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    Keep njean in your prayers

    Very sorry to see this! She was so thoughtful and kind! Deepest sympathies to her loved ones!
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    Question Re: Aneurysm Developing Post AVR

    It's one of the things those of us with bicuspids fear! I have no useful information to add but wanted to tell you my thoughts are with you; hoping for the best for you!
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    Midpack, I have read that anxiety can be a big issue for people with mitral valve prolapse. Another thing for you to google :) Also, as we get older it's not unusual to worry more about our health. But sometimes it's just harder to keep the worries in check, in a proper balance. That said, I...
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    Painful Sneezing

    Glad to hear it. I remember my first sneeze the second time around :eek2: I was not prepared for it :eek2: Oh, the pain :eek2:
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    Nearly Ten and Thirty-Four

    What cheerful and pleasant replies, all of you; thank you! Continued best wishes :)
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    PVC's???? Whats the real info??? Im at a loss and need help!

    Hi Jay - PVCs can be rough! The last time I wore a Holter monitor I had tens of thousands of them a day. They fairly knocked the wind out of me! For me, a temporary regimen of beta blockers can knock them out for me. And as I get further from my OHS, the PVCs don't seem to be so much a...
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    Air Hunger - 4 Months After Avr

    Density altitude Density altitude Post OHS, I seem to be more vulnerable to DENSITY ALTITUDE. And not just when I'm flying. If you want to look into it, Wiki and other places on the Web have some interesting articles on it. You live in Pennsylvania and you are recovering post OHS during...
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    Palpitations even post OP.

    Sometimes a very deep sharp cough or two can be a quick fix. Seriously :) But definitely check with your doctor.
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    Elevated BP following AVR surgery?

    Hi Dave - While we're all different, having changing bp post valve OHS seems to be not uncommon. I had hypertension before the surgery and then my bp was too low post-op but months later I was hypertensive again. Maybe that's in the "too much information" category :) but I mean that you may...
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    Mechanical valve - irregular heartbeat

    Hi Mike - Off and on, I've also had some wild post-op heart rhythms, including some early post-op A-fib/A-flutter. A few years later, certain things began to trigger PVCs and such, and sometimes they've been severe and overwhelming. Whatever makes the bubbles in sparkling drinks, both...
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    Long term implications of your valve choice when you get other heath issues

    Hi Tony - Your question is valid and important. At best, individual experiences of various members may only be isolated perceptions and recollections. Perhaps you could present your question to some respected surgeons via email? Also, I just read some recent stats about...
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    Nearly Ten and Thirty-Four

    Adding this update about four months after thread originated: Shortly after I began this thread, I became ill and quickly got worse. My valve was failing and beginning to tear apart and I was in heart failure with severe pulmonary hypertension. About three months after this thread began, I...
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    Should I choose a mechanical valve or a tissue valve?

    I joined this site ten years ago. I had already carefully researched my options. I inquired of my doctors. I weighed the facts, not relying on anonymous people for opinions, because only I knew what I thought I could live with. In fact, I have always been puzzled about the debates that...
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    good films

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    Which one of your 4 valves has been replaced or will be replaced?

    Greetings :) Nice thread Mary :) Ten years ago my native bicuspid aortic valve needed replaced and it looked like my mitral valve would need work or replacement also. Happily, my surgeon did a TEE after replacing the aortic valve and while I was still under, and my mitral valve was then...
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    Surgery in 12 hours

    Glad you're doing so well; best wishes :)
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    Valve Choice- Decisions, Decisions

    Welcome to the site. You're asking good questions. Find the best surgeons and ask all of them the same questions. Some here have had success even emailing their questions to surgeons. That may narrow down your consultations. Don't be afraid to consult with more than one highly recommended...
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    Five Year Anniversary of My Emergency Mitral Valve Repair 12/12/07--12/12/12

    Glad to read how well you're doing! Best wishes :)
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    Decisions! New to the site

    I appreciate your frustration. To answer your question: Have you asked your surgeon how common it is to have an aneurysm repaired without the valve being replaced, and what his/her success rate is with that procedure, and how long would he/she guess your valve could continue without needing...
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    Here we go one more time

    Best Wishes :)