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    1 Year Today!!!!

    One year ago today....ascending aortic aneurysm sugery....I am so bleesed to be alive!!!
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    Quit job Friday

    This is the time of your life to be thinking just about you......I realized after my surgery I was going right back to the same 10 hour days . I look forward to the day that I can retire, work is no longer important to me. . I am 57 now, want to go out at 62. I was give a second chance at life...
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    This can't be the only reason

    On 6/9/2009 I was diagnosed with a 5cm thoracic aortic aneurysm, on 6/09/2010I am on jury I know why I was
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    My one minute of fame to give back to a good cause....

    My turn to give back to those that saved my life:
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    Joke time

    Two aliens landed in the Arizona desert near a gas station that was closed for the night. They approached one of the gas pumps and the younger alien addressed it saying, 'Greetings, Earthling. We come in peace. Take us to your leader.' The gas pump, of course, didn't respond.. The younger...
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    My upcoming surgery--words of wisdom?

    Wishing you lots of luck on your surgery....the best part is that after a couple of months it seems like it's all a blur......or maybe it's the good meds they give you...;) I have no advice, you have gotten it all from the experts. Godspeed...see you on the other side.
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    Insurance Issues- RRRRRRR

    That is totally stupid. Ask for a copy of the clause in the policy that states that rule. I hope you are getting the names of the representatives you are speaking to. If they do not call you back, call them. This time if you hear the recording as you wait for a rep saying "this conversation may...
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    My Son.

    Praying for both of you.
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    I was not a candidate for minimally invasive surgery (I did ask, just for the heck of it). Mount Sinai is an excellent hospital, I myself was very lucky to have Dr. David Adams and Dr. DiLuozzo, as well as the highly respected team. I still go to Mount Sinai for my visits to my cardiologist...
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    Got Some News From The Doctor's Today.....

    Harry, I have not been on VR very much, but I wanted to send you my prayers. I will light a candle for you ....remember to take things one day at a time and keep fighting every day. Blessings, Linda
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    Up jumped the devil

    I am so very sorry that you have to go through this....keep up the fight, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I will make sure to light a candle for you......Godspeed.
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    Scar 8 months out

    My scar is still red and looks inflamed, I've developed an abnormal swellling in between my breasts that has not gone away since October, both my GP and Cardio have no idea what it is. Ive taken a sonogram but that showed nothing. They do not want to do anymore CT's and X-rays as I've had a lot...
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    The Check Ups Don't Get Easier......

    Don't worry, You do get the jitters the first time. However, I've been to my cardiologist at least 5 or more time in the past 6 months (not count the re-hospitalization twice after). It's like old home week for me.They think I'm part of the staff..... ;)
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    Surgery March 29th

    Wishing you an uneventful surgery and bump free recovery....Godspeed.
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    My surgery is this Friday & I got questions

    Just wanted to wish you well, as you see you will get a wealth of knowledge from here. Every recovery is different. We will see you on the other side of the mountain! Godspeed...
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    home nurse?

    I deceided to sign myself into a sub-acute re-hab, (really bad idea) that lasted 23 hours and I signed myself out of there.....recovered by myself at home, just fine. I ate Healthy Choice meals via the microwave , lost some weight, and did just fine. A visiting nurse came to see me 4 times. As...
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    Heart fusing to the sturnum?

    Oh great something else for me to worry about.....;)
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    New to this side of the mountain!

    Welcome to this side of the mountain! Wishing you a speedy and bump free recovery!!!
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    My Sweet Uncle Rick

    Oh my...I am so sorry to hear this. My deepest condolences to Old Geezer's family.
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    Cooker’s ThrowDown Friday III ... 2-26-2010

    I'm going to join this thread one of these days, as I've gained back 10 pounds since my operation in July. I wish i could say it was water weight or even a heart problem, but I know it's the ice cream and cannolli's......When I was released from the hospital all I ate were the Healthy Choice...