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    I recently had a colonoscopy and for the first time I had a sedation. I felt this instant relief from anxiety; it was actually quite nice. However, I felt quite dizzy after for the whole day! Please, can you share how you felt after anaesthesia? Did you know you had a major surgery? Were you...
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    Aortic root replacement.

    Hello all, I see a lot of valve replacement anniversaries, but not a lot of aortic root replacement anniversaries. Please, can you share your anniversary if you had your root replaced? Thank you,
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    Hi, Is there an app I can use to access the forum from my iPhone? Thanks.
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    CT Scans.

    Hello all, I have a question. During my life I already had around 5 CT scans. The surgeon wants another CT scan, so naturally I am now getting concerned about radiation. I prefer to have an ultrasound or an MRI, but for the PEARS these are not an option. May I ask your opinion please on whether...
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    It is time... and hello again.

    Hello all, It’s been such a long time since I last posted anything in this forum. I guess, I tried not to think about my condition that much and so I didn’t visit valvereplacement for a while. I was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve and an aortic root dilation of 46mm back in 2009, each...
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    CT Scans.

    Hello everyone again. So I had my first appointment in Holland last week, and the doctor performed an ECG, blood pressure and and echo. It seems that my aorta is on the 47mm range, so my cardiologist has now ordered a CT scan with contrast to check it all out, and then decide the treatment plan...
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    Shouting &aorta dilation and an update.

    Dear everyone, it has been a long time since I posted last. I have now moved to the Netherlands, and I'm still getting used to the culture and the system of healthcare here. Not sure I will stay for long, and may well return to the UK after a year. :) But anyhow. I last checked my lovely aorta...
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    Upcoming annual.

    Hello to everyone. Another year has passed, and so I have another check up in a few hours time! I'm okay, just a bit nervous because next month I'm emigrating for a year or so the Netherlands. I'm hoping that everything is stable so I can start focusing on my move, and not worry about this...
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    "I'm too scared to lose you."

    So my wife got a bit tipsy yesterday and so to speak, she opened up to me saying that she is too scared to lose me for this condition on the operating table! Whilst crying; WTF? She never talked like this in 7 years I known about my condition and always told me you're exaggerating etc. etc...
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    Hello all, I hope you're all doing well. Earlier this year I posted an update on this forum and thanks to all of you, especially pellicle and clchd, I have recognised that I need to sort myself out and I did well. I have also heard a lot of Alan Watts talks via audible and I honestly have to say...
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    MRI measurements.

    Hello All - I wonder how many of you have experienced the following: Back in 2010 my MRI shown that my sinus of valsalva measured 33mm X 44mm and an ascending aorta of 33. The CT scan, done at the same time measures my sinus at 47mm and aorta at 36mm. Last February my MRI measured my sinus of...
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    So I talked to a surgeon here in the UK, who specialises on the PEARS procedure. He reviewed my MRI scan from last February and he said that I may be a suitable PEARS candidate. However, as per NHS regulations, he asked me to talk to my cardiologist and get a referral for further consultations...
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    I hate my brain

    I've been searching on aortic aneurysms for the last 2 hours!! I hate it, it's like morbid fascination!! I read the article by Kevin Helliker and I thought he is positive, but the article was not positive. I'm bored of this,really fed up! I need a monitor to see it myself all the time and if it...
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    Surgery and pain

    Hello everyone - quick question,m to those who had hear surgery. From a scale 1 - 10, how bad was your pain after surgery? Some people describes surgery as its like being hit by a bus, do they mean in terms of pain or other things?
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    Aortic root

    Hello all - I always feel guilty when I have not posted for quite a while, then I post again. Hope someone can help me with this question please. I had an MRI last January and showed that my aortic root is 45 x 42 mm. Cardiologist not concerned. I was looking at some old documents of mine and...
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    MRI Results

    Hi all - so I had my MRI results and my cardiologist told me that the size of my aortic root is actually 45mm rather than 46/7mm as per the echo. He said probably because the MRI measurements are done when the valve is closed rather than open?... My ascending aorta is within the normal range...
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    Question for men...

    I am not sure where to post this, but I thought here is okay. I've read somewhere that heart surgery can cause a permanent erectile dysfunction because of nerve damage. Is this true ? Has anyone experienced any permanent issues after surgery?
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    Irbesartan Medication

    Hi all - Hopefully someone can shed some light. My cardiogist asked me to stop taking Atenolol (25mg x 2 per day) and start on Irbesaran 300mg x 1 per day. I've been taking Atenolol for nearly 4 years, but my cardiologist said that their are currently some benefits on slowing down the aortic...
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    My appointment results.

    Hi all - just to update you all. Today I had my follow up, basically, the aorta is pretty much the same 46-47mm, but said has increased from 44mm since 2009. He said that my heart is deep and couldn't really see further up, so he wants to rule any enlargement further up by performing an MRI in 9...
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    Hello again

    Hi all, Happy new year! It's been over 1.5 years since I last posted. I am really sorry everyone, but tried not to feed my anxiety and made my very best to stop researching over the net. However, I am due my yearly check up next week and I thought to say hello. My aorta last year was 46-47mm and...