his obedience training...
  8. AgilityDog

    Low Platelet Count and Liver Issues after AVR Surger.

    Platelet counts down, well, many of us were RX iron supplements after OHS...or we got blood transfusions. the liver enzyme and Zetia, I know nothing about.
  9. AgilityDog

    Cooker's Throwdown Fiday ... 9-27-13

    I'm hanging in, 149.5. All the extra walking with Foster pup may be helping a bit. Foster pup supposedly has an adopter in Colorado, but we are having problems with for-profit transport companies (rescue is going to pay for it). Good grief! You would not believe it. So we are looking at...
  10. AgilityDog

    long term members

    I joined in 2007, after lurking several months after my 9/2006 MVR.
  11. AgilityDog

    Cooker's Throwdown Friday ... 9-20-13

    I dunno about the need for a competition right now. I think the goal for this time of year is to not gain, isn't it? With all the holidays coming up, that's going to be my goal! I've slacked a little on the exercise this week: no noon walks, because of all the evening dog walking, and I skipped...
  12. AgilityDog

    Cooker's Throwdown Friday ..... 9-13-13

    I'm in the same place. up and down 1/2 lb. Foster dog got snipped yesterday, and goes to his first adoptathon on Saturday. I hope we find him a good home, and soon. There are others I'd like to foster, more than this one. I'm so busy at work, I don't have time for the midday walk. Of course...
  13. AgilityDog

    Cooker's Throwdown Friday ... 9-6-13

    NO! We're NOT keeping him. Foster, dear, foster. Jet likes to play tug, so long as the toy is big enough that he doesn't grab her flews. She hates when he takes her head or feet in his mouth. The Labrador is not a chew toy. Most of the noise during tug comes from JET. She likes to talky-growl...
  14. AgilityDog

    Cooker's Throwdown Friday ... 9-6-13

    I'm hanging in at 149. I'm getting back to my exercise program after 2 weeks with a strained lower back. The muscle relaxant spiked my INR, and I've got ugly petechial rashes on my lower legs. Called the cardio's nurse to see if they need to see me, or wait until my October appointment . It...
  15. AgilityDog

    heart patient soundtrack

    Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive."
  16. AgilityDog

    Work Release

    Everyone's recovery is different. My first surgery, I was home almost 12 weeks before returning to the office, although I started working from home part time at about 8 weeks. My second surgery, I was able to work part time from home at about 4 weeks, but it was slow, and difficult. I went back...
  17. AgilityDog

    CoaguChek XS Errors

    21 gauge lancets. I ordered a box of 200 from CVS. Cost $10 for a multiple year supply.
  18. AgilityDog

    Cooker's Throwdown Friday ... 8-30-13

    I'm holding steady, just under 150, after my weekend in Steeler-town with my sister's family (homemade Lasagna, lots of wine, yummy). I'm recovering from a back injury, so exercise is on hold except for a little walking and a very gentle yoga class last night. Still taking a small does of muscle...
  19. AgilityDog

    Cooker's Throwdown Friday ... 8-16-13

    Thank you. It was super dark chocolate with dark chocolate icing (Central Market), and chocolate ice cream. Yummmy! I'm taking a mulligan this week on exercise, too: I was working a t-shirt sale booth at the Pooch Plunge on Sunday - the day the local pool closes, they let the dogs come swim...
  20. AgilityDog

    Cooker's Throwdown Friday ... 8-16-13

    Well, I'm down 0.1 from last Thursday. Meh. I can't have my birthday present, 'cause what I want for my birthday is to be 15 pounds lighter (ok, 20, but that's pushing). Not gonna do that in a week, unless I have a close encounter with a sharknado! I'm with you, chimp. It's really hard to...