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  1. BicuspidBuddy

    It might not be Mount Everest . . . .

    . . . but it's our Mount Everest. Will (Bionic Orange), is 10 months post-op, and hiked 4000 feet in a couple of hours return. He left me in the dust (or snow to be more accurate). We couldn't do the entire 8500 feet due to snow pack. We will try again when it's melted in the fall. Thank...
  2. BicuspidBuddy

    Thank You

    Thank you. All of you. To not mention people specifically, risks a bland, generic post. Specifically mentioning people, risks leaving out all of you whom I have been inspired by, moved by, and whom I have obtained valuable knowledge from. However, I have chosen to be specific, knowing that...
  3. BicuspidBuddy

    NEWBIE: Needs advice

    Our surgeon on the other side of the country said the same thing. Maybe it's a Canadian thing. 🙂 When a surgeon who is going to split your chest open and put your heart on pause tells you that he only uses OnX, would put that valve inside himself if he had severe AS/BAV (he is 55), and would...
  4. BicuspidBuddy

    NEWBIE: Needs advice

    Thank you for this information. You mention that 1 case was due to Warfarin non-compliance. Would you by chance happen to know the type of mechanical valves that were used in these individuals? I ask, because on the On-X website (yes I understand it could be marketing hype), it says that with...
  5. BicuspidBuddy

    NEWBIE: Needs advice

    This question is for anyone. Can pannus formation/ scar tissue be prevented with mechanical valves? Thanks.
  6. BicuspidBuddy

    Surgery time

    All the best to you Justin. Wishing you a very successful surgery and a very smooth recovery.
  7. BicuspidBuddy

    Bicuspid Aortic Valve and possible future aortic dilatation

    You make a good point. The following is only my observation of BAVers on this forum. Those who needed re-ops due to aneurysms appear to have been younger (less than 50). I haven't seen any over 60 who needed a re-op for aneurysm with an intact valve at that age. Maybe there are? Our cardio...
  8. BicuspidBuddy

    'per patient year' question

    This question is for anyone. My understanding is that the difference between the Coagchek XS and the Coagcheck INRange is that the latter has a Bluetooth function that can link to your health provider so that he/she can monitor you as well. Is this correct? Is there any mention that the XS...
  9. BicuspidBuddy

    Inspiris Resilia Aortic Valve failing after 1.5 years?

    Hi Steve. It looks like your last post was 4 years ago. Perhaps you no longer read this forum. In the event you do, you are about the only person I have yet read, who had a mechanical valve for your first OHS and a bioprosthetic (Insipiris Reslia) for your second OHS. Forgive my nosiness...
  10. BicuspidBuddy

    9 Questions for Those with BioProsthetic (Tissue) Valves

    The million dollar question. Pellicle wrote an excellent response conjecturing exercise/bioprosthetics/SVD/age. And IF exercise indeed plays a role in degradation (unlike what the medical establishment claims), what type of exercise is most likely to degrade the valve? weights? endurance...
  11. BicuspidBuddy

    Surgery Tomorrow

    All the best to you. Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery and even better health post-op!
  12. BicuspidBuddy

    Need your opinion on these echo results... not trusting my doc.

    I'm no cardiologist, but in looking up things, here is some information where your calcium score indicates "severe": I do not believe this is the standard way of diagnosing the severity of AS, at least not in Canada. Hubby has never had...
  13. BicuspidBuddy

    9 Questions for Those with BioProsthetic (Tissue) Valves

    Yet another positive story about Warfarin! Great! I apologize for the navel gazing, but I do have a question for you, given all of your experience with AVRs and the fact that you are very athletic. While you don't say so explicitly, in your stories you imply that with what you know now, you...
  14. BicuspidBuddy

    Need your opinion on these echo results... not trusting my doc.

    Agree with Gkeraney. Aortic max velocity. Plus LV hypertrophy. But yeah that looks more like moderate AS. I'm guessing you have no symptoms. More importantly, what does your cardio say to you in terms of wait and watch, and timing for follow-up echo?
  15. BicuspidBuddy

    9 Questions for Those with BioProsthetic (Tissue) Valves

    Thanks for sharing your story. Do I understand correctly, that you had a TAVR inserted almost 9 years after your second SAVR with a Medtronic Mosaic? My understanding from others on this site, is that bioprosthetic valves developed prior to the Insipris Resilia are not TAVR ready. Obviously...
  16. BicuspidBuddy

    9 Questions for Those with BioProsthetic (Tissue) Valves

    Jeezuz. Another huge reason this forum is so important in successfully supporting those on Warfarin.
  17. BicuspidBuddy

    9 Questions for Those with BioProsthetic (Tissue) Valves

    Is this the Insipiris resilia? If you should need something in the future, say when you're 90, did your surgeon say they could do a TAVR at that time? Thanks!
  18. BicuspidBuddy

    What do you do when your cardiologist lies to you?

    I suppose I can speak to this, being the wife of a BAV/very severe AS man in a country where medical procedures move very slowly. I understand your wife's fear and anxiety, but they are hers and not yours. Hopefully she will do things to help herself so she can be more centred for you -...
  19. BicuspidBuddy

    9 Questions for Those with BioProsthetic (Tissue) Valves

    😁 Yup. Always on the quest for info in all kinds of forms. 😁
  20. BicuspidBuddy

    9 Questions for Those with BioProsthetic (Tissue) Valves

    Small sample size But yeah, you're probably right. Really old people with tricuspids often die of something else even if their valves are stenotic.