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  1. bizinsider

    Migraine aura anyone? Or does the cheese stand alone?

    The frequency of ocular migraines for me increased rather dramatically pre-surgery. The cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic suspected (with no evidence) that it could have been tiny particles of calcium from my heart flowing through my brain. Post-surgery I get them every now and then, and they...
  2. bizinsider

    AVR on Nov 21, 2022

    Hi there... I had my bio-bentall and ascending aorta repair with a single bypass at CC in March 2020. Full sternotomy. Stayed at the adjoining Intercontinental. I was 67 at the time. I had a mild complication that had nothing to do with my heart, so was in the hospital for 8 days. (Somehow...
  3. bizinsider

    After your surgery, what are some of the things that you found out that surprised you

    Two things that surpassed me: like others, my sternum didn’t hurt; but - whoa! - boy, did my back! More surprising… I was so cold, and that lasted for weeks.
  4. bizinsider

    Need for pacemaker post-AVR?

    I like that TAVR Tuesday, Chuck! When I had my AVR, I had no aFib, thankfully. Was immediately put on metoprolol and 75mg, now take 25mg and my cardiologist (at Scripps) pretty much says if it ain't broken, don't fix it - so on metoprolol, I stay. (Largely b/c it has helped my bp.) However...
  5. bizinsider

    Aortic aneurism with bicuspid valve - options in 51 year old

    Something to keep in mind: As Chuck implied, they never know what they'll find once they get in there on any of this. For years, including the imaging before surgery, it was generally believed I had a bicuspid valve. Once they opened me up, they found it was a unicuspid. While I was being...
  6. bizinsider

    17 years with my Edwards bovine

    Congrats, I'm only at 3 and hope to get 17! A friend is on 15! All of us with versions of the Perimount.
  7. bizinsider

    Headed for Cleveland Clinic

    Actually The food is remarkably terrible… And definitely called the minute it opens. Once I was cleared to a pretty normal diet my wife was sneaking me some food from the Mediterranean place for lunch… And bringing me some coffee from Starbucks. Best of luck… It’s a great place to have this...
  8. bizinsider

    Hello. And help me in planning for bicuspid aortic valve replacement

    Very true. All after care is done locally. As for Cleveland, Mayo or a local hospital - key IMHO is that the surgeon has done a ton of whatever your procedure is and the facility has a focus on cardiac care. The more the better. Always good to get multiple opinions.
  9. bizinsider

    Hello & BAV Replacement Scheduled

    Can so relate! 🤣🤣🤣 I have zero residual of that. I am convinced working the brain helps, or at least...doesn't hurt!
  10. bizinsider

    Hello & BAV Replacement Scheduled

    I had the 9" full sternotomy. I was doing social media as well w/in a week from my phone, and working on Day 11 at my desk (at home) BUT... still a bit foggy and comically probably falling asleep at my computer. But I have this thought: I wonder if immediately making my brain work, as hard as it...
  11. bizinsider

    Hello. And help me in planning for bicuspid aortic valve replacement

    Hi Stewart.... What everybody else said. I was 67 when I had my surgery by Lars Svensson a little over two years ago. I turn 70 two weeks from today! By now I'm sure you have figured out their protocol for initial out-of-town interaction. I flew from San Diego - actually, drove up to Los...
  12. bizinsider

    Howdy - AVR coming up!

    One thing I'll promise you - once you're recovered (actually immediately after surgery) you will never know you have Dacron in you. You won't feel any different. It becomes part of you.
  13. bizinsider

    Really new here.

    Regardless of whether you ever need surgery, your attitude, which is great, will serve you well. So will keeping physically fit. Plus - if it's just a valve you'd probably have it done via TAVR. I have a friend who's father well into his 90s just had a TAVR... sailed thru it. Cheers!
  14. bizinsider

    Unusually LOUD heartbeat

    Hi, I had all three done, but with a biological valve and I have had a loud thump- thump since day one. It seems louder if I’m stressed. At this point I’m just thankful it’s thumping and I hear it!!!😬
  15. bizinsider

    I've crossed the line into severe and need to make a decision

    Congrats, Chuck. Well done. Just passed the two-year mark myself. Turning 70 in a few months. Nine-inch scar almost gone. Life goes on...
  16. bizinsider

    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    BTW, just seeing this.... sounds like you have a great cardiologist who is ON IT. Family history changed everything. Go into all of this with your head high, great attitude and treat it as a journey of life. We've all been there, done that and are here to say that the bark is worse than the bit...
  17. bizinsider

    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    I just want to add one other thing I learned in my journey - cardiologists, radiologists and surgeons "cut" the measurements differently. And a CT or MRI w/contrast is as close as they can go to perfection. In my case, the cardiologist always referred to the surgeon for the final decision and...
  18. bizinsider

    Newbie ascending aorta aneurysm

    Well, you can get multiple opinions. I was on the 2x a year scan plan (alternating echo w/an MRI, no contrast) and then the 4x a year scan plan, as I was getting into the high 4s. Finally, my cardiologist told me to come back in three months and check it again. My valve was continuing to...
  19. bizinsider

    73 And Scared

    One of these days, if I every stop being so busy, definitely. And on the Hollywood sign, we have a special way to do it. My wife is writing about it in her travel blog. Hit me up and I'll send you the link once it's published. There's a not-so-secret but yet less-known way that'll take no more...
  20. bizinsider

    73 And Scared

    Re LA Air - probably improved, but it's also winter so no smog to bump up against the hills. This day was very foggy early, and lifting when we were up higher. 70 is the new 58! Cheers.