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  1. escargome

    Happy boxing day

    Happy Boxing Day to everyone. And Best Wishes for 2014:biggrin2:
  2. escargome


    Keeping both Charlie and our valve bro Brian in my thoughts today. I hope all goes smoothly for them both.
  3. escargome

    Ah...Three Years Ago Today

    Three years ago today a wonder little bovine named Denise, had given her life so that I might live many years longer. I feel like I should be sending flowers or at least eating a hamburger in her memory:) Life is good...
  4. escargome

    Prayers for our friends in New Zealand

    Praying that all our New Zealand friends are recovering from that awful earthquake. Having lived through our 1971 and 1994 big shakers (and all those small one in between) My prayers are that everyone is safe and can find the courage to go on.
  5. escargome

    Sad Situation

    I realize that since this situation is not really heart related, no one may read it. However, if you could find it your hearts to go to the link and take a look then possibly pass the information on to your friends/family in the Western US and Canada some good may come of it. I am praying like...
  6. escargome

    Look Out Canada :mad:
  7. escargome

    Logging In

    OK, maybe I don't quite understand. But when at home page for, I only get little box for user name but nothing to input my password. So do I only need to log on if I want to post to a thread? Screen at the bottom of any thread I look at states I don't have permission to...
  8. escargome

    Kerri and Luana

    Has anyone heard how they wonderful ladies might be doing?
  9. escargome

    The Twins Are Here

    I just finished reading Niki's heart journey weblog, the babies are here and both are doing well. I'm sure when she gets time she will post the info herself, but I was just so excited I couldn't help but be a busy body.:o
  10. escargome

    My 1 Year Mark

    I usually don't get all sentimental about stuff, but exactly one year ago today I was being wheeled into an operating suite to have the most life changing event of my life take place (except when I gave birth to my kids);). Dr. Michael Soltero (really cute surfer dude:cool:) replaced my aortic...
  11. escargome

    ?? about laurad37

    Laura's surgery was yesterday I believe. Has anyone heard if everything went well? I'm still praying for her:)
  12. escargome

    I have an E-Ticket Ride

    Thirty-three years ago today, John and I stood before a German Justice of the Peace and said we would commit ourselves to each other through sickness, health, rich, poor (most of the time) John = 4 heart attacks, 1 triple bypass, 1 head-on collision with a drunk driver, total left foot...
  13. escargome

    God Bless You All

    Good wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery to each and every one of you scheduled for surgery on the 10th or 11th of December. I shall pray that each of your surgeons have exceptional skill and knowledge that day.