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  1. Duff Man

    BAV Related Aneurysms and TGF Beta

    Hey all, It's been years since I've posted or really paid much attention to my aneurysm. To my delight, I'm still kicking it in the waiting room so I figured I would probe for updates. Does anyone know if they've figured out yet if Losartan will help with a BAV-related aneurysm, the way it does...
  2. Duff Man

    **WARNING LETTER** from Alere

    I just received the same letter today, and I don't think one year of credit monitoring is even CLOSE to enough. They should feel lucky that someone hasn't already started a class action lawsuit. I just want you all to know that the information on that laptop's hard drive never goes away unless...
  3. Duff Man

    Coumadin and " romance"

    I've never heard of a lack of erectile function, but I've heard of priapism associated with anticoagulants. Just google "warfarin priapism".
  4. Duff Man

    Scared Scared Scared

    Sorry to hear about your daughter. I'd be very scared too; but the good news is the fixes are usually durable. I've been walking around with an aneurysm since my teens and i'm nearing 30 now, to answer your question. I haven't had the surgery yet. The best advice I could give you is to try...
  5. Duff Man

    John Edwards heart surgery?

    I was thinking maybe an ablation or maybe even a valve replacement and/or maze procedure. Not sure if an ablation would warrant putting off a prosection again though. So funny, I was anxious to find a thread on it here at
  6. Duff Man

    Vitamin K2 doseage?

    Just my two cents, but I kind of feel like taking warfarin and vitamin k at the same time is analogous to taking acetaminophen for pain prevention and then intentionally smashing your hand with a hammer
  7. Duff Man

    Finally got my machine!

    My only regret with home testing is that I didn't get a kit sooner. Welcome to the club! :D
  8. Duff Man

    AVR and stroke - advice request

    While I don't know the whole situation, I was thinking that it's not out of the realm of possibility to just be an emboli in a blood vessel of the eye, Steve. Have you seen an eye doc? Perhaps a neuro-ophthalmologist?
  9. Duff Man

    Problems with lisinoprol

    Jason, my reply earlier was rather terse, but the reason I ask is because you're a young guy and hypertension for a young guy is pretty rare. Please do make sure that your blood pressure is taken accurately. Use the instructions on this page from the University of Michigan to take your own blood...
  10. Duff Man

    Problems with lisinoprol

    Why are you even on it?
  11. Duff Man

    Experiences with Calcium Channel Blockers for Hypertension?

    i tried them... most notable side effects for me were constipation and heart burn.
  12. Duff Man

    BAV, Dilated Aorta, Myopia and Rosacea

    by the way, have you found a way to fix the blurriness yet? Did it cause an astigmatism or just myopathy? I have asymmetrical astigmatism with corneal thinning and ulceration. I'm hoping that stem cell therapy in the pipeline might be mainstream by the time I'm legally blind.
  13. Duff Man

    BAV, Dilated Aorta, Myopia and Rosacea

    I have all of the above. Just recently discovered that Rosacea was attacking my eyes. Everything is blurry now, especially at night. Glasses don't help. I'm about a decade younger though. I feel like there is definitely correlation, but I'm not sure about causation.
  14. Duff Man

    How do you know?

    I can't answer your question, but I am curious: does the afib hurt? Like especially when it starts or stops?
  15. Duff Man

    Coreg CR, better than Coreg or not???

    if logic serves me properly, the controlled release version shouldn't be as heavy hitting at the 2 hour mark, if only because it releases slower. That is, if the milligrams remain the same. Of course, this doesn't mean it's necessarily better for you.. sounds like your doc is listening to you...
  16. Duff Man


    I don't know what it's like to be post op, but I feel your pain on the lack of empathy from the entire healthy world.
  17. Duff Man

    New here! Heart surgery soon for stepson and question on CoQ10

    I won't take it because I'm not comfortable with the potential adverse outcome of sudden death from a clot that could form when my INR becomes too low. CoQ10 is said to be structurally similar to Vitamin K. While the levels of CoQ10 might be low in a person with heart disease, it's important to...
  18. Duff Man

    Is this true? - Jake Logue cause of death Bicuspid Aortic Valve??

    I hate the bicuspid aortic valve with all my bicuspid heart.
  19. Duff Man

    The real deal with 'blood thinners' please

    I think everything Dick said is pretty much right on. I don't have a prosthetic valve yet, but I did have a pulmonary embolism and genetic clotting disorders which now requires me to have ACT for (probably) life. Home testing is a godsend and it's actually proven to reduce some of the risks of...
  20. Duff Man

    Dr. prescription for INR Machine.. Now What??

    most likely you'll need to go through some DME provider like Alere or Philips, or maybe a place locally. I'd do a google for "durable medical equipment, mycity, mystate". When you contact whichever company you decide on, they'll give you the necessary forms to have your doctor fill out. A script...