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  1. surfsparky

    Could Meniere's Disease Be Another BAVD Symptom? (Vertigo, Tinnitus, Hearing Loss)

    I have found this thread interesting too...I have BAV and also have Meniere's Disease. Hmmm....
  2. surfsparky

    Ross Procedure still an option for me ...

    You are in brilliant hands with Peter Skillington....he performed the Ross procedure on my husband, Chris 7 years ago. Just one question, what is the size of your aortic root? Has that been measured? Depending on the size it might be worthwhile considering reinforcing the root as there are...
  3. surfsparky

    Please help me

    My aortic root was 4.0cm before surgery and they didn't even bother 'fixing' it as it was considered normal for my size and build. It's now 4.4cm and I get annual check ups. You have seen all of the it's time to trust their advice. When I got anxious pre-surgery, my wife...
  4. surfsparky

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Surfsparky

    Thanks all! It was a great day- surfed some waves and spent the afternoon with my family. And yep, plenty of cake!
  5. surfsparky

    Please help me

    Hi, Welcome to the site. My hubby is now 37 years old and had the Ross Procedure for his bicuspid aortic valve 7 years ago. He now has an enlarged aortic root (4.5) which they are monitoring annually. It was diagnosed 4.5cm 3 years ago and hasn't changed. The only time we worry is when it is...
  6. surfsparky

    Advice from Australians (Canberrans in Particular)

    Just wanted to say welcome to Aust! I'm from Melbourne so can't help you with a GP reference, but hope you find one like your NZ one...they are worth their weight in gold!
  7. surfsparky

    Sitting in the hospital bored after a busy day.

    Hope you are back on track soon Bryan. By the way, I don't understand the US medical it is for free...except that there is waiting lists for non emergency tests, but it your case all the tests would be conducted at the time of your hospital stay. It's hard enough to have the...
  8. surfsparky

    Sitting in the hospital bored after a busy day.

    Hope all gets better for you soon Bryan...
  9. surfsparky

    Reinforced Aorta

    Hi Bean Counter, I echo Bob's thoughts. What he has mentioned is exactly what we are going through. Valve replacement (Ross procedure) done 7 years ago and now Chris' aortic root has been slowly dilating causing us concern. There have been a number of posts on here and on the rossprocedure...
  10. surfsparky

    Good Cardiology place in victoria australia

    Hi Shane, I see Dr. Stephen Sylvris. His cardiology rooms are in Berwick and Dandenong. He's brilliant. If interested, let me know and I'll send you his details. Cheers, Chris
  11. surfsparky

    Ross I going the Right Way?

    Hi Valerie, My hubby had the ross procedure at the age of 32 and he is really happy with his choice. They are many options for AVR out there and in the end you need to research them all and make the best decision that seems right for you. (Or you can let your surgeon decide!) Feel free to...
  12. surfsparky

    How long have you had your aneurysm?

    Mine has grown slowly since surgery 6 1/2 years ago. Latest echo shows 4.4 cm. I've been on beta blockers since surgery.
  13. surfsparky

    Attention Ross Procedure Patients

    Hi Bryan, Yes, my aortic root has been slowly increasing for the last few years. Pre-surgery it was considered mildly dilated at 3.8cm (wishing they dacron sleeved it back then -gotta love hindsight!) and now it is 4.4cm. Ascending aorta is 3.7cm and only trivial aortic regurgitation. I've...
  14. surfsparky

    Attention Ross Procedure Patients

    I'm sorry to hear this too Bryan. I too, am a fellow rosser and have a 4.4cm aortic root aneursym. Looks like there's a few of us in the 10% group! All the best, Chris
  15. surfsparky

    New member

    Hi Mary, Welcome! It's great that you are only now having to look at having surgery for your BAV. My hubby found out about his BAV at age 27. He was told nothing would have to be done until his 50's. At the age of 31 (thru an accidental test for something else) we found out he needed a a...
  16. surfsparky

    5 Year "Rossiverary"

    Snap! Snap! Hey Bryan (& any others reading this), Just noticed your post...glad you 'torpedoed' it up! When I read your first post of the results of your cardio visit, it was like a replica of what my husband Chris, has just gone thru. He had his 6th Rossiversary on May 13th and we saw...
  17. surfsparky

    Bicuspid Valve and Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

    Hi and welcome to the! My hsuband Chris had the Ross procedure at age 31. Prior to surgery he was asymptomatic and we too were in shock when we found out he need OHS. But that's 6 years ago now and he's now living life to the fullest...owns a company, surfs, mountain bikes and a...
  18. surfsparky

    Do you ever stop worrying?

    Hi Corrine, The worrying part does get better and eases with time. Having said that, my husband is 6 years post op and I am always mindful of his heart. It doesn't consume me, but it does make me value how blessed I am to have him. Of course, there are times when the worrying...
  19. surfsparky

    Sending prayers to our Melbourne members

    Hi all, The fires are still going but are being contained at the present. Some towns are on alert but not under any direct threat. There is concern though with the weather heating up again next week. Today, more bodies were found where fires had been...the death toll continues to rise. I am...
  20. surfsparky

    Aneurysm growing...

    I've arrived late to this's amazing what happens when you're offline for a week! any updates on the results of the MRI? Thinking and praying for you, Yolanda