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    Rain's report

    Well done ladies.
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    For Those That Know Hannah - Bragging

    Lisa, tell Hanna hello for me. My son went through that program when he was Hanna's age. He did very well and stuck with it. It eventualy earned him a national merit finalist distinction and he was offered over 20 full college scholarships many including tuition-room-board-fees, the whole...
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    The old days

    I just got back to the states last night but Billy sent me a VR thread on my company email earlier this week so I had checked it out. When I signed on to MSN, Rain was on-line so we had a Bolivia to Colorado on-line chat. Mindy, I do recall you being online earlier than Aug of 01. I think I...
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    How many of you have...

    Coaguchek S
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    Lovenox Pkg Insert Updated Dec 2003

    Janie, think positive. If you get bit by a rat, it will probably die.
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    INR range with mechanical valve

    Lisa, I talked to Carley again today and she said the reason they stopped using the Coaguchek was because she is the only one trained to use it. She was out on maternity leave and when she returned they were short staffed so they did not resume finger sticking but should soon. She also said...
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    INR range with mechanical valve

    I will try to get the information. Actually Lisa and I go to the same group of 4 cardiologists. Lisa, it was Dr. B (your guy I think) rather than Dr. J that provided the information. I was talking to Carley, the INR nurse she said they were raising the range for both Mitral and Aortic...
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    INR range with mechanical valve

    I got my mechanical in May of 2000 and was given an INR range of 2.5 to 3.5 with a 3.0 target. My Cardiologist just raised that from 3.0 to 4.0 with a 3.5 target. He said this is based on the latest research. Mechanicals, what are your INR ranges? Al, what range do you use? Ross, has this...
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    BAV/AVR and Aortic Dissection - Is There A Link?

    I?ve had both and asked my surgeon this very question some years ago. His comment was that there is a correlation but there are varying opinions. One opinion is that it may be genetic wherein some have a gene that causes both problems or effects one that triggers the other. I honestly do not...
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    Lost former IL Sen. to Bypass/Valve surgery today :-(

    Senator Paul Simon dies from heart surgery Senator Paul Simon dies from heart surgery Partial quote from USA Today. "Simon's daughter confirmed his death at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, according to Peter Alexander, the law school dean at Southern Illinois University, where Simon...
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    Travelling with Test machine

    You shouldn't. These look much like testing machines diabetics and others use and zillions go through airports daily. In fact, it is a very common site at airports. I take my Coaguchek with me on internnational trips all the time.
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    Good valve names?

    Hey Mindy. Dick Clark, American Bandstand, right?
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    Aneurysms & Valves?

    Same as Dave. I had a bicuspid and got the graft and valve.
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    Coumadin/Warfarin Cost

    I believe it effects people differently. I can't get stable on warfarin. Tried twice and gave up twice. I pay more for Coumadin and my 18 month average INR on it is 2.9. You will hear both sides and some really strong opinions but I do not believe it is as cast in stone as many claim. Try...
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    Update on Exanta - "The Future Coumadin Replacement"

    It is good news. I will follow it closely and plan to be the 1,000,000th user. I want to make sure the first 999,999 (many of which may be you guys) survive the stuff. Many of the early deaths with the current style of mechanical valves were not the actual valves but rather the trial and...
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    telemarketers second generation

    Nancy, get a coach's whistle and when he calls, blow it into the receiver. He'll go away. Don't get mad, get even.
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    INR Plummeting!

    I left the hospital taking 4 mg. and slowly increased to around 8 over a period of 3 months and have been between 8 and 8.5 for about 3 years now. I think for some it takes the body awhile to adjust to the proper dosage. At least it took awhile for me. Hope this helps.
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    St. Jude Valve

    At the 2001 reunion in SAT Billy wore my plastic St. Jude valve around his neck. I looked at the photos on the site and you can see the string in several shots but the valve is always behind a glass or someone's arm.
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    Have you ever got altitude sickness

    The main drug for altitude sickness is Diamox and unfortunately it doesn't work for me. From the people I know that take it for really high altitudes, it either works really well or not at all.
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    Have you ever got altitude sickness

    I go to La Paz (12,000+) every year or so and the altitude always kicks my butt.