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    Questions re: progression of ascending aortic aneurysm

    Ross Procedure: 1998, AVR+AAR: 2017 (ON-X + graft). My echo numbers on Aortic Root were also 40-43 mm over a number of years, ascending measurement showed up at some point at 50 mm :(. After latest OHS, surgeon recommended NO pushups, due to spike in blood pressure during these types of...
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    AVR #2 Update (Hockey Heart)

    From my understanding there are wires in both cases (wires used to stabilize while plates are screwed in). Never had any issue or discomfort with wires 1st time around, even during sandlot tackle football. I think I have three plates, but can only notice one of them ('X' shaped), usually when...
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    Questions for surgeons on 5.0 cm ascending aorta?

    metropolol? Enjoying the nightly motion picture features? Fantastically creative dreams abound? I had similar attitudes between cardio and surgeon. Interesting case for the cardio, and 'this isn't urgent' from the surgeon. But when you are the waiting room (figuratively) stress abounds. I...
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    AVR #2 Update (Hockey Heart)

    Being in Chicago, I would look into Cleveland (or Mayo). 5-6 hour drive is not trivial, neither is a redo. It is not just the surgeon, but the entire crew inside and after the OP. PreOP is different than main stage and after, but similar culture likely exists among these three regimes. Plates...
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    Avr #2

    might not be too far off the mark there... One of the docs received his MD in 1980.
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    Avr #2

    Had 1st AVR @ 20, 2nd AVR twenty years later (~1 ago - clicky-clacky). Will 'echo' what Pellicle indicated. Am also a warfarin addict. Not a big deal. TAVR is unreasonable given available information . Maybe surgeon wishes to add risk and certainty of redo in <10 years. I would find 2nd...
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    FDA approves a new Biopolymer Heart Valve trial by Foldax

    Seems like there will likely be a number of new options coming along:
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    FDA approves a new Biopolymer Heart Valve trial by Foldax appears fairly robust after ~ 7 years! Something to watch with time on this topic: associated granted US patents: US9539089 US9301837 Wow!
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    56 and asymptomatic and in shock!

    Body has amazing ability to compensate for abnormalities. These tend to progress slowly to a point, so body compensates, and if you feel off, often attribute changes to aging. Sitting in waiting room for a few weeks before surgery is not easiest time. I find it easier to get it done with and...
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    4 weeks post-op and have some questions about what I'm experiencing

    Similar, heartbeat like a hummingbird... Yup, takes awhile to regain endurance. No idea, no AFIB here... had 2nd try little more than year ago. When sitting around, was eager to get mentally active (back to work), then when first back, realized how off normal I was. Seems so. Looks like he's...
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    Ef function

    Looks like ~ 57% prior, ~ 65% post AVR. Stoke volume prior ~140 ml, post ~ 80 ml.
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    Joeys second OHS after 17 years

    Had ross as well over twenty years ago, lasted until 53 or so weeks ago when AA decided it wanted attention as well. i'll echo what pellicle noted. 2nd time sucks, but better than the alternative. I think 2nd is more challenging than first, as body is older, and maybe not as willing to heal as...
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    Double vision

    Had second AVR a little more than year ago. Had migraines before, but for last year have experienced as you describe, definite OHS result . Seems to occur more when trying to track movement into peripheral spaces. 90% of mine last less than 30 seconds, a few might be close to a minute (but time...
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    Mechanical Valve - clicking

    Kids and ladies tend to notice clicking more so than others. can't sneak up on kids anymore. Can't really hear AVR in one ear over other, more of a tapping under sternum. Different story if i'm wearing earplugs - then the clicking is drummer hitting a cymbal...
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    Moderate Regurg, BAV

    Don't know if literature would distinguish between stenosis and insufficiency. By your profile, likely aortic root dilation is causing valve insufficiency. Looking back, I wonder if some betablockers might reduce pressures on aorta, and slow growth to action threshold, thus delaying need for...
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    Wafarin and shaving?

    Always used a blade, except for first month during recovery. Electrics suck. So does fear given out by docs on ACT. I think common experiences as conveyed by docs are a few sigmas away from actual.
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    4 years later

    hell of an experience... if i had know i would need to shave, i could have done it myself, why some other poor b*stard has to shave my parts?... My first go around, 20 years ago now, had two chest tubes out of surgery, needed another, alright, simple enough. reality check ensues, similar...
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    How long do Dacron grafts last?

    currently about 9 months into use a onyx with root graft, and additional tube into the arch. At three month followup, surgeon said that about 5% of patients need some rework due to fatigue of sutures (connecting grafts, and connecting graft to native tissue). This was around conversation around...
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    I can’t take the heat anymore

    No correlation here. Describes me a year ago, but i think more tolerant of heat ~ 7 months post AVR. Still sweat like always - profusely, endurance is better than a year ago. Early this summer / spring with first heat, had similar to your experience. Finally learned to avoid the heat of the day...
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    Second AVR Concerns and Questions

    I had ross procedure at 20, and mechanical AVR about 20 years after that (ON-X). Been on warfarin >7 months post mechanical AVR. Took over management of INR (warfarin dosaging) from cardiologist about three months ago. Prior to three months ago, would test 1.6-1.8, since I've managed dosage...