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  1. joy

    lots going on recently.....

    Yeah I was part cow before....haven't heart my valve tick yet. I am feeling surprisingly well for someone who is a week and a half out from my second
  2. joy

    lots going on recently.....

    Wow, so I havent been onsite for a while, but quite a few of you know from my facebook page that on february 27th, my cardiologist told me it was time for surgery again.... well about a month later, on april 1st, I had my valve replaced with a shiny new.....mechanical valve. I had Dr. Verrier...
  3. joy

    long term members

    I'm still here, but back in washington state. It's been a while, and it is hard to come back and see that some of the members that helped me alot , that I considered friends are no longer with us. I lead an extremely busy life, I'm in college, my husband is in Greece, getting ready to retire...
  4. joy

    Mindy Niles -- "ticktock"

    Nooo, I finally logged on, only to hear of two people that helped me through my first open heart surgery have passed. R.I.P Mindy, you were an amazing friend to me!
  5. joy


    Has anyone heard from Ross? It's been a long time since we heard from him!
  6. joy


    It has been since the middle of last year since I have seen a cardiologist, but my mitral valve is bovine, and aortic is mine, and they are both supposed to be leaking. In he las 3 years I have had terrible care because I went to hawaii, and had to go to tripler. The studis here took maybe 20...
  7. joy


    Just wanted to know....what are the symptoms of needing something done to my heart....I am winded by sitting down, feel heavy chest, light headed(often), get AFIB all the time, and I am tired alot. Now, it wasn't this way a couple of months ago, this stuff has hit me suddenly, like in the last...
  8. joy

    Hppy 34th Birthday JOY

    That was cute, thank you so much, Greg! For all of us heart patients, every birthday is huge, so thank you for the birthday wish and the video:)
  9. joy

    Aloha from Hawii

    wait, who is in Hawaii? Where?
  10. joy


    awe, thank you! Hard to believe that ten years ago, I had no idea that I had heart disease, and, and in that year, I found this site, and had my first open heart surgery......Everyone on this site has been amazing, and has answered my questions......Heres to another 33++ years!
  11. joy

    Life Expectancy

    Hi Alex, Welcome to our site! I had my mitral valve replaced when I was 23. I have Rhuematic Heart Disease. I got a Bovine valve because I had hopes that there would be advancements. There have been some good advancements, to tell the truth. I guess there are a couple of new mechanical...
  12. joy

    High school classmate refuses to undergo valve replacement . . . dies as a result

    I agree.....There should be a counselor involved both before and after a surgery like that. It is hard to fend off depression, so many people ask "why me?"
  13. joy

    High school classmate refuses to undergo valve replacement . . . dies as a result

    It might have been the fact that she could have died on the table as well. My grandmother just died from Aortic Valve Replacement. We won't get into the reasons, but I did very well on my Mitral Valve replacement. Hopefully when I have to have two valves replaced, I will do well also. I have...
  14. joy

    Angry and sad here tonight

    I would like to thank all of you who sent your thoughts and prayers for me and my family. That is one of the reasons I love this site. People here can vent their frustrations without being criticized. There are a couple of people here who I felt were telling me I was wrong about my anger...
  15. joy

    Angry and sad here tonight

    I have proof.....he trained a lot of the surgeons in St. Mary's.
  16. joy

    Angry and sad here tonight

    My grandmother passed away at like 4AM yesterday. I hate the Mayo Clinic. It isn't just the care(or lack there of) that they gave her, they neglected me and that is the reason I have rhd. I will never go there again. I was told by my family that my grandmother's doctor's changed hourly, they...
  17. joy

    Angry and sad here tonight

    I know all about super bugs, I had psuedomonas pneumonia when I was in a coma for 10 days. It took them all of a couple of hours to figure out about the psuedomonas, though, and immediately got me on IV antibiotics. Without the dedication of my docs working hard to find out what was going on...
  18. joy

    Angry and sad here tonight

    The docs are running on their own time. They are going to do "Comfort Care" whatever that is, and they were supposed to be there like 3 hours ago to meet with my family, but they aren't there yet. Jerks!
  19. joy

    Angry and sad here tonight

    Hey guys, I know, it's been a while, but yes, I have a heart related issue. Not mine, but...My grandmother had her aortic valve replaced in early october. She was let out of the hospital, but.....two days later, she had to go back.....The hospital had been trying for 2 months to figure out...
  20. joy


    I just found out yesterday that a friend of mine's wife passed away very suddenly yesterday morning from a heart attack. She had no idea she had anything wrong with her heart. I've known this guy since I was 5, we were in the same kindergarten class together. I can't imagine what he is...