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  1. Bigred

    27 years!

    Okay, that was a lie. It's actually 27 years and a day! I forgot to post yesterday 10/25. So it's been 27 years since having a St Jude valve replace my congenital AVS. I've been doing well for the most part. And still in the watch and wait phase for my Ascending Aortic Aneurysm (but it seems...
  2. Bigred

    Life Expectancy after Valve Replacement

    Nocturne, I had AVR surgery back in 1989 at the age of 15. This October will be 27 years for me with a St. Jude mechanical valve. I will eventually have to get this replaced since I have an ascending aortic aneurysm that I'm in the watch and wait phase of. I would like to think that you may...
  3. Bigred

    Cross sectional area and prior open heart surgery

    AzDon, Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure if I would be told to wait on surgery or not. The only thing I have to go on at the moment is that when I had met with Dr. Cameron at Johns Hopkins a few years ago and the recommendation was still 5.0 cm for surgery he stated that he would want to...
  4. Bigred

    Aneurysm surgery vs life insurance

    Does anyone else find it interesting that we're all told we have to wait for the magic number of 5.5cm to have surgery for an ascending aneurysm but aren't eligible for life insurance in the meantime? Actuarial Sciences derive the formulas to determine risk in these instances.With the...
  5. Bigred

    Cross sectional area and prior open heart surgery

    Hey guys, I haven't been on the board in quite some time. Here's a lititle background. Born with congenital bav, had aortic valve replaced with St. Jude mechanical valve back in Oct. '89. As of 2 years ago, ascending aortic aneurysm measuring 4.8cm. I'm due for another ct scan but had a...
  6. Bigred

    V Tach questions

    I had my aortic valve replaced w/St Jude valve 21 yrs ago. Watching and waiting on ascending aortic aneurysm. I just had a stress echo done and it showed that I had multiple pvc's ( nothing to worry about necessarily) and a v tach of 6 beats when my heart was at the 85% range during the test...
  7. Bigred

    Protime vs Coaguchek Xs

    I see that most of you use the coaguchek xs and prefer it over protime. Can I ask why? I'm looking into getting a home monitor and am trying to decide which one to get. On ITC's site, they have a comparison of the two and aside from having to refrigerate the strips it seems more convenient than...
  8. Bigred

    Mechanical Noise

    as others have said, you should tell them the truth behind the noise. but if it's someone that's just nosey, tell them: you swallowed the dial of a timex on a dare as a kid and you wish those commercials "takes a lickin' keeps on tickin' " were wrong cuz the damn thing won't stop!
  9. Bigred

    How long have you had your aneurysm?

    For the members that have aneurysms and are watching and waiting, how long has it been since you've been diagnosed? For those that have had the surgery, how long was it from being diagnosed to getting surgery? And if you could include if you are on or were on beta blockers. trying to get a...
  10. Bigred

    20 years

    thanks to everyone for all the nice words. hope everyone is doing well.
  11. Bigred

    20 years

    Had my aortic valve replaced with a St Jude valve 20 years ago 10/25/89 at Deborah Heart & Lung. as Timex used to say, takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Now if only the Yanks could wrap up the series today....
  12. Bigred

    Got approval for Cleveland Clinic

    This is great news. Your son will be in very good hands at CC. Hopefully you can breathe a little easier for the next few weeks.
  13. Bigred

    Should I keep consultation w/surgeon?

    Equusz, Yes, I kept my appt. w/Dr. Cameron. Glad I did. He was better at explaining the aneurysm to my wife. Its been confirmed now by him at being 4.5cm like I thought. Honestly, I forgot to mention the chest pain to him but I plan to follow up with email since there were a few things I forgot...
  14. Bigred

    Should I keep consultation w/surgeon?

    Well, after speaking with cbdheartman last night and reading these posts I am going ahead with the consult on the 15th. A lot of good points were made here and thanks to everyone for your insight. And honestly I'm not comfortable with waiting 2 yrs to follow this thing. I can understand...
  15. Bigred

    Should I keep consultation w/surgeon?

    Wouldn't mind getting some board mbr's opinions on this one: I had my follow up visit today with my cardiologist since having an echo and ct scan done in August. As I said before, the ct scan says it's a 4.5 cm aneurysm but has been noted in the past at 4.7 and 4.9. Either way there is...
  16. Bigred

    Sprint Triathlon Success!

    sprints are half the distance of olympic triathlons. 750m swimming,20km bike and 5km run. I'm looking forward to doing a duathlon and working my way up eventually to a triathlon since my swimming skills are lacking. BTW..... Congrats on your achievement Spooly!
  17. Bigred

    Triathlons With Aneurysms?

    Sounds very reasonable actually. His doctor told him to keep his heart rate below 120. Swimming, biking, and running are all endurance type activities and are very good for the heart. And at his age (50) he's keeping his load below 70% (120). Google cardiological sports medicine or sports...
  18. Bigred

    plain ct vs. cardiac gated ct

    Never knew there was a cardiac gated ct. Found a video that indicates the aorta changes in size from 3 to 4 mm depending on whether the heart is in systole or diastole. I knew there was some change in size but never heard anyone use an actual range before. Unless you are getting a cardiac gated...
  19. Bigred

    weight lifting

    It seems that cardiologists/surgeons all have different points of view on weightlifting. Some feel the the increase in blood pressure through the aorta (Johns Hopkins genetics lab states there is a 3x increase according to a recent patient and member) while lifting is too much. Some dr's will...
  20. Bigred

    Aaron Boone: Surprised

    A couple of things to consider here. Boone is 36/37, he only has a few playing yrs left, it's not like he's 21 and beginning his career and is facing 20 yrs possible issues w/playing. And baseball is more focused on conditioning so this aspect would only seem beneficial to someone that underwent...