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    Nervious about husband's surgery

    Here is another best advice, keep hanging in there and the time will pass quickly. Good luck.
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    Update, still moving all by myself. Manager was to have had some help for me this week to get the couch, stove, end tables, fridge and washer &dryer(one piece) moved already, but not done yet. Be glad when it is all over. He will extend the move time due to the delay in help. Please pray I am...
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    Exercise recommendations after bovine AVR

    That is just after surgery, while you are healing. Afterward, you can hold your breathe for as long as you want.
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    Exercise recommendations after bovine AVR

    The reason after surgery, they recommend no weight lifting is due to the fact the sternum is healing, takes one year for the sternum to completely heal. And since you have been weight lifting since 2006, no chance of the blow out. Never heard of it.
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    A New Helper

    Thank you. :)
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    Have been stressing for the last few days. Was to have moved into my new one bedroom unit over the weekend. Not happened. The manager waited till the day before he was to leave town to get the electrician in to fix some wiring. And was to have some helpers to help me move a heavy couch and two...
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    High systolic blood pressure

    Have you done a resting BP? Just rest for five minutes before taking BP and see what the readings are. IT could be from stress. Good luck.
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    Questions About Incision and Sternal Wires

    Have it checked out for infection. You can take him to GP. Good luck.
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    Going in for #3

    Just wait for in a few months, you will stop noticing the clicking of the valve.
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    Inconsistent BP. Med changes?

    It is good that you are checking with the doctor for what he/ she wants for the BP reading. I have been a type 2 diabetic since 2002 and it has not been easy, still is not. I have a bad sin, sodium(salt), which is my main weakness. But soon be taking my new rescue, Zoey, to the park and be...
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    A New Helper

    I feel for you not having a little fur friend. Maybe someday, when you retire from working and find a little home to buy and retire in, you could get you a sweet fur ball. So sad you are alone. Someday you will be able to have one. I will share mine, if you don't mind. She just went a car trip...
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    A New Helper

    We went on a road trip for the first time and Zoey did great. I carried Dixie's paw prints in my purse with me and it was marvelous. Even at the motel, Zoey did sleep with for a time, then slept with my sister friend. It was fun. She was marvelous.
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    Coagulation Reading

    On the dosing, we are doing the same as it has been from the first change, just with the reading and time and OTC nasal drops used, we are confident for a good reading again this week. The lab people know what they are doing, professional and working with the doctors. Please do not bash these...
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    Inconsistent BP. Med changes?

    I would never go by a doctor doing a BP, cause they do not always know how to do it correctly. I had a quack cardio tell me, as I was sitting on the table, he takes my BP and practically tell me it was 500, over what, who knows. I felt my BP rising cause I was thinking, shouldn't I be dead with...
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    Inconsistent BP. Med changes?

    Did you figure it out what was causing the BP rise? Diet is not always the case. I have anxiety when I go to any doctor and if I am too nervous, is shows on the BP, or if I am in any pain, BP goes up. Or too much sodium. Hope you have it figured out. It is not you causing his BP to rise, it can...
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    5 and half years On my on-x valve

    Could be anxiety? Have that checked out. Does not mean you are crazy or anything. it happened with cardiac patients. Not that you are trying to get attention, just that there might by some mental issued tied to your heart issues that you have dealt with the past several years. It happens...
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    Life after Mechanical Valve --- 31 years old

    I had my St. Judes' leaflet put in, in 2001 at age 36, been still leading an active life. You can still keep up with your regular activities even with the warfarin. It is better to be consistent in your diet, activity and living period. It is easy to life with warfarin, just stay consistent and...
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    Doc reversed the diagnosis

    Happy that you are going with a surgeon you feel confident with and going with the gut feeling. It is always best to do things as soon as possible, but also with information. Good luck and keep us posted of when the surgery will be.
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    Concerned parent of 16y.o

    If he is saying two months, it is better to do it then, then wait for another six months. You do not want anything to happen if she was doing her sport activity and collapses due to something with her heart condition. waiting too long is not an option. Please think about it, better she do it as...
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    New members

    It was back in 2001. We put out our health stories and it allowed new members to see our personal history with heart related issues.