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  1. SiestaKeyJimmy

    BAV stenosis moved to severe…what now?

    Hi Bee, Here’s my experience: been waiting for years, (just like you), then my aortic stenosis crossed over 4.0 (It was 4.1) and my Cardiologist said I was now severe and would need a new valve. But he also said that since it just recently crossed over into severe, there was no big hurry as I...
  2. SiestaKeyJimmy

    My New Valve! (The TAVR Journey - More Complex Than I Imagined!)

    My TAVR (Transcatheter aortic valve replacement) experience was much more involved than I imagined. Now (2 days later), I want to share some important details so if any of you will be taking this journey, maybe this will help you through what I found to be the “most scary” part, and how I got...
  3. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Aortic Stenosis - TAVR CONUNDRUM

    After many years of following this great “Valve Discussion” site, my “waiting room” time has run out and I’m getting TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) next week! My good news is because I’m “old”, I don’t have to face the difficult “valve type” choice, but TAVR has its own difficult...
  4. SiestaKeyJimmy

    60YO woman with BAV and severe stenosis

    Hey, I'm back. I’ve just completed another Echo and met with my Cardio Doc. He confirmed that (once again) I have “severe aortic stenosis”. (I have now been “severe” for over one year, and I have to say, it has not been that bad, fatigue is my worst symptom. Anyway, my time has run out. He has...
  5. SiestaKeyJimmy

    60YO woman with BAV and severe stenosis

    Chuck, Thanks for posting that “Iconic figure”, by Ross and Braunwald in their 1968 article. (FYI - I have studied and researched it over a few years, supposedly, it came out of a “sketch” on a napkin that they thought was the best “visual-aid” to help explain Aortic Stenosis in their...
  6. SiestaKeyJimmy

    60YO woman with BAV and severe stenosis

    Hi Chuck C, I appreciate your response(s)! I have to leave right now but will respond to you tomorrow!
  7. SiestaKeyJimmy

    60YO woman with BAV and severe stenosis

    Pmacky - please check your "Conversations" (at the top, right of your screen - that little envelope icon)
  8. SiestaKeyJimmy

    60YO woman with BAV and severe stenosis

    Hi & Welcome to the club.! This older guy is in the same confusing state as you. I was diagnosed with severe AS (Aortic Stenosis) over a year ago and found myself with the same concerns, that being, how do you know if you are having symptoms or not? In checking with the American Heart...
  9. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Please help me figure how “normal 83” feels?

    Hey thanks guys! I also heard from friends that same advice - on my next Cardo visit I’m going to quickly read this writeup to him. Also I like the idea of 2 shorter walks making a better single day total! As for feeling I’m 21, that would never work for me, but maybe I could try feeling I’m 75!
  10. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Please help me figure how “normal 83” feels?

    As I’ve discussed in the past, I struggle with “symptomatic”. My Aortic Stenosis velocity is 4.1, “severe”. My problem is knowing if I have symptoms - or how bad they are? I’m 83, never been that old before so I don’t know how “normal 83” feels? My main symptom seems to be fatigue, not as...
  11. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Tooth Extraction

    Hey thanks for the Sedation Link! It’s interesting, but doesn’t directly answer my concern. In about 3 weeks I have my Cardio visit and I will ask him directly what type of sedation I could use (if any)?
  12. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Tooth Extraction

    On a related (but different) question, can I ask the forum about dental sedation? With my recent severe AS (Aortic Stenosis), and a dental extraction coming up, my cardio says I cannot have “IV sedation” at the dentist. My dentist has been unable to get any clear answers on if I can have...
  13. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Severe Aortic Stenosis - My waiting room period has expired

    Thanks - its still a long ways off!
  14. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Severe Aortic Stenosis - My waiting room period has expired

    I’ve been lurking on this group since 2018 when I first learned I had mild Aortic Stenosis and would need yearly echos. (My background: Quad By-pass in 2016, currently 82 years old). This morning my doc said my AS has gone from about 2.7 in 2018, to 3.5 or so in 2021, to 4.1 (severe). He then...
  15. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Diagnosed with moderate-severe aortic stenosis 2 days ago....

    Hi Karen, Welcome to the club! I’m Jim from Florida. I've been hanging around this helpful group since about 2018, when I was told I had moderate aortic stenosis. I was getting echos every two years. Last year I moved into the “moderate to severe” class, and I now get the echocardiograms every...
  16. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Recovery from TAVR and open heart, and meds

    If there’s any “good news” on this subject for us over the hill 80+ folks, I guess it is that we don’t have to worry about making the right decision regarding the mechanical vs tissue question, right?
  17. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Recovery from TAVR and open heart, and meds

    Hi Sue, I’m Jim, just turned 82. I am currently getting Echos every 6 months to watch my AS (Aortic Stenosis), which is moderate trending toward severe. I had Open Heart 5+ years ago and got a quad bypass, so I can speak from experience that that operation was not as difficult as I feared it...
  18. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Aortic valve

    Just wondering, if I understand this correctly, seems like the samples are from pre-2019 and would have to be at least 5 years older. Seems like back then TAVR was pretty much only used on older folks. So wouldn’t higher all-cause mortality be expected? (Or do they somehow correct for this)...
  19. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Trans-septal ablation

    Hey guys, while I have no specific knowledge concerning “SVCs”, I monitor this site because I’ve had open heart surgery and suffer from occasional “Afib” episodes. Since I’m afraid that they may get worse, I’ve researched the subject and am trying to learn all I can about it. I’m looking for...
  20. SiestaKeyJimmy

    Keyhole AVR

    Wow - this is really impressive! (THANKS FOR POSTING)! So the questions is, do I have to travel all the way to Belgium? (Or is anyone doing this in the US?)