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  1. J

    Weight lifting with valve and aneurysm replacement

    My Bentall procedure was 3.5 years ago and my cardiologist gave me the go-ahead to start lifting again. At my last appointment, I told him I was going pretty heavy (for me) 150# bench press and 50# curls. I'm sure it's different for some, but he told me that'd be fine as long as I didn't let the...
  2. J

    Unusually LOUD heartbeat

    You can actually see my heart beating when I wear a tight shirt. I just haven't seen or heard anything like it. My TV viewers no doubt have wondered if there's something wrong with their set. that's the first theory I've heard. I'll bring that to the attention of my cardiologist. interesting.
  3. J

    Unusually LOUD heartbeat

    Shortly after my surgery in 2018 (valve, root and ascending aorta replacement and repair to an aneurysm) my heartbeat seemed unsettling loud. I asked for a chest X-ray which revealed nothing unusual. It is so loud I told the doctor I didn’t think they replaced the heart where it should be. No...
  4. J

    Joint stiffness and INR

    thank you for your insight. Of course I’ll check with the clinic and be ready to check INR. I’m at the every six weeks level now. I feel great and when I get to the gym I feel like I should be 28 years old again. I see muscle gains and I want more and increase the weight. I probably overdid it...
  5. J

    Joint stiffness and INR

    I do pretty intense weight training 4 days a week. After “arms days” I wake up to pain in my elbows and joints. The simple solution I know is to train lighter, I’m 56 years old. Rather than go easier, I’d rather try taking a supplement like Glucosamine and Magnesium. Before checking with my...
  6. J

    How has it been since your Valve replacement?

    Two years and two weeks. St Jude valve, new root, new ascending aorta. I feel great. Playing sand volleyball with guys 25 years younger (I’m 56). Only problem I have is a bad knee from all that jumping but I won’t let them see a limp. “You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old when...
  7. J

    Racing Heart and what worked to get it down

    Hello, I’m a year and a half removed from a successful Bental procedure as well as a repair of an aneurism. I’m on Warfarin but no beta blockers. Fortunately I’ve been feeling fine. Maybe this is common knowledge but I had never heard of it. Last week my heart started racing while I was just...