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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    There are others here who can give better advice than me I think - I have only been a Warfarin addict for less than 5 years so far, with a therapeutic range of 2.5 to 3.5 for a St Jude 29mm aortic valve. My thinking is that a lot depends on our lifestyles: If you are the outdoors hiking...
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    Tissue Regrets??

    I don't know if it is because I am a gadget enthusiast, or perhaps because I am an insulin dependent diabetic used to taking tablets every day, but a mechanical valve was never something I was worried about. Even if we take away the risks associated with open heart surgery, there is still the...
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    Stop sending me Emails

    Hi Paul - have you also gone into "Account settings" under your username and unticked the "Send emails ..." option?
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    lisinopril and insomnia

    I've not had the misfortune to suffer with insomnia much, and am on 5mg Lisinopril which I take in the mornings. What time of day do you take yours, @agentandya ? I do have trouble sleeping due to work stress at times, as I have a pretty intense job with lots of legal deadlines. My answer is...
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    Importance of "heart valve card"

    I wear a Medic Alert bracelet as I have a number of things people might need to know if I am unconscious etc, but interestingly when I had an MRI scan 18 months ago the only thing they wanted to know about was my pacemaker. (Even though it is MRI conditioned it definitely causes problems...
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    It is good to understand the bigger picture, Jane - no problem with the ramble! But now there's just the question: what are you going to do about it? It seems to me you need to discuss this with your MD and perhaps gently explain you have discussed your INR levels with a group of fellow heart...
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    I was 49yo when I had my AVR and went with mechanical. For me ticking is only noticeable when I listen for it. I suspect that us beefier guys insulate it a bit. For me, my primary concern was to minimise the risk of another OHS when in my 60s and weaker. But recently I have read threads here...
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    We are the same in the UK: they issue 1mg, 3mg and 5mg Warfarin tablets and then THE PATIENT useS whatever combination is needed to make the required dose.
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    Warfarin and Asprin

    HI Jane, and welcome. I have been on Warfarin for almost 5 years now, and to me your Tuesday and Saturday "splurges" seem weird. Why not take 9mg every day? Then test weekly, and if your INR is drifting out of range, adjust slightly, even if only on a couple of days then? A more consistent...
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    Anyone have a valve replacement AND a pacemaker?

    Yes, I had my aortic valve replaced in 2014, and they accidentally damaged my heart's electrics so I ended up with a pacemaker a week later. It was about 4 months later that I actually started to think what do I need to know about pacemakers - no biggie in themselves. There is support site...
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    Anybody using Coag Sense for INR testing?

    Personally I would have no qualms buying a second hand meter. As Pellicle has said in previous posts, all the 'smarts' are in the [single-use] test strips. If buying the one that is the 'main unit only', you just need to add a finger-pricker and buy some lancets, and you can get small packs...
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    Anybody using Coag Sense for INR testing?

    If 'knowledge is power', perhaps worth knowing that here in the UK you can buy a CoaguChek INRange (the current model that has replaced the CoaguChek XS) directly from Roche for £299 (about US$400). If I had to buy the test strips, a pot of 24 is £70 (US$93). And at the risk of boring regular...
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    Aortic Valve damage of red blood cells.

    Yes, my St Jude valve does too. It came as no surprise to my cardiologist: I am told it happens with some people, but I haven't needed transfusions. Instead I take iron supplements daily (Ferrous Fumerate 210mg twice per day).
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    Tissue Regrets??

    I was on Heparin in hospital after the valve surgery as they waited for my blood "to get right" before inserting a pacemaker as a result of surgical complication. I well remember the regular blood taking! The veins in my arm basically collapsed with the frequency of visits from the vampires...
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    Tissue Regrets??

    I don't know what the factors are affecting what dose of warfarin /coumadin we need, but if helpful to mention my dose is 8mg one day, 7mg the next, and repeat. I am an overweight 53yo male diabetic, if that is a factor, and eat small amounts of broccoli and other vitamin K rich vegetables most...
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    Tissue Regrets??

    I would put myself in the "pro mechanical" camp, a decision that I took almost 5 years ago now based almost entirely on the objective of minimising the need for another round of open heart surgery when I am older. To me, that was paramount, and as an insulin dependent diabetic used to taking...
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    Has anyone else experienced nocturnal leg cramping after prolonged use of warfarin?

    I have experienced cramps in my lower leg too, mostly at night but not exclusively. After reading about dehydration I increased my fluid intake before bed (just low sugar squash though in my case!), and have been taking a magnesium supplement for a few months which has definitely helped. I...
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    Being on blood thinners is mandatory and permanent for people with mechanical valves, to help ensure clots do not form on the valve surfaces, and can be temporary for those with tissue valves in the period after surgery. But my mother, who had a tissue valve inserted about 7 or 8 years ago, has...
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    A Significant other with a valve like me

    I have not found my ticking valve to be an issue with partners.
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    Mild anemia after AVR with a mechanical valve

    Yes. At the risk of too much information, since I started taking the iron tablets my stools have gone from light brown to much darker .... :)