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  1. Equusz

    New and looking for some clarity

    Some of us here are medical practitioners. :)
  2. Equusz

    New and looking for some clarity

    "4 and 5" were measurements of her aorta. She has a 4.0cm dilation and 5.0 is the usual number for surgery.
  3. Equusz

    New and looking for some clarity

    Hi there: I would do a lot of reading up on this forum and find out about the anatomy and physiology of the heart, aortic valve, and aorta. It's really not hard...a lot of people on this forum are more informed than some doctors. From what I've seen, there are a lot of great sources and...
  4. Equusz

    *sigh* can't get my husband's primary to take him seriously

    Samantha: I see you're in Vancouver. If you have $250 to spare, take him up to Swedish in Seattle. They do the EBT scan with no referral needed. Appointments are easy to get with almost no wait time. The EBT will get him a look at his coronary arteries for any plaque that might be causing the...
  5. Equusz

    "Watchful Waiting" Update

    Wow, twenty years! I wonder if mine will stay at 4.7 for that long. Somehow I doubt it. I have this nagging feeling that even though we know it hasn't moved for at least 3 years, somehow knowing about it will make it start expanding. I so hypersensitive now to every sensation in my chest. Kinda...
  6. Equusz

    "Watchful Waiting" Update

    I'd be a few hours away from the O.R., sure. But I'm cleared for offshore work by more than one doc...the risk is considered low enough, for now.
  7. Equusz

    "Watchful Waiting" Update

    Bill - thanks for the reply. Always glad to hear more success stories with the docs I've picked. Maryka - sorry to hear about your hip! I hope your replacement goes smoothly when it happens. Can I ask, how many years elapsed between the discover of your BAV and aneurysm and the heart failure in...
  8. Equusz

    New Technology for Aortic Dialation and Marfan

    I know this is an old thread, but I recently emailed the Exstent people about the application of this wrap in BAV patients with ascending aortic aneurysms. Here's their response: As EARS is entirely bespoke to each patient, it should be applicable to any form of aortic dilation including...
  9. Equusz

    "Watchful Waiting" Update

    Hiyas: Been awhile since I posted and thought I'd share the info I received in January. To recap: I had a EBT CT scan of my heart at Swedish Hospital in Sept '09. I do this every few years just to watch for heart disease and because they do walk-ins for $200. Good news: no plaque to speak of...
  10. Equusz

    New type of heart transplants.

    Oh, this isn't brand new, and it's been reported on by several major journals over the past couple years. Google "ghost heart" and you'll find more research on it. It's definitely going to work eventually, but we're still some years out. Stem cells are amazing and this will be the new future.
  11. Equusz

    How long have you had your aneurysm?

    I've heard good things about Dr. Liang - supposedly one of Stanford's best cardios. Dr. Miller's clinic is hooking me up with him for a full workup to find out exactly what my condition is and when/if they're likely to recommend surgery.
  12. Equusz

    How long have you had your aneurysm?

    Wow, Superman, that's pretty fast growth alright. Surgery definitely was warranted. I wonder when/if mine will start growing like that...
  13. Equusz

    How long have you had your aneurysm?

    Mainframe: Did Dr. Miller say you needed surgery? I haven't seen him yet, but have been corresponding with his nurse practitioner (who handles his intake) and he says Dr. Miller's not likely to recommend surgery now. But he'll know more after he sees my images and does some of his own. --Equusz
  14. Equusz

    How long have you had your aneurysm?

    Found out about it last month, but when they pulled my only other chest CT (2006) they found out it was the same size then. So, 4.5 cm for the last 3 years (or longer, who knows). The radiologists won't call it an aneurysm. 3 of them have insisted it's "ectatic" not "aneurysmal". I'm getting an...
  15. Equusz

    Chest Pain across my whole chest?

    If the pain changes when you move, it's likely musculo-skeletal. If it doesn't, then cardiac needs to be ruled out at the ER. Equusz
  16. Equusz

    Deano's MVR

    I've always found it interesting how in the UK regular doctors are called "doctor" but surgeons are called "mister". In any event, best wishes to Deano! --Equusz
  17. Equusz

    Any news?

    Best wishes for smooth sailing from here on out!
  18. Equusz

    Long way up the mountain

    Wow! I'm glad they kept shocking you until they got you out of it! Did they say why you went into v-fib? That's pretty rare! Hope there's no further bumps in your recovery! --Equusz
  19. Equusz

    How to avoid endocarditis?

    Hi: I recently contacted Dr. Kathryn Taubert, one of authors of the AHA's newest study on endocarditis risk and antibiotics. I wanted definitive info for one of my nursing exams because my older textbook wasn't reflecting the newest approach: Those people at highest risk include those with: ·...
  20. Equusz

    I'm "Only" 39, It's "Only" 4.5cm

    OK, that's what I did. Especially since I found out my cardiologist hadn't even set my appointment yet. Dr. Miller's NP is going to receive all my imaging and records, and set me up with a 4D "gated CT angiogram" which will image the aorta and show a perfect view of the valve. I've talked with...