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    Continuing bigeminal PVCs/PACs

    Sounds like you're experiencing either premature atrial contractions (PAC) or premature ventricular contractions (PVC). With PAC's, which I get occasionally and can last a week or two and then disappear, there is an extra early half beat followed by a slight delay then a heavy beat which feels...
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    5 months post-surgery -- thumping heart beat

    I am over 2 1/2 yrs post AVR and aneurism repair with a Dacron graft and still experience the thumpiness you describe, but it has gotten better with time. My cardiologist's theory is that it is likely caused by scarring to the pericardium and the stiffness of the aorta graft, which combine to...
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    I have been on metoprolol succinate for years. Before my surgery I took 25 mg daily for BP. After AVR, I had afib which resolved, but then had bouts of PVC's and PAC's which too resolved. After surgery, I was upped to 50 mg's 2x/day and did fine (over 2 yrs) until about 2 months ago when my...
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    Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

    I had PVC's, but more frequent PAC's for about 6 months after my surgery (AVR with a Resilia tissue valve and aneurysm repair) in April 2021, but they sort of disappeared overnight. I typically would have 2 PAC's per minute and they felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest! I...
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    BEST NEWS OF MY LIFE :))))))

    In part true; however, in the case of a bicuspid aortic valve that is being replaced surgically, if the ascending aorta is 4.5 cm or greater, then repair with, typically, a Dacron graft is indicated. There is a relationship between bicuspid aortopathy and ascending aorta aneurysm that is...
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    Metprolol tartrate side effects

    I took 25 mg/day of Metoprolol before AVR for BP. Post AVR, I take 100 mg, 50 mg morning and 50 mg eve and tolerate it well. I play squash and get my HR regularly in the 150's. I'm 65 yrs old. My I watch occasionally records a resting HR below 50, but I never have shortness of breath or...
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    Post Op AFib, Body Guardian Mini Plus Event Monitor and Metoprolol

    I am 64 and 1 1/2 yrs post avr with Resilia. I had persistent afib in the hospital which resolved completely but I did develop premature atrial contractions (like a extra half beat, usually 2 or so per minute that felt like my heart wanted to jump out of my chest). Wore a 48 hour monitor which...
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    Low hr/bradycardia months/years following surgery

    Yep, beta blockers will due that. One of their primary functions is to blunt the effect of adrenaline on the heart. I'm on 100 mg metoprolol daily (afib after surgery and premature atrial contraction s for months, all resolved) and my resting heart rate is consistently in the 50's, but no...
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    Mechanical Valve Noise and Quality of Life Study

    It's also worth mentioning that biologic valves often aren't "silent" for the recipient. I had Edwards Resilia valve implanted about 18 months ago. When sleeping on either side, I hear a pronounced "lub-dub", especially the "dub" part when the valve closes. Granted, no one around me can hear...
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    day 14 after surgery

    I wasn't doing much at day 14. I was in the hospital after surgery for 10 days because of A fib. It took a lot of effort for several weeks just to walk up a flight of stairs and I can remember being out of breath after taking a shower. I went through bouts of a wonky heart beat (PAC's) etc...
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    65 yo BAV guy here

    My history was similar to yours, but I had yearly echos for about 15 years before my surgery, which I had at age 63. The echo is the diagnostic tool of choice because it can measure the gradient, regurgitation, etc. When it came time for surgery, I felt fine, but my gradients, which...
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    Hello. And help me in planning for bicuspid aortic valve replacement

    I had aortic valve replacement surgery at CC in April, 2021 performed Dr. Aaron Weiss with Dr. Eric Roselli assisting, I highly recommend either. I was worked up at the University of Michigan, but chose CC for the surgery, which was only a 3 hour drive. If you choose a CC surgeon, the doc's...
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    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    Unicusp has it right. I was at 4.5 for several years, but with a steadily deteriorating bicuspid valve. I had no restrictions, I continued to play squash and was relatively active but for the COVID lockdown thru 2020. About a year ago, I had my valve replaced along with a dacron ascending...
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    Eliquis instead of Coumadin

    Eliquis is currently in trial for use with the On X mechanical valve. PROACT Xa - A Trial to Determine if Participants With an On-X Aortic Valve Can be Maintained Safely on Apixaban - Full Text View -
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    Born-Again Valver

    I am 63 and had AVR in April '21 at Cleveland Clinic. Went through the same thought process you are going through. Went with the Inspiris with the hope that the Edwards' treatment to the leaflets will indeed slow the deterioration (hope to get 15-20 yrs) and the ring allows for expansion which...
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    Mechanical vs Tissue - need help deciding

    Thos - I'm 63 and underwent SAVR in April 2021 at Cleveland Clinic. I opted for the Resilia based, in large part, on its design feature which allows for the ring to expand facilitating a TAVR. I was also impressed with Edwards proprietary process to treat the leaflets which, it is hoped, will...
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    Tissue Valve

    The Edwards Inspiris valve is designed to expand to accommodate a future TAVR. One of the reasons why, at 63, I went with the Inspiris. The other was the treatment to the tissue designed (and hoped) to slow calcification. According to Edwards: "...
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    I had a similar experience. I'm 63 and had AVR 4-13-21 (25 mm Edwards Inspiris); persistent a-fib in the hospital, two failed cardioversions but I spontaneously corrected and was discharged day 9. All fairly normal for four months, then out of the blue I had a bout of a racing heart beat (135...
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    Tissue Valve Turns 14

    I too have PVC's, very annoying. I don't have any symptoms, but when it happens, 4-6 x's/minute, feels like my heart wants to jump out of my chest. I'm 7 months post AVR and aorta graft. How is yours managed? Do you continue to have PVC's even with meds? I'm not taking anything...
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    Variable/pounding heart rate following AVR/Aorta graft

    Thx all. I have always been active, I've played squash for 25 yrs, an extremely demanding cardio sport where your heart rate can reach 190-200 bpm. And I look forward to getting back to that. My diet has always been decent and at 63, I weigh the same I did in high school. I can handle my job...