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    Today is the 15th anniversary of having a St Jude's valve replace a faulty tired mitral valve. So to celebrate, I'll probably take a nap later or something else as equally epic. Haven't post here in quite a while but I have been lurking, checking on how some folks are doing. I hope to do...
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    Atrial Flutter - my story........ so far

    Hi all, I've been lurking and occassionally posting a reply here occassionallly. Recently I was asked some serious questions about my choices regarding my Atrial Flutter treatment. So here's most of my story..... I had my mitral valve replaced with a St Jude's mechanical in 1999. Ten years...
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    New Here and BTW Tuesday was a dozen years with a St Jude's

    Hi, just joined. Heard about this site on the Cardiac Athletes site. So I signed up on my 12th anniversary of getting a St Jude's valve to replace the mitral valve I wore out before its time. Have fun Herb