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  1. SusQ

    New in ChicagoLand Surgery 10/22

    Add us to the list of those surprised by a diagnosis. Found out last August that hubby had a bicuspid aortic valve with some pretty advanced regurgitation issues and aortic dilation. He had surgery in May. I want to reassure you that you will eventually notice a difference in how you have felt...
  2. SusQ

    Cardiac Therapy a waste of time.

    Hubby only did three weeks of cardiac rehab and they kicked him out. By the time his surgeon's office got their stuff together and ordered it, he was damn near ready to graduate from it. The best thing he got from it was a story about a little old lady on a treadmill next to him that told the...
  3. SusQ

    All set for #6!!

    Good luck Sarah, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
  4. SusQ

    Coughing aids

    Do they have you taking prilosec or something similar? Hubby had a lot of coughing post op and turns out the meds were causing acid reflux that didn't give him heartburn, just coughing fits. I guess its a side effect of many meds such as beta blockers. Might want to run that by your doc.
  5. SusQ

    16th week post-op and we celebrated by...

    Going diving. Hubby went on his first scuba dive since the surgery. Doc gave him the release to go a few weeks ago and he finally felt ready. We jointly carried his gear (as it is quite heavy) and he put the BC (buoyancy control vest) and tank on in not quite chest-deep water. We reversed when...
  6. SusQ

    13 week post-op appointment

    He ended up with plates as a complete surprise to us. We had inquired about them pre-op but were told.they wouldn't use them. Then post op were told he did use them. But apparently only half-assed. No wonder they had problems with them...things don't function properly if you only install them...
  7. SusQ

    Heavy lifting post surgery......

    I've found it depends on who you ask. Hubby was given the okay by his original surgeon to return to full work duties once healed. He's a butcher, used to living 250 pound sides of beef, pulling hides, etc. However, a senior cardiologist who saw him before he left the hospital said he should...
  8. SusQ

    13 week post-op appointment

    Hubby had a follow-up appointment today and, with the exception of an unexplained missing screw in the sternal plate closest to his neck that has left him able to feel one of the wings of the plate (which is driving him crazy), all is well. He's been given the go to: 1. Get back to scuba diving...
  9. SusQ

    A 'New' Aortic valve. But which one?

    Hubby just had a tissue valve put in exactly two months ago today. We decided on tissue. He's a butcher by trade, a real honest to goodness one that deals with live animals and between the knives he works with and the potential for him to get kicked, we wanted to steer away from warfarin. We do...
  10. SusQ

    Scheduled to meet with surgeon

    Hubby found out he had a bicuspid valve August 2011, had further testing in November and December, cardiac cath January, met with a surgeon in Feb and had his surgery May 8,2012. He could have had the surgery sooner, but we'd booked a vacation prior to him even getting his diagnosis and the...
  11. SusQ

    Paperwork needed for flying......

    I asked about this and was told that hubby's sternal plates and wires would not set off the airport detectors. Funny, my bras aren't supposed to either but I always seem to get the pat-down. Maybe it's just that I have boobs??? ;)
  12. SusQ

    How many PILLS do you take daily?

    Hubby is down to 4 daily now, but at one point was at 13 daily. He's very happy to not have a pills for breakfast and oatmeal for dessert anymore. lol
  13. SusQ

    An update

    Thanks all. I am so relieved to have him on the road to recovery. Now I feel like I can de-stress. Lyn, you are right on about thinking we were getting one of the best by traveling. I mean, we had to travel no matter what, but it really seemed to serve little purpose going the additional 3...
  14. SusQ

    No teeth cleaning or elective dental procedures for a year after surgery??

    Six months and antibiotics is what we were told also.
  15. SusQ

    An update

    It's been a while. I couldn't get here for a while, but we've just been so busy on top of that. Things are moving along. Hubby is healing well, though now plagued by some breathing issues which are related to one of three things... a cold that our daughter brought home (though he doesn't have...
  16. SusQ

    does this happen to you?

    It's apparently normal. Hubby had his valve replaced 5/8/12 and I often find him with his hand up high on his chest, just below his neck, feeling the beating through his sternum. He questioned his surgeon yesterday and was assured that is normal.
  17. SusQ

    8 days off Metoprolol

    Hubby was on what I thought was a huge dose of Metoprolol. They had him taking 75 mg twice daily and it wasn't working nearly as well as it should have. So after he had his second surgery to remove the fluid from around his heart (which I know contributed to the lack of control the Metoprolol...
  18. SusQ

    Update on Bbuck's setback

    And now an infection of the incision from the surgery to fix the pericardial effusion. This appears to have begun as a result.of an echo done at our local hospital a week ago as the red discoloration of skin is in the exact spots the tech touched with the.ultrasound wand. Ugh. But a shot of...
  19. SusQ

    Tissue vs. Mechanical

    I'll answer for hubby. 1) Bbuck 2) 47 3) Edwards bovine pericardial tissue (with dacron tube ascending aorta)
  20. SusQ

    Tomorrow's the big day!

    Good luck! Looking forward to hearing all is well.