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    Weight Gain 2.5 years after surgery . . .

    Dear Friends, I haven't been to the forum in a long time. It is hard to believe that it was almost three years ago that I started pestering folks here with my annoying questions. I have a question about weight gain. Obviously, right after surgery I lost weight and was too thin. Since...
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    Great Story About Surgeon and Patient Doing a Triathlon Togther
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    Question about BAV and Aneurysms

    As you may know, I was born with a BAV. Last year I had surgery to repair a 5 cm aortic root aneurysm. My valve was spared. I was wondering if anyone knows of studies showing what percentage of those with BAV connective tissue syndrome end up having aneurysms further up the aorta. I am...
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    It was interesting because the P.A. told me she didn't know of anyone with BAV who had had an aortic root aneurysm who had developed an aneurysm further up the aorta.
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    Lily, They are nasty tasting pills. Started on them last week. CBD
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    Lily, What is the aortic gradient?
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    So yesterday I was at Hopkins for a baseline CT-Scan of my whole aorta. The good news is that my aorta's measurements are all within the range of normal. I received a prescription for the blood pressure medication, Avapro, that is supposed to have a prophylactic effect by blocking receptors...
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    Back from Hopkins - to operate or not to operate, that is the question

    BarbJean, I think we conversed via messages. I would do it now. I speak as one who had a very public hemming and hawing on this board a year ago. I went ahead and had Dr. Cameron operate on me and I am so thankful I did. This isn't an easy decision and if Colin wants to talk to me I think...
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    Reinforced Aorta

    I'd have to agree with my friend Maryka about not wanting to do repeat surgeries if at all possible. I can tell you (and those I drove crazy here) that the psychic weight of knowing you have an aneurysm -- which you do, I think anything over 4.0 cm is consider an aneurysm -- is really weighty...
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    Reinforced Aorta

    Wow. This is a tough situation. I don't know how anyone can say that your aortic dilation isn't a sign of BAV connective tissue disorder. That is, the fact that your aorta is dilated would suggest to this layman that you have a connective tissue disorder and that at some point (barring the...
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    Bob Uecker to Undergo Heart Valve Surgery

    Bob Uecker Is Joining Our Club Bob Uecker Is Joining Our Club God be with you Bob:
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    To Go On an Angoitensin Receptor Blocker or Not

    Thanks. Yes, I get the sense that the recommendation is two-fold -- one to reduce the pressure and two because of the prophylactic effects it has on the tissue. My valve was not the problem, so the aneurysm was fixed and the valve spared -- tighter than it has ever been. I can my heart beat...
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    To Go On an Angoitensin Receptor Blocker or Not

    Maryka, One of the reasons the PA for Dr. Dietz told me to go it was because they want my BP to be low. So it seems like one of their reasons is lower BP. But is there some tissue related piece here that I am missing. I think I am going to at least try it, but my BP is really quite good...
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    To Go On an Angoitensin Receptor Blocker or Not

    Dear Friends, It has been a while. Brief background, last August I had surgery to repair my aortic root aneurysm and spare my BAV. I am doing great. I've met with the wonderful Dr. Dietz at Hopkins and he and his staff are suggesting that I go on an Angoitensin Receptor Blocker, specifically...
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    What to do with children during surgery?

    Dear Bill, This was quite a shock to me. I have not been on the forums much since my surgery, but offered very basic -- and probably worthless -- advice to Valerie before her surgery. I had not idea she had passed. I offer you my deepest condolences and my prayers. If you are okay with it...
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    Be Careful About Tests/Screening in "BAV" Families

    Not sure that murmurs can always be heard Not sure that murmurs can always be heard This is obviously anecdotal, but my father-in-law and brother-in-law, both doctors, could not hear my murmur this summer before my surgery. My father-in-law has caught murmurs numerous times doing school...
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    Be Careful About Tests/Screening in "BAV" Families

    The genetics lab at Hopkins told me that my children have a 50% chance of having a predisposition to aneurysms. The lab also made clear that my children could have aneurysms without BAV. (And then there are those lucky people -- which I never knew existed, I'd always been told that with BAV...
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    Nice Tribute Video to Dr. Duke Cameron

    Coach14, That is funny. I was the second surgery of the day. Amazing that he can do two a day -- though my father-in-law, who is an anesthesiologist and assists on aortic repair and valve replacements was very impressed with his speed. That is amazing that he pushed back his vacation. Maybe...
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    Triathlons With Aneurysms?

    You have a 7+ cm aneurysm and you are doing all of that? (Or is your profile wrong.) I'd be on bed rest!
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    How long have you had your aneurysm?

    I sort of learned in retrospect where things stood for me. My 2004 CT Scan which the radiologist read as being normal turned out to be about 4.2 cm (according to Dr. Cameron). My 2006 CT scan was read at 4.6 cm by the radiologist (never had Dr. Cameron look at that one). My Cardiac MRI and CT...