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    Valve Decision For 44-year old who loves beer

    An INR of 2.5 should make your blood take 2.5 times AS LONG as an INR of 1.0. I wouldn't worry about beer, or any other alcoholic drink damaging a mechanical valve. I'm not even sure about beer having any effect on your INR. And, as others have said, the real fear is getting falling down drunk...
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    You put this in a forum on the Coag-Sense meter? FWIW - the original Coag-Sense (referred to as PT1) used batteries or a plug in power supply. Frustratingly, I'd sometimes get a 'battery too low to test' or similar error, when I really wanted to run a test. At least I didn't waste strips...
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    what does an over 55 warfarin heart valve patient do on a sunday morning?

    When I was 15, I won a Yamaha Trail 80. 80cc, trail gearing. I converted it to a street sprocket and used that thing for years - to school and back, around the neighborhood. I rode it so much that I didn't practice enough to get a driver's license so I can drive a car. I got a lot of use out...
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    Anybody using Coag Sense for INR testing?

    It's been nearly five months since anything has been posted on this forum. Rather than starting a new thread, I'm just making a few comments: The issue of having a lancing device lance 2.2 mm deep, rather than 1.9 mm deep shouldn't be that big a deal. True, the 2.2 will bleed for a longer...
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    Do any of you want 21 gauge lancets?

    Judging from the very spirited lack of response, these lancets will be donated or tossed out. They're of no use to me, and obviously, not of any use to anyone else here.
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    Plain old AVR

    I understand 'steady hand on the tiller.' It's a good expression that indicates how INR management works - a slow change yields somewhat delayed results - just like a change in dosing. I haven't steered a boat in decades, but the expression is clear to me.
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    As Pellicle said, there's no need to apologize. I've been keeping my spreadsheet of test results since April 2009 - the data fields are fairly simple: date, time, meter (or lab) used (because I've tested at least 8 meters and a number of labs and want to identify each source of results), dose...
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    Staying the Course -- 11/11/2019

    An INR over 3 is nothing to worry about - you probably don't even need the greens if you don't like them. If the INR goes above 4, it's time for greens and dosing changes. And, yes, INR is a moving target.
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    Hey, Agian -- it's all about getting a good test. (Not necessarily within range, but at least one that can be trusted). I like that - 'INR nerds.'
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    When you mentioned battery, I thought you were talking about replaceable batteries. Yes, you have the new model. I had an issue with it, too -- you have to be careful when you turn it off. If you don't hold the power button, it may go into standby - which is good for clinics because it starts...
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    29yrs - valve choice and aortic aneurysm ( difficult decision due to way of life )

    Hey, Scribe..... Once you get the hang of it, the Coag-Sense is really pretty easy to use. I like Pellicle's suggestion - stand with your hands by your sides while the strip warms on the meter. Personally, I've rinsed my hands with warm water, and this usually draws enough blood. I've also...
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    You're probably using the PT1 - the original Coag-Sense meter. This is the one that uses AA batteries or a power supply. This is the meter with the monochrome screen. I've used mine for years, and although I now also have a PT2 (the new model), I still use both. If the memory on the meter...
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    Staying the Course -- 11/11/2019

    The anticoagulation clinic is probably not in a rush to raise the INR to the higher (and, if you ask me, safer) range. It may take them a while, and a bit of pushing, to raise his dosage so that his INR is where he wants it. They may 'fear' an INR above 2.5, but millions of us on warfarin are...
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    Plain old AVR

    Once you get your INR in control, you'll rarely have to adjust dosage from week to week.
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    Early tissue valve failure. Anyone else? (Also have complex issues w/ meds.)

    That doctor has an interesting sense of humor. (I suspect that removing and replacing the valve may be almost as revealing as an autopsy - but I guess it's not quite as funny). You should have offered him a prostate exam with a poorly lubed fist....
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    Scribe -- there's one assumption that you're making that throws your whole plan off -- your assumption that labs get it right. I've had a lot of problems, with a number of labs, over the years (and four or five in the last 12 months) that return readings that are quite wrong. I've gone to the...
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    Plain old AVR

    One point that Pellicle may not have made as clear as he could have -- do your best to take the SAME DOSE every day. In his 7 mg a week example, that's 1 mg daily - I'm now taking 8 mg daily - 56 mg a week, and it fluctuates. Fortunately, warfarin is available in a LOT of different doses, and...
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    New Coag-Sense meter

    Your concern is way off base. INRs are not exact - they're within a range of accuracy. You can test blood, using the same meter, a few minutes apart, and come up with different results. A lab can test the same blood different times, using the same reagents, and come up with results that don't...
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    Yes. Rely on cardiologist, surgeon, or whoever is knowledgeable about this stuff. If the doctor, dentist, or other practitioner doesn't know how to deal with anticoagulation, it's reasonable to expect that you're referred back to whoever the practitioner thinks would give you the best advice -...