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    Staying the Course -- 04/24/2019

    Bob, I wish you the best. I’ll keep you and your DW in pm prayers. ☮️
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    Newbie Freaking Out in S. Louisiana

    Welcome!! This place was a lifesaver for me 12 years ago. I was two months away from 50 and went mechanical. Everyone is different and you will get a wide range of opinions here. Remember to listen to you doctors and your heart. I have had no problem with warfarin. I've had two surgery's...
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    Three Years Post Op - Great Echo Report

    Jim, keep on keeping on!!
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    11 years ago it wasn't Easter

    Freddie!!! Big giant hug and happy 11th valvasary!! I'll shoot you an email soon and we can catch up!!
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    MVR 1st year-versary

    Congratulations!! The first year is a milestone indeed!! As dick0236 stated, it's time to move forward enjoying the gift of life!!
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    Newbie here. Just got out of the hospital today

    Welcome!! It takes time. I was told to walk, rest, eat and repeat. You will get there. Listen to your body..... Peace:coolhank:
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    Staying the Course -- 04/02/2018

    Greetings! Just dropping in to see what condition my condition was in. Good to see a few familiar faces. All is going well in Chimpville; DW is doing well and we are traveling as much as possible. I'm still fighting the battle of the bulge but that's what started this thread 100 years ago...
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    Staying the Course -- 07-03-2017

    Just dropped in to say hello. All well in Chimpville. Peace
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    5th surgery possible for long time member

    Keeping Brian in my prayers....
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    And MOO is Six! ! !

    Congrats Steve!! Wishing you many more!!!
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    11 Years Today

    Eleven years ago they fixed my ticker with a ticker..... still going strong.... all good in Chimpville :)
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    Staying the Course -- 08--08-2016

    Sb, I know what it's like to lose a pet but I know you have fond memories of Super Dawg..... I have not been around here for a while, life is going full speed ahead!! My last cardio visit was very good. Passed stress test and echo with flying colors. I have started back on low (not no) carb...
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    Staying the Course -- 06-15-2016

    Just dropping by to say hello. Just had my nuclear stress test and echo, first in three years. All numbers and results perfect. Now if I could lose a few pounds!!!! But that's what got this little group started anyway and I'm still trying but life is short. Peach, blubbery and blackberry...
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    One year anniversary!

    Congrats on year one!! Wishing you many, many more!!
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    Message Center?

    I have recently donated to retain my premium level user but there seems to be issues with messages. It shows at the top off the page when I login that I have 9 messages but when I go to the page it says I do not have permission to the page. I'm able to change my avatar so I assume the donation...
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    Staying the Course -- 04/04/2016

    Not much new Trying to get back on track but I crave sweets in the late afternoon. Sweets are my weakness and I really need to get it under control. DW makes great fruit salads to try and give me other options but I don't take advantage of them the way I should. I start each day with great...
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    Anyone taking LOSARTAN?

    Rob... I've been taking it for about a year. No issues to this point.
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    Staying the Course -- 03/28/2016

    Back from a fabulous vacation in Amish country PA. Didn't hold back on any opportunity to more than sample the wonderful food and pastries. Only up 5.7 after 7 days of eating out and very little exercise. I'm claiming that as a victory! Back on WW today👍
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    Staying the Course -- 03/21/2016

    Happy Easter Bob!!! Wishing you and yours a great time together! You too Duffey!!! Don't eat all the chocolate!!!
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    Staying the Course -- 03/21/2016

    Dropping by to say howdy .... seems like everyone at work wants to add to my stress level but ain't gonna let em ... Dreaming of the beach and all the interesting peeps one might run in to .... Had a good week on WW and down a few more pounds since last reported... Peace ...........