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  1. HokieHaden

    6 months post-surgery today!

    That’s right. After consulting with my surgeon, it felt most likely I’ll be a candidate for TAVR in 15-20 years when I hope to be at the end of this tissue valve. I know there are no guarantees, but that’s the plan I’m planning on.
  2. HokieHaden

    6 months post-surgery today!

    Just curious, when you say "mechanical valve" do you mean mechanical or tissue (any replacement valve)? I'm only asking because I'm curious as to whether there could be any difference. @pellicle, your advice and exhaustive knowledge on this forum was (is) a tremendous help in my journey here...
  3. HokieHaden

    6 months post-surgery today!

    That's right - I remember you. So glad to hear you are doing well post-surgery. And yes, we are close in age - I am 49. I do sleep on my side and have definitely felt the sternum/rib discomfort after waking in the morning. And yes, having my wife by my side through the process was an...
  4. HokieHaden

    6 months post-surgery today!

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Chuck. It's inspiring to think of where I might be in 2-3 years. I've never tried boxing but I can imagine that's quite the cardio workout. You've told me before I'm sure, but remind me, do you have a tissue or mechanical replacement valve? I am "making...
  5. HokieHaden

    6 months post-surgery today!

    Thanks so much - I feel very grateful for the recovery thus far. I actually started back on the Peloton in Dec (maybe 6-7 weeks after surgery). I waited until cleared by my doctor to get back on the road bike, which was maybe at 12 weeks out? Thanks again!
  6. HokieHaden

    6 months post-surgery today!

    Hi all - today marks my 6 month milestone following Aortic Valve Replacement (Edwards 27mm bovine tissue valve) and Aortic Root repair - together called a Bentall procedure - at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. Here are links to my initial member intro post and my detailed recap of...
  7. HokieHaden

    Valve disease presentation by Dr. Kevin Hodges

    Thanks for sharing this - very informative. I was born BAV and was always asymptomatic, right up to last year’s decision to have AVR and aortic root repair (surgery was 6 months ago tomorrow, in fact). This video has confirmed I likely made the right decision to go ahead and have the replacement...
  8. HokieHaden

    Different strokes...

    I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this. But I’m grateful you shared your story as it helps me think about some things. In Oct (nearly 6 months ago) I had AVR and aortic root repair and I awoke to the worst double vision I’ve ever had. That was the only lasting symptom of what we...
  9. HokieHaden

    High Resting Heart Rate?

    Same here (my AVR and aorta repair was on Oct 25). I went into surgery with a resting HR in the low 60s and after surgery it’s been in the 75-80 range. I was borderline obsessive about trying to figure this out, including posting here about it. But, after 5 months I’ve gotten fairly used to it...
  10. HokieHaden

    Resting HR post-AVR surgery

    Thanks Gloria - I feel incredibly blessed to have led such an active lifestyle with this birth defect/disease, and even more blessed to have come through my 10/25 BAVR / Bentall procedure as well as I have. I should be back on the bike soon. It’s actually weather, not my heart, keeping me on...
  11. HokieHaden

    One Year and Counting—Observations

    Love this, Bill. Congratulations on a great first year of recovery and getting back to the things you love, like road cycling. I’m looking forward to taking you up on the offer to ride together here in the Nashville once I’ve recovered enough. Kudos also to VUMC and the well deserved shout outs...
  12. HokieHaden

    Resting HR post-AVR surgery

    Awesome! This is what I was hoping I might hear from some. As I shared in my original post — “In my simple mind, I've gone from an extremely leaky and inefficient native bi-cuspid valve to a very efficient (albeit bio-prosthetic) aortic valve and root. As such, I was actually reasoning I might...
  13. HokieHaden

    Made it through!

    Congratulations on a successful surgery! I had AVR and aorta aneurysm repair 7 weeks ago today and am recovering well. I was very happy to wake up (or my first cognizant moment) in ICU with the breathing tube already gone! That was one of my fears going in. The anesthesia didn’t sit well with...
  14. HokieHaden


    Congratulations on the successful TAVR! It truly is an amazing procedure. I’m 6 weeks post AVR with open heart and it’s amazing to think about how minimally invasive TAVR is, as I think about all one goes through with open heart. Quick question for anyone who knows - how is the TAVR valve...
  15. HokieHaden

    Resting HR post-AVR surgery

    Great to hear from you, SSJ4! Glad to hear your surgery went well and that you're recovering well too. Best!
  16. HokieHaden

    Resting HR post-AVR surgery

    Thanks so much, Woodcutter. First off, wow....your resting was in the 40s before surgery!? Good to hear your experience and that you've largely returned to pre-surgery levels of fitness. I do expect it will be a long process of recovery and getting back to "normal". While I lack the patience...
  17. HokieHaden

    Resting HR post-AVR surgery

    Very helpful, Chuck - thanks for sharing your experience and insights!
  18. HokieHaden

    Resting HR post-AVR surgery

    Hi all - I'm 49 and 5 weeks post AVR and aortic aneurysm replacement (Bentall procedure) surgery and recovering well. Prior to surgery, I was in strong cardiovascular shape, primarily as a recreational road cyclist. I rode 25 miles two days before surgery and had ridden over 100 miles in a MS...
  19. HokieHaden

    Traveling after surgery?

    Agree with others that it may depend on your specific circumstances. That said, I’m currently 5 weeks post AVR (and aortic aneurysm repair) and I was able to travel out of town at week 4 for Thanksgiving to visit family. My wife drove and I was in the backseat (doing what backseat drivers do)...
  20. HokieHaden


    I had planned AVR and aortic root replacement just over 3 weeks ago. My story is in the New Member Intros folder if you care to take a deeper dive. Specific to TIAs, we are fairly confident I suffered a TIA on the table, as I awoke from surgery with extreme left side of body weakness that...