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    I had a bout of endocarditis in 2017. My PCP tested me for the flu but test came back negative. They said I had "viral syndrome" and sent me home with a Rx for low dose steriods. I still felt crappy for two weeks and started to develop a cough. Went back and this time told me it was bronchitis...
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    Ticking Time bomb?

    Thanks Pellicle. My surgeon is highly regarded and performed many Ross Procedures when they were a more popular option (Dr. William Ryan, Plano, TX). He also did my reop when the transplanted pulmonary valve crapped out in the aortic position and I went with an On-X valve. I think the rule of...
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    Ticking Time bomb?

    I recently changed my cardiologist since my previous doctor changed practice and was no longer in my insurance network. I was overdue on my echo and got that scheduled at the new office. During the echo, as soon as the echo tech moved to the pulmonary valve I saw that there was some type of...
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    For Those That Had a Ross...

    My RP lasted 7 years. Second time around I got an On-X valve with aortic graft. Had it for two years so far and am extremely pleased with it. I still have the homograph pulmonary valve which is still doing fine. Good luck!
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    Surgery a success

    Hi all, Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I am making great progress and have no complications so far. Dr. Ryan replaced the aortic valve with an On-X 21mm. There was no need to re-operate on the Homograph since the gradient was normal with a TEE and the cath. The Heart Hospital in Plano has...
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    Surgery tomorrow 9/6

    Hi all, I am scheduled to have an AVR with an ON-X valve tomorrow. The pulmonary valve which was placed in the aortic valve position from my Ross Procedure 7 years ago is leaking too much (Mod-Sev) and it is as good a time as any to fix it why I am still symptom free and have no LV dysfunction...
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    Ross Procedure gone south

    Thanks Sylvia. I know that Dr. Stelzer is highly regarded in the RP area, so it's worth a shot soliciting his opinion also. Regards, Doug
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    New Member wishes to say Thank You

    I got the full sternotomy but got the OK to drive short local trips at 5 weeks. At 6 weeks I think the sternum is around 80% healed, and the danger of driving is airbag deployment. I was also pretty lucky in that I did not need any pain meds other than ibuprofen after hospital discharge. Just...
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    New Member wishes to say Thank You

    enkaynj, Two OHS within the span of 7 years is not the norm, however, there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to valve replacement. Reops can occur with both mechanical and tissue valves for a variety of reasons, but redos are not common after only 7 years. In my case, I opted for...
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    New Member wishes to say Thank You

    Enkaynj, Welcome to the site. I am a NJ transplant here to TX and also plan to have my next OHS in September at the Heart Center in Plano. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the how well the facility/care there is but have heard good things. There is plenty of good info on this forum on valve...
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    Ross Procedure gone south

    Thanks Greg and fellow Rossers. I did have the consult with Dr. Ryan and he recommended I at least look into reimplanting the valve but would ultimately do what ever I wanted. Since I am 49, I am probably not old enough to go the tissue route without a third OHS, therefore, opting for...
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    Ross Procedure gone south

    Well folks, after almost 7 years my Ross procedure has officially gone south:thumbd:. The neo aortic valve has been getting progressively leaky since the aortic root opened up slightly (to 4.0cm) and is at the moderate-severe level. My LVIDd is not too bad ~ 5.44cms but is dilated none the...
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    Happy Birthday ARossGuy (47)

    Thanks everyone! Just finished having some icecream cake..yummee -Doug
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    Boomersooner's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, January 8

    Good luck with your upcoming surgery. You're in good hands with Doc. Ryan. All the best with your recovery!
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    Consult w/ 2nd surgeon

    Chalk up another one for Dr. Ryan. I was/am a satified customer! -Doug
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    Doc Ryan worked on me two years ago, however, I did not receive any steroids. Could be something new. Welcome to the Ross club. Best of luck with your recovery! Doug
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    Blood pressure management after surgery

    Prior to having my Ross, I hade HBP and was taking Avalide (AM) and Lotrel in the PM. After the surgery, I was told to continue with previous med doses, however, my BP went too low. My card told me to just try the Lotrel in the AM and drop the avalide. That worked fine for a while and kept my BP...
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    ~24 Hours - wish it were over

    Robert, Good luck! You are in good hands with Dr. Ryan. Try not to get too stressed about tomorrow. Will look for your post when you get to the otherside of the mountain. Doug:cool:
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    Ross Procedure in Dallas

    Hi Robert, Dr. Ryan did my Ross in November 2004. In fact, I just saw him today for what was supposed to be my one year folllow-up....Ok, so was a little late...Anyway, I am very pleased with the results so far and know Dr. Ryan has many Rosses under his belt (he's probably done close to 200 by...
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    Home and Recovering

    Ken, Glad you got the Ross like you wanted. Hope you sail through your recovery. I remember the afternoon I woke up after surgery and that I would do anything to get some water, but was only allowed a few ice chips. Just keep doing your stretch and breathing exercizes and take it easy.;) -Doug