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    New Member.

    I was 28. I'm 74 now and still healthy and lead a very active and physically demanding life. Just can't understand why anyone with a stenotic valve would get a cow or pig valve instead of a mechanical one. (Except if they were much older than that.)
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    New Member.

    I had my stenotic aortic valve replaced wirh a St. Jude valve in 1977. Have to take warfarin daily and have blood tested for coagulation rate every week or so, but other than that life is normal. Surgery was uneventful.
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    18 and ticking

    I had a St.Jude valve installed on aortic valve in 2007. Thats 17 years ago. Life has been normal, other than keeping close eye in warfarin disage and periodic tests.
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    After your surgery, what are some of the things that you found out that surprised you

    Probably the main thing that surprised me was that my life didn't really change that much. (I had artificial aortic valve installed about 15 years ago at Brigham and Women's in Boston.) There were some minor changes in diet and had to take warfarin daily and self test once a week. No big deal...
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    Mechanical Valve Noise and Quality of Life Study

    Ignore it and be greatful you're alive. After awhile you won't even notice it. I've had my St. Jude valve since 2007 and expect it to last longer than I will.
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    Supplements (never been a fan)

    OK, thanks. Not a big deal for me, but I'll kick it around with my new cardiologist. (Not sure how much I have to clear taking supplements with him.) My last one retired and I decided to not continue with the group practice he was part of. New group really kicks ass and actually has a "Coumadin...
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    Supplements (never been a fan)

    I have been told that fish oil is a no-no for people on warfarin.
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    Not doing surgery

    Pretty pessimistic and suicidal outlook on life. You may choose to not have heart surgery, but certainly need to talk to a mental health professional. Life, however difficult, IS worth living, even if you have no family. There are other people out there you can help, with a simple smile, a kind...
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    New member

    Thanks for the warning on Xanax. I stopped taking it some time ago because it can increase odds of getting dementia.
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    19 Years Of St Jude Valve

    Congratulations on your many years with a St. Jude valve. You're a few years ahead of me, so that gives me confidence I'll match it. I got mine at Brigham & Women's in Boston in 2007 and no problems. I've outlived my surgeon, who told me the valve would last longer than I would.
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    Need for pacemaker post-AVR?

    Thank you all for your replies concerning the heart rate monitor whose usefulness I questioned. You have provided information that makes it clear that I'm not alone and my cardiologist may actually know what he's doing. Obviously the loop monitor will help everyone know when or if I need a...
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    Irregular heartbeat

    I feel obligated to tell my story concerning irregular heartbeats. I had my AVR (St. Jude's) in 2007 but only have noticed recently my heartbeat was irregular. I talked to my cardiologist about it (I check it with a stethoscope) and he said it was NOT atrial fibrillation and said don't worry...
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    Heart Rate / Pacemaker

    Follow-up from Yankeeman on pacemakers: Despite being told by my cardiologist that he thought I needed a pacemaker, apparently I don't. He referred me to a pacemaker specialist (also a cardiologist) who said that it is "common" for hearts to stop for three or four seconds occasionally during...
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    Need for pacemaker post-AVR?

    Thank you all for your prompt replies and very professional advice....some of you are MDs????...You have reassured me about pacemakers and now I can meet with the cardiologist/surgeon and have some idea of what he is talking about. I have learned the hard way that you really have to trust...
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    Need for pacemaker post-AVR?

    I had a St. Jude's valve implanted in 2007 (aortic) and have had no real problems with the heart since then. But yesterday my cardiologist said that I need a pacemaker because my heartbeat is too slow when I sleep (more than three-second pause between beats on two occasions.) I think this is...
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    How has it been since your Valve replacement?

    Got a St. Jude aortic valve in 2007, which makes it 13 years so far. The surgeon said the valve would last longer than I would and he wanted it back when I was through with it. He's dead, so I guess I'm safe.
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    Warfarin causes dementia?

    Thank you for your reply. I have come to agree with whoever suggested that the key to taking warfarin without having it affect your brain is simply staying in range. Makes sense. There are really so many variables in this tricky business of staying alive after you get a mechanical valve...
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    Warfarin causes dementia?

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    Warfarin causes dementia?

    Thank you all for your replies. I agree that there is no substitute for warfarin if you have a mechanical valve. I was encouraged by the information that it is possible to live with warfarin for a half-century and still not have dementia. However, the news that credible researchers have...