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  1. K

    Surgery Tomorrow

    I agree totally with your thoughts on the sort of attitude it is best to have after one’s surgery. It has been two years since I had my valve replacement and the first several months were quite positive. However, due to the fact that I have had panhypopituitarism for over twenty years, I...
  2. K

    Gotta Do the PRE- Colonoscopy do you get any Vitamin K anyways?

    Coffee lover: It’s been about six months since my TAVR procedure and I am scheduled to get a colonoscopy sometime soon - just waiting for a checkup prior to. I haven’t had a colonoscopy since thirty years ago and it was fine so I ultimately forgot about getting another but decided that was...
  3. K

    Staying the Course -- Autumn At Last!

    Looks like a terrific dog Skeptic! I found out as you did that a bit smaller dog was about all I can handle at this point. My pup is a Corgi mix and is the best dog I’ve ever had. However I think I have been put to a test now because I currently live my daughter Anne and family which includes...
  4. K

    Extreme Anxiety, Minimally Invasive, Ross Procedure, and Life Expectancy

    Just got a chance to see your photos and they are so terrific! I have a step-son who lives near Denver but I‘be never been able to go out to see him or the beautiful state of Colorado but I sure hope to see it soon! Thanks very much for sharing your photos!
  5. K

    Covid Vaccines

    Thanks for sharing the info re pellicle. I find it so interesting how folks come up with certain names for forum use.
  6. K

    12 year Bovine valve anniversary

    My situation is kind of like yours in that I wasn’t really aware that my aortic valve was not in good shape. My healthcare was mostly focused on my panhypopituitarism which was finally diagnosed in January 2000. I had a myriad of strange symptoms starting in 1990 and went all over the place...
  7. K

    Covid Vaccines

    It’s indeed a very good movie. Where do you reside and I like the word pellicle even though I don’t know it’s meaning - but I’m probably not supposed to know the meaning!
  8. K

    16 years with my bovine valve

    I am very happy for you! I hope you have lots of wonderful health for a long time! I
  9. K

    Mitral Valve Replacement in Austin, Texas!!! Your comments/experience please!

    If I am not being too nosy, how did you come to realize that you would need a second surgery? I only ask because I had a sort of event occur after my AVR - when I went for my post-op appt. the surgeon said he found that my valve was allowing too much blood to regurgitate and he would need to do...
  10. K

    The Strep Throat concern

    Gee Sheena you are very lucky to have an internist who definitely is focused on keeping you strep-free. I have never been told to keep an eye out for strep symptoms since I had my aortic valve replaced. I take it that the main symptoms to watch for are sore throat and red throat.
  11. K

    Cataract Surgery coming soon

    I am so sorry that you’re blind in one eye! However, I am pretty sure that you will not regret having cataract surgery - I had that done four years ago and the best thing about it is that I came out of it with 20/20 vision. After being severely myopic since college I suddenly can see...
  12. K

    Irregular Heartbeat

    Bzam: I forgot to mention in my earlier reply that my late husband was a Navy pilot - he totally loved his job.
  13. K

    Irregular Heartbeat

    So interesting that you had your TAVR procedure exactly one day after I had mine! I feel so fortunate that I haven’t any history of palpitations or heartbeat irregularities and I hope that your erascible beat situation will ultimately evaporate. My new valve did not initially open properly and...
  14. K

    12 year Bovine valve anniversary

    Thanks for sharing your family’s data - I was quite astonished that this particular cardiac situation can be so prevalent in any given family. My own family has kind of a history of heart disease on my maternal side. I was told probably twenty years ago that I had a heart murmur but since no...
  15. K

    Hard to trust many doctors

    Welcome to this forum! I had the TAVR about three months ago and so far so good. I elected to get the TAVR even though I really had no symptoms to speak of but my tests results were very concerning to the doctor. Since I am 79 I felt I should go ahead with the TAVR procedure. Best of luck to...
  16. K

    Let's set some goals! A throwdown!

    Your goals are excellent and realistic and I hope that your operation is all you hoped for. I completely identify with your first two bullet points. However, I am way too over the hill to attempt your third point but I’m feeling quite lucky to now be living with my daughter. She and my...
  17. K

    Aortic valve replacement problem

    I had the TAVR procedure to correct my aortic valve so I realize I was fortunate in not needing to get an incision. Actually there was little in the way was of discomfort and I was only in the hospital for one day. The discomfort came a few weeks later when the surgeon told me that my valve...
  18. K

    Aortic valve replacement problem

    Golly Pellicle in no way was I trying to chide you regarding your input on my valve situation! I very much appreciate your thoughts and I took no offense whatsoever re anything that you shared. In all honesty, my approach to life is essentially the same as yours and is more observable when I...
  19. K

    Aortic valve replacement problem

    Thanks very much! I’m doing the best I can to not worry about things over which I have no control. There was a time when I completely trusted whatever I was told regarding my health status but after the big error that occurred during my back surgery in 2016 I realized that some folks in the...