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  1. Danny

    1 Year - Today !!!

    Congrats!!! My aniversary is next month and i feel great! I havent been on much lately and i feel guilty, but im here and your here, and we have this site and God to be thankful for.
  2. Danny

    Just checking in.

    Well i went in for my check up 2 weeks ago. Cardiologist said echo looked great. Surgery was in October, and i feel great. Thanks for all the support from all you wonderful people! This site is a God send.
  3. Danny

    Just a quick update.

    Hello gang, well 6 months has come and i feel great! Unless i look at my scar, i wouldnt know i ever had open heart surgery! I hope everyone is doing good and ready for the summer!
  4. Danny

    Just saying hello to everyone!

    Thanks Bina, good to see you!
  5. Danny

    Just saying hello to everyone!

    Hi, havent been here in a while, but I have no excuse. Just wanted to say ive been feeling really good since surgery in Oct. I do need to come around more often. You guys were the reason i was able to get through the whole ordeal. Thanks again. Danny
  6. Danny

    Can repaired aneurysm go?

    Sorry to hear about your friend Marsha.. Ill add her to my prayers.
  7. Danny

    Heart fusing to the sturnum?

    Thanks Nancy. I appreciate your response.
  8. Danny

    Heart fusing to the sturnum?

    No i was told it sticks to your sturnum. Just wondering how true it is.
  9. Danny

    Heart fusing to the sturnum?

    I dont know if this is true, but someone told me after you have open heart surgery, your heart fuses to your breast bone. Is this true?
  10. Danny

    Now 2 Days & Counting...

    Good luck... Youll do fine.
  11. Danny

    6 months post op feeling good!

    Sounds like your doing great... i hope at my 6 month mark, im still doing great.
  12. Danny

    5th day post op. number of that truck?

    I still have tinnitus, the light show in my eyes went away..but still have some vision issues. Glad to hear your doing good.
  13. Danny

    Happy Birthday David!

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and have a great one!
  14. Danny

    Surgery scheduled for Jan 21...and thanks

    Pat, wishing you all the best! Many prayers coming your way.
  15. Danny

    It's has been 6 months already!

    Congrats Jessie, and what a day to have the anniversary, on my birthday! I hope it gets better and better for you!
  16. Danny

    Just curious?

    Ive sent messages also, but never got a response. I hope all is going well for them.
  17. Danny

    rlmknh surgery on Jan. 15

    Wonderful Robyn! Keep us posted, and get your rest.
  18. Danny

    "Avatar" movie warning

    I guess i wont be seeing that
  19. Danny

    I should write a book on how to have heart surgery

    Roderick, I also went to THI at St. Lukes.... cant say enough great things about the place, and the care i received there. My surgeon was Dr. J.Michael Duncan, I would recommend him and THI to anyone. Glad your doing well.
  20. Danny

    8 Week Check Up

    Kiwi, that is great news! Im glad to hear your doing so good.