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  1. bigsidster

    Valve Replacement Changed My Life (116lbs Weight Loss after surgery on 6/12/10)

    excellent job---what diet plan did you use?
  2. bigsidster

    Vein Harvest area

    THAT my friend is nasty.If it were me the whole hospital and my personal doctor would hear about it.Mine was like a little scratch and a little higher on the leg.Yours looks to be infected or clotting.
  3. bigsidster

    Valve Cards

    I had a ST JUDES valve installed and had a tempoary card when I left the hospital.The permanent card came weeks later in the mail.
  4. bigsidster

    Inability to Yawn

    If you are having trouble producing a YAWN ,let me introduce you to my wife!!!!!!!
  5. bigsidster


    I have a St judes valve also and i can hear it sometimes quite load and other times not at all.If you hear it it means you are alive,be happy,dont worry.
  6. bigsidster

    One year down, many more to go!

    Good for you BOB.My one year date was November 22 --2011 that just past.
  7. bigsidster


    I progressed from feeling tired in june 2010 to not being able to walk across the room without shortness of breath and angina by November 2010.Surgery performed November 22-2010.
  8. bigsidster

    I'm baaacck, w/open heart surgery "reasons"

    Good to hear you are doing good.4 surgeries scares me.
  9. bigsidster


    It says in this article that INR levels tend to rise with diarrhea.-----
  10. bigsidster

    pay no attention to my man boobs

    Great job on losing weight bradvo---i was not as lucky----went from 220 down to 206 at surgery and climbed back to 225 all by myself.
  11. bigsidster

    I'm finally in the club!

  12. bigsidster

    AVR Surgery Nov. 21st

    Good luck jj
  13. bigsidster

    Best way to purchase INRatio2 on my own dime?

    Home monitor Home monitor Here in Ontario, you can get the Coaguchek XS through your doc and a pharmacy. It would be shipped from Roche in Montreal to whichever pharmacy in your area that will provide the equipment and training. First step is get a prescription for it. Mine was $500.
  14. bigsidster

    INR and injections

    I tested 5.4 on returning from vacation.Doc had me stop coumadin for 2 days and I resumed at 5.5mg and tested 1.4 .Doc then had me change dose to 4 mg for 2 days and tested 1.5 yesterday.I argued with doc and thought my dose should be 5.5mg but gave in and only took the 4mg.I eat a lot of greens...
  15. bigsidster

    INR and injections

    Hello all Have not been around for a while.Was on vacation and my INR went from 2.4 to 5.4 and my doctor is freaking out.The increase is due to not eating greens and salads while on vacation in Europe.Doctor had me stop coumadin for 2 days and then i could not get a hold of doctor so I resumed...
  16. bigsidster

    5 weeks post op and now I have bronchitis!

    Had the same thing after 5 weeks post op.Diagnosed as walking pnemonia.Given 10 days of antibiotics and was cleared up after about 6 days.Took all the antibiotics and feel fine.
  17. bigsidster

    Interesting article for those taking an ACE inhibitor.

    I now take mine at night with a piece of cheese.
  18. bigsidster

    it is on Wednesday 3/30/11

    Good luck young mom.We are pulling for you.
  19. bigsidster

    Sore neck/back and sleeping problems .... how long???

    I agree with most people here that the 6th and 7th week seem to be the time frame where you will notice big improvements daily with sleeping and pain relief.I still take 2 extra strength tylenol every morning for stiffness and pain relief at 4 months post op.
  20. bigsidster

    Logged out of work for the last time Pre-surgery

    Hang in there tough guy.You will do great.