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    62 years old and meeting surgeon in 10 days to decide on valve type

    I wish I had gone mechanical at 54. Instead I did tissue and at near 8 years it is showing stenosis. I’ll have to do it again soon and I can’t express how much I dread it. I’ll do mechanical this time.
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    9 Questions for Those with BioProsthetic (Tissue) Valves

    1. At what age did you get your bio-prosthetic valve? 53 & 11 months 2. How long have you had your bio-prosthetic valve for? 6 years 8 months 3. If your valve failed, what was the reason? N/A 4. Are there any medications you have had to take after surgery because of the bio-prosthetic valve...
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    The Cost of Doing Business

    Welcome to the board ... although so sorry for the circumstances. Unfortunately, there is no good answer to your question. But based on the situation described, it sounds like not doing anything with definitely result in mortality. If I am understanding it correctly, your chances for extending...
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    Magnesium for the Heart

    I have to take 400mg of magnesium taurate to keep my PVCs at bay. I tested it a couple of months ago by dropping my dosage back to 450mg. Within 30 days PVCs were back.
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    Chest pain and uncertainty

    This won't help any physical issue but maybe it could help the mental side. I bought a Kardia home EKG device/smart phone app. I take one every day and it helps me have direct, daily evidence my heart is ticking well. I am not affiliated with Kardia in any way other than a customer. This is the...
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    Severe Aortic Stenosis - My waiting room period has expired

    Heart surgery is scary, but IMHO (not a doctor) having done a bypass and a heart attack is at least as if not more serious than TAVR. Your new valve will be functioning properly, your body will be nourished by the proper amount of blood, and your heart will get to rest from the extreme work it...
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    It wasn't all roses...

    Thank you for sharing. It touched me deeply.
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    The Other Side ...

    of surgery. My [confirmed] bicuspid aortic valve was replaced with a 23mm Edwards Magna-Ease Bovine bio-prosthesis on 08/10/2016 by Dr. Kevin Miller at St. Joseph's Hospital Denver, CO. By almost all accounts the surgery went very well. There was bleeding in post op but they got in under control...
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    Hello All

    Thank you for this Anne! The plan for me is to do minimally invasive but I will not know until I wake up. And although I might want minimally invasive, it doesn't matter. Whatever gets me fixed and feeling better. Although I don't have symptoms per se, I am tired all the time. They tell me that...
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    Hello All

    Thank you all for the kind words and welcome. I will most definitely be posting after I am up and no longer drooling on myself.
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    Hello All

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I have met and discussed the post op protocol and my surgeon does not prescribe warafin for tissue valves. He uses aspirin. 300mg or so I believe. As it stands I do not have any other known complications. All organs are functioning well. Great BP, blood...
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    Hello All

    I am James and I have a bad aortic valve. The doctors believe it is bicuspid and having been extensively tested for a murmur when I was a teenager (about to turn 54 now) it makes sense. The pressure across the valve is 90mm Hg but no aortic root dilation with minimal thickening. I am healthy...